Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week #91 - Audio Recording Message


So this week I tried something new.  One of these attachments is a voice recording so I hope you guys enjoy it. ;) Let's hope it's not too lame ;)

I will start off by answering your questions-

1 - Did 14 year old Pricilla get baptized last week?

1-Yes she did get baptized!!! I sent a picture of her and her sister so you guys can see what she looks like.  But she is so cool!!!!!

2 - Did you see Richard, your homeless friend again?  Did you do any beat boxing with him?

2- No I haven't seen him again, but I am waiting for the day when I can see him again because he is awesome!!! I want to take a picture with him because he is awesome!!!

3 - Have you had any in-grown toe nails lately?

3- No I haven't had in-grown toe-nails for about 3 or 4 months and I hope it will stay like that for awhile because they suck really bad!!!

4 - Are you allowed to work on family history while you are serving as a missionary?

4- You know what?  I am not sure at all.  I would say no- but I have no idea.  By the way, I will be home in three months so I can work on it when I get home!!!

Well, now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we actually had changes, but me and my compañero didn't have changes.  We did help some other Elders get their stuff ready and we went to help them with their transfers.  We went to the terminal and it was really fun to see the other Elders!!  So, that was fun seeing them and talking to them.  Then in the afternoon we just worked like normal and it was awesome.

Wednesday we had our District Meeting.  We talked a lot about completing our goals that we make.  My District Leader shared about how if we make goals we need to complete them!!  So we all made sure that we will try to complete our goals this week!!!

Thursday it was a normal day.  We just woke up and studied and then we planned a little bit and then we went out to work and we worked all day.  It was quite a normal day!!

Friday we had an exchange and I was with Elder Arias again and we did normal things.  We just taught the gospel to the whole world, or at least we tried too!! Ja ja ja!

Saturday the biggest thing that we did was we had a baptism.  Pricilla was baptized and her baptism was awesome!  The spirit was so strong!!!  It was awesome! I included a couple of pictures.

Sunday was a normal day.  We just had a bunch of meetings and a couple of recent converts where conferred the priesthood.  So that was awesome!!!

Well this has been my week.  I hope you guys enjoyed it alot!! I hope you guys enjoyed my voice recording a lot too!!!!!!  I just want to let you guys know that I love you all with all my heart!!!


Elder Farley

Baptism of Pricilla

I can't figure out how to load his audio recording.  If you would like to hear it, please email me and I will send it to you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week #90 - "Croked-Nose" Farley


Ja ja ja ja ja!  You guys are truly tv stars now!!!!  That's awesome!!  I am very grateful as well that I was able to be healed so quickly.  That was a very cool experience.  Yes, I did write that experience in my journal so don't worry about that mother.  Are you serious that we will talk in THREE weeks for Mother's Day? Wow time is flying fast!!  I have no idea where the time has gone!!  But, I guess that we will talk in three weeks!!  What will we talk about because after that I will be home in like 7 weeks?  Oh well.

This is very true what you guys said about becoming the man I need to become.  I have all of my life to do just that!!!  So even though I have little time left to make use of on my mission, I have a lot of time to become a man of God during my life-time!!!  Just like dad is, my role model. 

And now I will answer your questions- 

1- Is there anything in particular that you want us to send you in the last 3 months of your mission?  Remember that anything we send you, you will have to carry back home.

1- Umm..I have nothing in particular that I would really like to have, so I think anything would be cool!!!

2- Are there any treats or snacks that you want us to send you that you have been missing from home?

2- Maybe some sunflower seeds--BBQ flavored, or some cool candies that I can share with my compañeros.  But anything is cool!!

3- Have you taken lots of pictures of Ecuador, the mission president, the mission home, your apartments, people, etc?  You don't have much time left to capture a picture of these things, so I want to make sure you take all of the pictures you want now.

3- Yes, I think I have gotten all the pictures that I want.  I am just excited to share them with you guys!!

4- Do you have any upcoming baptisms?

4- Yes, actually we have one this Saturday!!!!  Her name is Pricilla.  She has 14 years of age and she actuallly came to us and told us that she wanted to be baptized so that was like WAY cool.  So if everything goes smoothly she will be baptized on Saturday.

5- Are you studying English with your companion?

5- He actually knows English, so the truth is that we don't study English that much.  But it's alright because he's a cool guy who knows English.

Well, my week has been awesome.  It was actually a very cool week and I loved it!! ;) ;)

Tuesday we had district meeting and my wonderful district leader taught us about  reverance and how through reverance we can receive revelation.  So, as I thought about it I was like, "wow that's so true!"  So, after we talked a little about that we did some practice teachings and we helped out some of the Elders and Sisters in our district with ideas of how they can better teach their investigators!!! It was awesome!  Then in the afternoon we went to visit people and it was awesome even though a lot of people weren't home.  I just love being here and I love talking to the people!!

Wednesday we had exchanges and I was with Elder Lang.  He is a great guy!!!  We visited people all day and we had some great lessons with members and with some less active people.  It was awesome!  But the only bad thing that happened was in the night everything we had planned just fell through and nobody was home so we couldn't visit anyone!!  So, we decided to go to the Stake Center and we were there for a little bit talking with some members then we decided to go look at our family tree in the family history center.  We looked at my tree and we totally felt the spirit of Elijah!!  It was awesome!!!!! ;)  We looked way far back and we got to the year 100 ad--it was awesome!!!  We found a man who was a Scottish king and his nick name just killed me with laughter!!!  His nick name was "croked-nose"!  Me and Elder Lang were just laughing hard and we made some little jokes about the "croked-nose".  It was awesome and then we went home!!!

Thursday was just a normal day.  We just visited a lot of people and some of them were home but most weren't home so it was kind of a bummer.

Friday we had another exchange and I was with Elder Arias from Colombia.  This Elder is my friend because we started the mission in the same Zone and he is just a great guy!!!  But anyway, we visited people all day and it was awesome.  I thought it couldn't have gotten better but then it did!!  In the night we stopped by the family Quijije--they are less actives.  On the way there we meet a homeless man.  He had a crazy unkept beard and his hair was wild.  Then he talked to us and his voice was just soo high. I couldn't tell if he was a boy or girl!!!  So we said "hello" to him and we went on our way, but little did I know that he was actually family of the family we were going to visit.  So when we got to the house where we were going, he followed us.  He just stood in the door and started singing!!  Then he went behind the window, I was sitting in front of the window, and he started doing this beatbox thing and started acting like he was on the international radio show and this whole time I was dying of laughter!!!  Then I started to talk to him and I found out that his name was Richard.  So he started singing again but this time he picked up an umbrella and used it as a microphone.  He cracked me up!!!! I also took a picture of him because he is my new friend!!! ;) Ja ja ja ja it was awesome!!!!!

Saturday was a normal day, we found the girl that will be baptised on Saturday so that was way cool!!!

Sunday was a normal Sunday full of meetings!!! ;)

Well, I hope that you guys can feel what I experience here in the mission!! Because what I experience gives me so much joy!!!!! ;) It truely does!!!



Elder Farley

I love it that he is wearing his "Brave Like Hank" bracelet

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #89 - The Power of God is REAL!!!

HOLA!! Como estan?

I can't believe it either that in three months I will be home.  All I can think now is that I only have three months to become who I need to become for Jesus.  I only have three months to become truly converted to the gospel!!  So I have a lot to do in these three months!!! And yes, I DO love that necklace!!  That's totally radical!!!

Well, I will start off by answering your questions-

1- Who has been your favorite companion?

1- I have no idea!!  That's a hard question because I have had 18 compañeros!! But I would have to say, out of the MANY compañeros that I have had, Elder Arroyo, the compañero I have right now is my favorite!!!

2- Do you serve in the rich or poor part of Duran?

2- I serve in a poor part of Duran.  My sector is Ferravario and it is in the center of Duran and it is on a hill.  That is basically my sector.

3- Will you email my Dad?

3- If I have time today I will write him an email!!!

4- What has been the most significant change in you so far on your mission?

4- The cold honest truth is that I don't know.  I haven't seen specific changes in me!!  I know I have changed but I don't know how.  I wouldn't know what to say to you about that.  Sorry!

Well, for my week it was actually kind of slow!! I was sick as well this week. :(

Tuesday we had district meeting, and my district leader taught us about working more with the members.  It was very good what he taught. I understand what he said and I understand the doctrine and all I have to do now is apply what he said. I just have to visit more members and help them so that they can help us in the future!!  So this week we tried to do just that.  Unfortunately we both got sick this week and it was very hard for us to work that well!!  But as far as the rest of our day goes it was quite simple--we visited a few families and we helped them come more unto Christ!! Pretty simple actually.

Wednesday was also a very normal day.  Not that many people were home so it was actually a slow day.  We had an exchange and I was with an Elder by the name of Lang.  He is from California and he is a really cool guy!!  We got along really well.

Thursday we had a zone meeting.  The zone leaders went to a conference with the Presidente and then in the morning they told us everything that Presidente wants us to know.  So basically what he said was that we as missionaries are angels and what angels do for God is the ministering work.  What that means is that we do the work of God here on the earth.  So that was really cool!!! I am like an angel.  Wow, watch out!  jajajajaja ;) 

Friday we gathered together with the assistants and they gave us cake.  Yea, I love it when other angels give us angel cake!!! jaja But they gave it to us for completing the goal!!  It was awesome!  They came to us and congratulated us for completing the goal and then we ate the cake!!!  It was awesome!!!!  Then the rest of the day nobody was home again so we didn't have much to do!!!  We really couldn't do anything!!!

Saturday I was sick.  I woke up and my head was just killing me and my body was  aching so bad!!!  We didn't work this day because I just couldn't work!!

Sunday I felt a little better!!  So we went to church and everything was great but afterwards I felt just so bad.  We decided we were going to go home and rest, but a brother from the Ward asked me if I wanted a blessing and I said yes!!!  So my compañero and Brother Chavez (that's his name) gave me a blessing and almost immediately after the blessing I felt 95% better!! WOW the priesthood is the power of God!!!  I am grateful for this experience!!! It was awesome!!!!

Well, I am a lot better right now.  I just have an upset stomach but nothing too bad that I can't handle!!!!  But that experience gave me more of a testimony that the power of God is real and that He does have all power!! I knew this before but it is different that I experienced it first hand!!!  It was radical!!!

Well, this has been my week.  I hope you guys can feel what I feel during the service that I give here in the mission field!!! I love you guys!!!

BTWS- I love the pictures that the hospital took of Hayden and the family!!! They are awesome!!!


1- Zach Baird never went to Brazil?
2- Has anyone else gotten married?


Elder Farley

Elder Lang and Elder Farley

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week #88 - General Conference and Easter

HOLA!!!!  Como estan?

Well, I think I will start off by answering your questions-

1- How did you like General Conference?  What was your favorite talk?

1- I loved all of them!! But if I had to pick one in particular it is the one by Elder Ballard in Priesthood session.  He aimed it right at me and what I will have to do when I get back home.  So, basically that gave me an assurance that I will need to get married as quickly as possible when I get home.  Also, that I will have to do everything in my power to continue being as spiritual as I am now!!  So, that is what I will do.  I hope that I can get married quick!! :-)

2- What did you to celebrate Easter?

2- We didn't do anything.  Here in Ecuador they just cook some food that is called Fanesca.  It was good but nothing else.

Ecuadorian Easter Soup
Wikipedia:  Fanesca is a soup traditionally prepared and eaten by households and communities in Ecuador during Holy Week.
The components of Fanesca and its method of preparation vary regionally, or even from one family to another. It is typically prepared and served only in the week before Easter (Holy Week). It is a rich soup, with the primary ingredients being figleaf gourd (sambo), pumpkin(zapallo), and twelve different kinds of beans and grains including chochos (lupines), habas (fava beans), lentils, peas, corn and others, together with bacalao (salt cod) cooked in milk, due to the Catholic religious prohibition against red meat during Holy Week. It is also generally garnished with hard boiled eggs, fried plantains, herbs, parsley, and sometimes empanadas.
The twelve beans represent the twelve apostles of Jesus, and the bacalao is symbolic of Jesus himself.
Fanesca is usually consumed at midday, which is generally the principal meal of the day within Ecuadorian culture. The making and eating of fanesca is considered a social or family activity.

3- Do you want me to stop writing you at the end of your mission?  I am not going to lie, I would hate that.

3- Well, if you want to keep on writing that's ok with me. I was just asking!!!! I don't mind.  It is just 12 more time that we have to write!!  It's sad.

Well, now I will tell y'all about my week-

Tuesday we had our District meeting and basically what my District Leader did was that he told a couple of Elders in the District to teach a little bit.  They taught us that we should work more with members and that we should work more with the members of the Ward Council so that not only can we help them but that they can help us!!!  So it was good and my compañero and I made some plans this week to do just that!!!  Then the rest of the day we taught some of our investigators.  Her name is Andrea and she is super awesome.  She has a bunch of questions about deep doctrine stuff so its fun to teach her!!!

Wednesday we had exchanges and I went with my Zone Leaders.  I was with Elder Matamala.  He is from Chile.  He is cool, a little quiet, but he's cool.  So, we went to his sector and we worked just like normal--it was fun!!

Thursday we worked hard and there was a lot of sun so that was like hot to work in.  But it was cool because in the night it rained hard so that was refreshing!!!  In the night we had a family night and I had the chance to teach about the prophets. We were in the house of our Ward Mission Leader and there were some less active members and some investigators there too!!  That was really cool to help them understand more about the living prophets.  We invited them all to come to General Conference!!

Friday we had exchanges with some Elders in our District.  I was with Elder Juanes--he is from Bolivia.  It was fun but all day it rained really hard and that made it really hard to work in so basically we got soaked and we couldn't do that much!!  Sadly we do have a couple of those kind of days.

Saturday we watched General Conference!!!

Sunday we watched General Conference!!

Well, I am sorry if this letter is a little lame but I feel good about what I am doing here in the mission!!  I am very sad to leave this all behind, but at the same time I feel ready to fufill my duties as a Priesthood leader when I come home. I am ready for what life has in store for me.  I am excited to come home but sad to leave this behind!!

I hope you could all feel the power that comes from God as we do what he needs us to do!!!

THE LORD NEEDS US TO DO THINGS, not just hope for things to come to us because they will never come!! We have to act!


Elder Farley

Guerra family sealing

Crazy cat shirt!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week #87 - Release Date = July 14, 2015

Hola, como estan?

HELLO how is everyone?  I just wanted you guys to know that I KNOW that families will be together forever if they live according to the gospel!!! I love you guys and I am thankfull that we can celebrate this Easter week that Jesus made possible for us to return and live with God!!!

Well, now I will start off by answering your questions-

1- Have you found out why you were transferred?  What was the emergency? 

1- I have no idea, but I am sure that I am right where the Lord needs me to be!! BTW- I don't think that they will ever tell me. 

2- What are the members in Duran like?

2- The members here in Duran are so good to us!!  They love the missionaries here.  A couple of them call us their kids :-).  They are awesome!!  There is work to do here so I will buckle up and get working!!!

3- Does Duran have Stakes and Wards or Districts and Branches?

3- There are Stakes and Wards.  In my sector I can see the center of Guayaquil and about every night when the sun sets it lights up the city in a way that is beautiful.  I love my sector!!!

4- How do you like Elder Arroyo?

4- He is really cool.  He has the same time as I do in the mission, so we both know what it's like to have compañeros so we get along just great!!! Where is aunt Monica from? Because my compañero is from Argentina as well.

5- I heard that all missionaries are supposed to do 10+ hours of service/week.  Is that true for you as well?

5- Well, we are encouraged to do service but there is not a requirement to do a certain munber of hours.  But we will do whatever service the people need.

Before I tell you guys about my week I have an announcement.  The office has told me what date I will be going home.  They told me that the 14th of July I will be going home!!!  So I just wanted you guys to know so you can get prepared.  I want to remind you its in about 3 months--so heads up!!  When they told me that I got really sad because I thought, "what will I do when I get home?".....I have nothing to do!!!  I just need to work even harder these last couple of months!!

So now I will tell you guys about my marvelous week-

Tuesday we had District meeting and my District Leader (my compañero) taught us about working with what the prophets have given us to work with.  They have given us some guidelines that we should follow and the promises are set that if we do them then we will be blessed!!!  Then the rest of the day we worked hard in the blazing sun!!!  We climbed mountains and it was awesome!!!

Wednesday was a normal day.  We worked hard in the heat and with the swarms of mosquitos.  We even went on visits with our Ward Mission Leader.  He is a great guy who likes to talk a lot!!!

Thursday we went to the temple in the early morning.  While we were in the temple I brought in the celestial room my patriachal blessing and I read it and I got so much insight about my life.  It was really great!!!  Then after the temple we went to a meeting that we had with Presidente.  It was a multi-zone conference!!  We talked a lot about working with the Ward Council and helping them get to where they need to be.  It was awesome.  This is where they told me the date I will be leaving.  It was sad :-(.

Friday was a VERY rainy day in the morning,  After the rain stopped it was very hot!  We were able to teach a lot of people and we were able to find a couple possible new families!!

Saturday we went  back to the temple because a family that I taught a year ago got sealed in the temple!!!! !!!! YESSSSS IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!  This family is named the Guerra family and when we found them (a year ago) they were inactive.  But we helped them come back to the church. On saturday they were sealed and I had the privilege of being a witness!!! It was awesome!!!  I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY!  I can not describe how happy I was !!!!!!  It was an amazing feeling to know that this family was making covenants with the Lord!!!!!  It was awesome!!!!! I WILL get married in the temple!!!

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings.  We also found a new family called Andrea Salcedo.  She is very cool.  She had a question about the work for the dead in the temple.  It was awesome so hopefully she can progress.

Well, this has been my week.  It was an awesome week!!!! I loved it!!!! ;)

I want you guys to know that God has all power.  He lives.  Christ lives.  They love us.  We can become perfected through Jesus Christ!!! 

I love you guys!!! Sorry I don't have pictures this week, I forgot my camera!!


Elder Farley