Monday, May 12, 2014

Week #41 - Mother's Day Skype Call

We were able to talk to Garrett on Skype on Mother's Day.  It was wonderful!  He looked and sounded very happy, content, confident, mature, and humble.  He shared some missionary experiences, told us about life in Ecuador, and laughed a lot.  We could tell how much he loves all of us, but he is certainly over any homesickness he may have had, and he is working very hard.  The "English" part of his brain has completely turned off because he is so immersed in the Spanish language and culture.  He has no opportunities to speak English and so he really struggled on remembering how to say some things in English.  That was funny to us.  Garrett admitted that it is his goal to "forget" English completely and to become totally fluent in Spanish.  He is such a cool guy.  We loved talking to him but 45 minutes just isn't enough time. :-)  We are so proud of him!  

Hayden and Garrett

Best. Mother's. Day. Ever!

Everyone is anxious to talk to Garrett

This was his email this week.  I guess he thought this was enough since we talked yesterday.  Boo hoo!


I know that this email will be short, but just know that I am ok and I just love being here in Ecuador serving the people!!

Well, the other day we had a baptism so I wanted to send those pictures.  Other than that I don't know what to say because we talked yesterday!!


Elder Farley-

El Guapo!

Baptism of Filomena Phillips from Haiti

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week #40--Working Hard


I hope that when we speak English I can remember!

Talking about talking to you guys... I will Skype Sunday at about 4 in the afternoon so you guys can be ready!

Well to answer your questions:

1- Well now that I think about it, I have been a little more shaky lately and a little more dizzy lately.  But, I don't think much of that because I have a sacred and difficult work to do but because I am a son of God and I was called to do this work because I can do it!  And I LOVE IT!

2- No, we do not have a mission doctor or nurse.  We just have to deal with it and if it is really bad we go to the doctor and then call the President.

3- No I haven't received your Easter package yet.  It is like the second coming--I am still waiting for it! Ha ha ha ha...was that joke too much?

Well now about my week...

On Tuesday we went to district meeting and honestly I felt like my teaching at the district meeting was really good but no one listened to me.  So I felt like I couldn't teach them because they weren't listening.  But oh well, its not important!  Then we had another training meeting with president Amaya.  I liked it, it was way cool and very inspired.  Then we just worked like normal.  Tuesday we found a lady from Haiti and her name is Filomena Phillips.  She doesn't speak a lick of English, just French and Creole (the native language of Haiti).  So that day we taught her about Joseph Smith and she was very receptive.  She even accepted a date for baptism for this saturday! That is so awesome!

On Wednesday it was a normal day nothing too exciting--we just worked!

On Thursday we had exchanges so I was in the other sector with a different Elder.  It was cool!  I met a man who served his mission in Utah so we got to talk (in English and Spanish) and he gave us lunch which was really good! He shared with me a talk from Bruce R. McConkie called "Agency or Inspiration". HOLY COW THAT IS A COOL TALK! You guys need to look that up.

Friday was just another day at work.  Nothing too exciting.  We worked to find somebody new to teach but unfortuanly we didn't find anybody!

Saturday we tried and we tried to find someone to teach but nothing.  That day I felt very bad.   In a prayer, I said to the Lord, "tomorrow I need someone to teach, please guide me to who you need me to find."

Sunday we went to the church and that was very vacant.  After church we had divisions and then I went working with a young man.  The whole day we were looking for someone to teach and nothing! The young man and I were in a park and we decided to pray for help.  When we finished the prayer,  he and I looked at a house and decided to go there.  We went to this house and the girl who answered the door allowed us to make an appointment to teach her.  Her name is is Christina Vera.  That experience was very awesome!

Well that was my week!

Now for my questions:

1- Kendall is almost done with school?

2- School is almost done?

3- What are your plans for the summer break?

Well this is my week.


Elder Farley