Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week #95 - Silly Mom!

Hola!! Como estan?

Now that you are talking about the Bishop's wife, I agree that she is really cool!!! She actually reminds me a lot of you mom!  She is just so sweet.  She has probably been the best mamita here in the mission that I have had!!! ;)

Well, now I will answer your questions-

1- Did you get permission to get ice cream and watch a movie on a non p-day?  Are you working hard when you go on splits with Elder Lang?

1- Ja ja ja, no mom you are jumping to conclusions!! Silly turkey you ;)  In the mission we can buy ice cream whenever we want, so that wasn't a problem.  We only watched about half the movie at about 9:45ish and we finished it in the morning after we studied!!!  So don't worry mom because Elder Lang and I don't slack!!!  He is a good obedient Elder!!! ;)  You are cute mom ;) ja ja ja!

2- Have you received our last mission package?

2- No not yet.  I am still waiting.  I am excited though!!! 

3- Do you think you will be transferred one more time before you come home?

3- I honestly doubt it, but anything could happen!!

4- How many baptisms have you had on your mission so far?

4- I have about 30 baptisms right now, but there is always more work that I can do!!!

5- Can we have the friends and family B-BQ a few days after you return home? Or do you want it on the day you return home?

5- Yea that is exactly what I had in mind.  Not the day I get home but within a couple of days is perfect!!!  We need to invite like everyone and we need to eat Smoked Salmon Pizza!!!  How does that sound?

6- Have you seen Elder Robinson lately?

6- Yea actually this week on Wednesday we had a huge Mission Conference and I saw him there and we were able to talk.  I even told him that you guys (or you and his mom) planned everything to get us to room together at BYUI, so that was cool!!!  He is a great guy!! ;)

7- When do you want us to put money in your account for souvenirs?

7- If you could put money in this week that would be great.  I can't go this week, but the next week!!!

8- Who are you teaching right now?

8- Basically we are teaching The Baque Family, Andrea Salcedo, Ronald Ortiz, and Jean-Carlos and his sister Ariana!! Umm these are about all the investigators that we have right now.

Bueno mi querida familia, ahora voy a explicarles acerca de mi semana!! (Well my dear family, now I will explain about my week!!)

Tuesday we had District Meeting and my District Leader taught us about how we can help the people according to their needs and not just teaching them lessons. It was very good.  I learned a lot and then we did practices with what we just learned and it was cool.  The rest of the day was alright--we just visited the family Baque and we were able to set another baptismal date with the other daughter named Angie.  She will also get baptized on the 7th of June!!!

Wednesday we had a Mission Conference about family history work and it was awesome.  I got to see the whole mission!!!  So that was cool!!  We didn't do much after that because it took up a bunch of time.

Thursday was a normal day.  We visited a lot of the families that we have and we were able, through the spirit, to help them come to a better knowlegde of the covenants that they will make these coming weeks. So that was radical!

Friday was also a normal day--we just visited the families that we have.

Saturday we had an invasion as a zone.  What that means is that we went to one persons sector and we all contacted the people there.  That was fun!  We contacted a bunch of people and we were able to meet and get new people for the Zone Leaders sector!!  Then we went to a baptism that the Sister Missionaries had.  We were able to bring the Baque family with us to see the baptism so that was way cool!!!

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings!!

Well this has been my week. I hope you were able to feel what I get to experience here in the mission!!!  I truly love the mission!!!! ;)

And you guys are right.  I will focus more on the mission especially since I only have 6 weeks left!!! I want to give it my all for the last little bit I have left!!!

D&C 11:12 the spirit what does it do? It's radical.


Elder Farley

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week #94 - Wearing the Bishop's Shirt


Hey, don't even worry about not writing a whole lot today because in like a month and a half, more or less, I will be home!!!  But it is good to hear from you guys.  I am also excited to go to The Lone Spur Cafe!!  That will be awesome!!! ;)

So I will start off by answering your questions-

1- What size of clothes do you wear now?

1- Well, I am going to guess that I am somewhere in between a size medium and a large!!!  So for pants I am like 36 maybe and shoes I am a 10 and a half.  But we all have to remember that this is all a guess. I could be wrong.  I hope this helps!!

2- Is it cooling down in Ecuador?

2- The only words I have to answer that question is, "HAHAHA"!  No, it never cools down.  There is only hot and super sunny and hot--nothing else!!  But it's alright because I have gotten used to it. ;)

So now about my week-

Tuesday we had the District Meeting and basically what we did was talk about our problems that are in our Zone and District and we talked about ways that we can overcome them.  It was very good!!!  As a conclusion we found out that we just need to help our investigators with their conversion and how we need to be the most obedient that we can be.  So it was a very cool meeting.  Afterwards we celebrated a missionary's birthday.  His name is Elder Juanes and infact its his birthday and he is ending the mission so we kinda celebrated both things!!  To celebrate we ate chips and drank soda and we smashed eggs on his head!!  Elder Arias and I both had eggs and so when Elder Arias smashed his I was standing on the other side of him and all of the egg smashed on me and got my shirt just filthy!!!  So I smashed my egg and I contained the blast and it only exploded on his head!!  After that, us four went to lunch and to this house of a family that is really cool and I asked if we could wash my shirt and if I could take a shower and she totally said that it was ok!!  So I showered in this members house and we washed my clothes and I had to walk around with the Bishop's shirt on!!! Hahah it was awesome!!!

Wednesday was a normal day.  We didn't do anything too exciting!!  We found a new family called, the Baque Family.  They are cool!  They have a baptismal date for the 7th of June!!!

Thursday we had an exchange and I was with Elder Lang again.  It was cool.  We didn't do anything too cool like have another date, but it was awesome!!! I think we did buy ice cream and I think we watched the RM!! It was cool!!

Friday was a normal day.  We tried to visit Andrea but she has been pretty busy so it has been hard to meet with her!!  In the night we went to the Stake Center and there was a health fair and there was a lot of BYU students so that was cool.  I totally talked to them.  It felt really weird to talk to them.  I have forgotten what it feels like to be with a bunch of Gringos!!!  It was really weird but I will have to do again in 7 weeks!!! YIKES

Saturday we visited the Baque Family and we invited them to attend church with us and they said yes!!  So that was awesome!!  We went to the sector of Elder Lang and Elder Juanes to help them with there baptism so that was cool!!!  That was about it though!!

Sunday was a normal day with lots of meetings and the Baque Family came to church so that was awesosme!!!  Also this week there is a missionary who leaves for his mission so that was cool to see him get set apart!!!

Well I hope you all have enjoyed hearing about my week.  I know with out any doubt that this is the true church of God.  He loves us so much that he gave us a way to come back to his presence!!! I love everything about the gospel!!


1- Are we going to have a BBQ for all the family and friends for when I get home?

2- You guys could invite JH to hang out or eat dinner so you guys get to know each other!!? It could be a good idea. ;)

Sorry about the pics.  I forgot to bring the cord!!!  Sorry but I still love y'all a ton!


Elder Farley

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #93 - What? A Date with Elder Lang?

Hey, Hola como estan?

Well, I am not going to lie... I liked talking to you guys as well.  It was awesome!!!! You guys have all grown and I can see how you guys have changed!!! It's amazing.  I guess we will see each other in 8 weeks ;D

Umm...don't even worry about the trip to the Bahamas.  I am sure that Hayden and all of you guys will just love that trip!!! Make sure that y'all put on sunscreen because you don't want skin cancer.  That would be very ironic!  You don't want that!!!!

If you guys are planning a trip to Hawaii that is fine with me.  I will totally do whatever you guys do.  I am sure that it will be totally awesome!!

Well to answer your questions now-

1- What size of clothes do you wear now?

1- I am not exactly sure.  I could give you guys a guess but to be exact I have no idea.  I was thinking that we could buy the clothes in that first week when I get back so we could get the sizes exactly right then.  But if you want I could send you a guess.
2- As you are nearing the end of your mission do you have any regrets?

2- You know what?  I don't!  The only one I might have is when I wanted to come home about a year ago when Hayden first got cancer, but it's not that big of a regret because if it weren't for that experience I probably wouldn't have found where I am now!! So, no I don't have any regrets!!

3- Have you ever used any magic tricks on your mission?

3- Ja ja ja ja ja - no not really!!! Umm no I can't remember if I have used any.

4- Do you get a copy of the GC Ensign in the mission so you can study it?  If not, do you want me to send you one?  What about your companion?  Does he need one?  

4- I will do everything in my power to get a copy of it and if I can't find one then I will tell you guys.

So now about my week-

This week was pretty normal.

Tuesday was a normal day.  We really didn't do anything too awesome.  We just tried to visit an investigator named Andrea.  She is supposed to be baptized on May 23rd so that will be awesome but nothing else has really happened today!

Wednesday we had a Zone Meeting.  I brought the root beer extract and we made root beer as a Zone.  That was cool!!!  Most of the Latin's didn't like it!! Oh well?!  The Zone Meeting was cool.  We talked about our real purpose as missionaries is that we need to baptize!!!  So that was really cool!  We also had an exchange.  I was with Elder Lang and we bought some ice cream and we ate it on a fancy table that I set up.  Afterward I figured out that I basically went on a date with Elder Lang!!!! Ja ja ja ja!  

Thursday was a normal day.  We really didn't do anything!! Or it's just that I couldn't remember it very well.  But we worked hard so don't worry!! ;)

Friday we had a ward activity about Mother's day and it was awesome.  There was dancing and music and a lot of mothers!!! So that was way cool!!!

Saturday was the day where I totally scored the sweet soccer goal!!! ;)  After we cleaned the chapel we went to visit some less active people!!!  So it was a pretty basic day!! But it was awesome!!!

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings.  I taught gospel principles and it was good.  Ao that's pretty much the highlight of my week!!! ;)

Well this has been my week.  I hope you enjoyed!!! I loved talking to you guys!!

I have one question-

1- Could you guys buy all the Percy Jackson books? I think I am missing a couple  of those books and I remembered them yesterday and I kinda want to read them when I get home!!!



Elder Farley

Ice cream "date" with Elder Lang. :-)
Beautiful Guayaquil Ecuador

5.10.15 - Mother's Day Skype with Garrett

It was so good to talk to Garrett on Mother's Day.  He looks great!  He sounds happy!  He doesn't really want his mission to end, yet he is determined to work hard until the very end.  He is most concerned about becoming the man Heavenly Father wants him to become before his mission is over.  We reminded him that he has his whole life to become that man, but his missionary service gives him a running start.  He is so cute!  He asked us several times if we are going to be having a friends and family B-BQ when he gets home and we assured him we would.  So, be looking for that invitation soon. :-)

He comes home in 8 weeks!  We can't believe it.  We are so proud of him.

Best. Mother's. Day. Ever!

Cute dimples

Mom and Dad are loving this!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #92 - Earthquake in Ecuador

HOLA!! Como estan?

Well first off I am so glad that you guys loved my voice recording.  When I recorded myself I was really nervous because I didn't know what to say nor did I know how to say it.  I kinda forgot English for a little bit!!! Ja ja ja, but everything is ok, I am super glad that you loved that!!!

So about that Skype call--I WILL CALL SUNDAY AT 5 Ecuador time, so be waiting for that it.  It would help me a ton if you could send me the information of my Skype account right before I call.  It would be a ton easier for me to call you guys!!!  Thanks a bunch! ;) 

And yes I will do just as you ask for Mother's Day!!!  I will give it to the wife of our Bishop!!! It will be awesome.

And just to let you know, yes I have been talking with Brady about rooming together at BYUI.  So if it's possible to room with both of them that would be awesome, but if not, that's ok!!! ;)

JAJAJA did Chase really break his arm?  That little shenanigan boy is getting into trouble! Ja ja ja! I hope he is ok!!!!  I am kinda surprised that he didn't cry or anything.  If he was Dad he would have fainted just looking at the x-rays and they would have had to remove Chase from the table and put Dad there in his place!!! Ja ja ja ja ja ;)

This week for us has been pretty cool.  One day it rained so hard that everything got soaking wet when we were only in the rain for five minutes!!!  That was fun!!!

Tuesday we had our District Meeting and my District Leader asked me to teach the District about how we can teach our investigadores better.  So I shared about Ammon and how he was such a great teacher.  We all narrowed it down and decided that it's the spirit that we need in order to teach our investigators.  It was awesome!!!!!! So, after I taught my segment, our District Leader taught us about getting members to help us with referrals!!  So, that was pretty much the coolest District Meeting that we had this week!!! ;)

There is a cool story about how we woke up this morning!!!  At like 6:20 am I woke up and my bed was shaking and I thought it was my compaƱero shaking my bed.  Then I saw that he was in bed and was not shaking my bed.  He woke up and then I thought, "it's an earthquake, I should probably stand under a door", but then it stopped.  It was kind of frightening because it was shaking hard!!!  But it was way cool and an awesome mission experience. ;)

4.28.15 - RT News:

5.8 magnitude quake strikes southeast Ecuador

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeast Ecuador on Tuesday, sparking panic, AFP reported. The earthquake occurred at 6:20 GMT in Guayaquil, in Guayas province, and the rumble could be felt in neighboring provinces. The depth was 71 kilometers, according to Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute. There were no immediate reports of injuries or property damage.
Wednesday we had an exchange and I was with Elder Lang!!!  As we were contacting people we saw that one house had like pornographic images on their garage.  I dared Elder Lang to ask the guy if he has a problem with pornography.  So he did it! JA JA JA JA!  But the guy didn't hear him so Elder Lang just moved on with the normal contacting approach.  It was so funny!!!!!! JA JA JA JA!  Then in the night we were teaching a family that had abandoned the church and are now Jews.  It was sad to see how hard their hearts have become so I hope they can see how wrong they are so they can come unto Christ.  I hope they do!!

Thursday was the day where it rained really hard.  In my sector there is a really big hill and right before it started raining we were on top of this hill visiting people. As we went inside of a house it started raining really hard so we decided to just stay in the house for a while until it died down.  But it never died down!  So after like an hour and a half we left and we went to a family night where we testified of the importance of the family home evening program.  So even though we were soaking wet we were able to feel the spirit and that was cool!!!  Then we played a really cool game and the family really liked the game so that was cool to help them with that!!!

Friday was a normal day.  We just visited a lot of people and we were able to teach some good families!!!

Saturday our lunch was very interesting.  One of our investigators invited us to eat lunch and she gave us "Salchicha".

Salchicha is intestines filled with rice and cooked in blood.  For me it was hard to eat because the smell was so bad.  It smelled like a dead animal.  I had to take one for the team though so I ate it.  I hope the investigator is satisfied about that meal!! (I hope she didn't see me almost gagging each time I took a bite of it.)  Her name is Andrea Salcedo and she actually has a baptismal date for the 23rd of May, so that is really cool!!!

Sunday was a normal day.  We just had lots of meetings and we did service!! Andrea needed help drawing a picture for her daughter's homework so we helped her with that.  I really enjoyed the service because it was different!!!  The drawings turned out way cool!! I will send a picture of the drawing I did!!! ;D

Well, this has been my week.  I am sorry if it's a little lame, but I really do enjoy the mission.  I am really nervous about ending my mission because I have no idea how the rest of my life is going to turn out. ;)

Well I love you guys and we will see each other in a week!!! ;)


Elder Farley