Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #101 - Pay-Day for Cory


I would like to thank YOU for completing your mission those many years ago.  Because if you didn't do that then you would have no authority or power to expect such a great mission from me!!!  Thank you for everything!  Thank you for being such a great dad!  You will never understand how great of a Dad I think you are!!! There are literally no words that can describe how great you are!!! I love you so much Dad!  I would follow you anywhere because I KNOW that you would never lead me astray.  Thank you Dad so much!!!

I love you with all of my heart!!!


Elder Farley

Week #101 - Signing Out!

HOLA!! Como estan?

Well, I honestly thought this week would never come, but it's here!!  It's very bittersweet to be honest.  I am very excited to see you guys and spend time with you after two years of being away, but I have had too many wonderful and hard experiences here in Ecuador that have shaped me into a man.  I can honestly say that I am a man now because I have sweat, bled, cried, and fought to brings souls to Christ!!!  I am forever thankful for my Lord, my redemer, and my friend Christ!!!! I am also thankful for you guys and the chance that you gave me to be here!!! I love you all very much!! ;)

Speaking honestly I will probably be very brief in this letter because we will see each other in a week!! ;) Sorry

To answer your questions-

1- What differences can you see in yourself from the first week of your mission to this last week of your mission?

1- Ja ja ja ja ja...umm one of the differences that I can see from the first week to the last week is that now I can speak Spanish!!! Ja ja ja

2- Were you able to teach Sulay and the Terrero family this week? 

2- The truth is that we weren't able to because the Terrero father is actually in a wheel chair and he had therapy so we understand very well and we will let time take its course with this family!!  And with Sulay we can't seem to find her but we will keep on trying to find her and teach her!!

3- What was the most memorable part of your week?

3- The most memorable part of this week was probably when we had a baptism. His name is Said Alejandro and he has 8 years.  We are helping the family become more active in the church!!!  But we still had a baptism and it was way cool!!

To tell ya'll about my was very good!! The most important thing that happened this week was that we had a baptism.  His name is Said Alejandro and his family is doing very good in getting more active.  His mom is actually sick.  She has a tumor in her brain and she is going to get an operation this next month so we are taking things a little slow with her but everything is good!! She is super excited about her son getting baptized!!  This week we also rescued a family whose son is in the mission field.  He is serving in Bolivia and we were able to rescue them because they were inactive!!  We also played soccer today in the morning.  That was fun!!  But that was probably the highlight of our week.  Sorry I am writing so little but we will see each other in a week!!!  So, I thought that we could talk then!!! 

LOVE you all, 

Elder Farley, signing out!!!

Said Alejandro's baptism

P-day soccer.  Look at all of those Latino's.  I wonder how Garrett did being the only Gringo on the soccer field?