Monday, March 31, 2014

Week #35 -- Free Baptisms


Hey como han estado? Espero que estaban muy bien, me alegre pues (Hey, how have you been?  I hope you have been fine, I am glad) First I just want to say something--you guys have been writing me on Monday afternoons.  Please stop it and please write me on Sunday night because one thing I have learned is that I NEVER know what time I will write you guys on Monday.  It could be in the morning or it could be in the afternoon so please just write on Sunday night so that we never have a week of not writing each other.  It could be a fun Sunday night thing if you guys as a family could write an email together and then on Monday night you guys could read my email as a family.   OK thank you guys!  I have a feeling Dad has told you the same thing before??

Well, I will start off by answering your questions:

1.  Who is your new companion?
1- I do not have a companion yet. I am in a trio with my zone leaders, Elder Caballero and Elder Guzman.  Elder Caballero is from Peru and Elder Guzman is from Honduras.  I did find out that I will train another Elder, so I will be a trainer again.

2.  Are you still in the same area?  Are you still living with Elder Caballero and Elder Guzman?
2- Yes I am still in Orquideas and yes I live with Elder Caballero and Elder Guzman.

3.  What have you learned from this experience of having 2 companions go home?
3- I am not going to lie, I have learned a lot!  I have learned how to study really hard and I have learned why I am here and I just need to put it in practice now.

4.  Did you receive our shoe package yet?
4- No, I still have not gotten it yet, but I am hoping with all my heart that I will receive it tomorrow, but I don't know.

5.  Are you noticing that Easter is a big deal there?
5- I have not noticed anything yet about Easter!!  When is Easter?

6- Were question 6 and 7 questions? Actually they weren't questions.  :-)  At least he is really reading my emails. 

AHORA Mi SEMANA (Now my week)

Well, Monday through Friday I was in the house doing nothing, with Elder Soto.  Then Friday he got sent home and I got put into a trio with my zone leaders.  Then last night I found out that in another week I will get a new companion who is brand new and I will get to train again.  I kind of want to train a Gringo, an Elder from the States, I think that would be cool!! Well here soon, like in two months, Presidente Amaya will go home and we will have a new Presidente.  Do you know who it is?

Saturday we had two baptisms.  I did not teach them and I really don't even know their names, but they still count as my baptisms so that was cool that I got some free baptisms :-)  I bet Dad knows what that's like!!  Man, I love that guy Cory Farley!

Well, that was basically my week.  Nothing really new happened.  Now I have just another week ahead and I am going to work hard to make you guys proud!!

Just know that I love each and every one of you guys!!


Elder Farley

Garrett the bull and Elder Cabellero

Ecuadorian fashion

What a crazy tie!

I love to see Garrett cooking, but I love the photo bomb from his companion even more.


Garrett's "FREE" baptisms of the people he doesn't know their names

Monday, March 24, 2014

Week #34 -- Puede que hable Español?

In our letter this week I asked Garrett how his Spanish is coming along.  Apparently he wanted to show me how well he is doing with it by writing his entire letter in Spanish.  :-) So, here is what I think it says.  I had to read between the lines on some parts and guess at what he meant.  Remember, Garrett's grammar is not the best so bear with both he and I.  He is still pretty cool though. :-)

¿hola como están? 

bueno pues comenzaremos con las respuestas de las preguntas:

1-  no no salimos esta semana, el tiene que ir a su casa porque he tiene que operarse entonces cualquier día el puede ir a la casa, solo estamos esperando por un llama de presidente!!

2- aun no pero muy pronto como mañana espero 

3- el parte mas bueno de me semana fue jueves porque estudie sobre obediencia y ahora entiendo obediencia casi perfecto y ahora entiendo mucho mas que antes y estoy animado aplicarlo ne mi vida me gusta eso experiencia porque yo sentí el espíritu muy fuerte durante eso hora de estudia, fue chevere

4-  you tell me! jaja

5- si pero no, no puedo encontrar eso cosa se perdió

6- no tengo fotos porque hicimos nada en la semana 

7- creo que me voy mirar conferencia general en mi casa!!! es una broma aquí en Orquídeas

Bueno entonces ahora me semana

bueno esta semana estábamos en la casa porque Elder Soto tiene que operarse entonces aquí muy pronto presidente va llamar,  entonces ya el se va a la casa, y el va ser mi segundo compañero que mato. pero toda la semana estábamos el la casa.

mi capacitación fue muy bueno estudie Juan 11 sobre lázaro y el nombre de mi capacitación se llama "QUITAD LA PIEDRA" cual cosa en su vida le pare de cumplir milagros, encontrar lo y quitad la piedra, estudien juan 11 y encontrar eso cosas y QUITAD LAS. entonces fue muy bueno mi distrito les gusto mucho!!

pues lo siento por una mala carta próximo va ser mejor les prometo, lo siento por no fotos próximo!!

les quiero mucho, nunca perder la fe, recuerda que son hijo y hijas de DIOS


Elder Farley_ 

Here is the rough translation in English:

Hello how are you?

Good, we'll start with the answers to your questions:

1.  Were you able to work this week with Elder Soto's back problems?
1- We did not get out this week.  He has to go home because he has to be operated on.  We are waiting for a call from the President!

2.  Did you receive our latest package?
2- Not yet but soon as tomorrow I hope. 

3.  What was the best part of your week?
3- The best part of my week was Thursday because I studied on obedience and now I understand obedience almost perfect.  I understand much more than before, and I'm upbeat and want to apply it to my life.  I liked that experience because I felt the spirit very strong during this time of studying.  It was cool!

4.  How is your Spanish coming along?
4- You tell me! Ha ha!

5.  Have you tried the magic trick that we sent you?
5- I can't find it, I think it is lost.

6.  Please send pictures this week.
6- I have no photos because we did nothing in the week.

7.  Where will you watch General Conference?
7- I think I'm going to look at general conference in my house! I am not sure what he was trying to say in this sentence. ?????

All is good here.  This week we were in the house because Elder Soto has to be operated on,  and very soon the president will call, then he will go home.  He will be my second partner that got sent home, but the whole week we were in the house.

My district training was very good.  I studied John 11 on Lazarus and the name of my training is called "take away the stone".  I taught them to take away the thing in their life that stops them from fulfilling miracles.  I want them to find it and take away the stone.  Consider John 11 and find that thing that needs to be removed? I thought it was very good and my district really liked it!

I'm sorry for a poor letter-- next week will be better, I promise you.  I am sorry for no photos!

I love you all, never lose faith, and remember that we are sons and daughters of God.

With much love-

Elder Farley

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week #33 - Elder Farley the tailor!

Hola como están?

Well as usual I will answer your questions:

1- No I never did find a tailor who could alter my pants, so I have been wearing my pants and shirts and they have all been huge on me!  I have a funny story about that though.  So my compañero has been sick.  He has problems with his back and knees so he has been on rest and we can't leave the house for a week.  So on one of the days we were in last week, I tried to reduce my pants my self.  I am happy to say that I did it!!  However, they turned out way too small and it looked really funny because it was like super skinny pant legs but at my hips it was way too big still so I looked really funny.  BUT I TOTS FORGOT TO TAKE A PIC!!!  Lo siento (sorry)!

2- In the Easter package you send me I would LOVE some more ties.  I like the CTR brand so you could send that and then also just send your love.  For my Patriarchal blessing, go ahead and copy it whatever size you would like.  It is good with me.

3- Yes I have given away the rubber bracelets the boys sent.  I gave them away mostly to other missionaries.

4- My responsibilities as a DL are that every Tuesday we have a district meeting and I have to run and direct that.  Along with that I have to prepare training for the missionaries in my district, and when my district needs it I need to give interviews for baptism!!!  I also get to have exchanges with my district and really that's all I do as the district leader!!

Well this week was super boring because my compañero can't leave the house and that means that I can't leave either!!!!  Honestly that was my week!  My compañero might get sent home because of his knees and back problems so I have no idea what will happen!!!  I am sorry that this email is super short but we didn't do anything this week!!!  And sorry that I don't have my camera this week--I forgot it in the house.

Now my questions: 

1- So ARE you guys moving to Prescott?

2- What about my cowboy hat?

3- Do you guys have plans for when Grandma and Grandpa come home?

4- How is Harris doing with his mission papers?

Well, sorry this is so short but this week we didn't do anything because of my compañero :(


Elder Farley

This is his email to Cory this week.  Cory's questions are in red below and Garrett's answers are in black.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1- My best experiences have been when I am preparing for my training that I give to my district and that's about it.
2- Yes I have given a few baptismal interviews, it's fun.
3- There are 5 missionaries in my district.
4- There are like 12 zones or so in my mission but I am not sure.
5- There are around 206 missionaries in my mission.
6- The church is pretty strong in Guayaquil, but not as strong as the States but it's still strong.
7- There are a lot of Stakes in Guayaquil--like 12 or so.
8- I have just been preparing for my training and those are the best experiences I have had so far as a DL.  I hope this answers your Q's. 

I LOVE you dad 

Elder Farley

There are no words to describe how great you are!!

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Cory Farley <> wrote: 
I can't tell you how much we love getting your emails. It makes us feel as if we are right there with you experiencing everything you are experiencing. It is great! Great job on your emails! 
Now I have some questions that I'd love to hear the answer on.  
1. Tell us some of the experiences you are having as district leader?  
2. Do you do baptismal interviews? 
3. How many missionaries are in your district? 
4. How many zones are in your mission? 
5. How many missionaries are in your mission? 
6. How strong is the church in Guayaquil? 
7. How many stakes are there? 
8. Please always share a spiritual experience or two with us. That is what strengthens us and really helps your brothers and sisters. 
I hope you know how much I love you and how proud of you I am, Garrett. I am lucky to have you for my oldest son! 
I love you! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week #32 - District Leader


First I want to comment on the pictures you sent me; The first- Chase is cute but a little naked (he was wearing a diaper in the picture).  Here in Ecuador I teach people about the law of chastity, does Chase know about this COMMANDMENT?  The second-Chase is much cuter with short hair and clothes!!  And don't tell Dad, but he is handsome for an old man!  Have you noticed the wrinkles around dads eyes?  I have developed those wrinkles as well and I am proud to have the resemblance of one of my best friend-- Dad, I love you!!  The third- Hayden looks a little mad or bothered? Why?  The last- Hayden is a goof ball, the BIGGEST GOOF BALL!!!!

Las respuestas a tus preguntas: (Answers to your questions):

1- Yes we still live with the Zone leaders, and yes, Elder Soto and I get along.  He is full of energy, he is black, and he has back problems like Elder Barreda so we will see how that turns out!!

2- In the mission here in Ecuador there are no senior compañeros or junior compañeros BUT I am the District Leader now!! So that is kind of exciting.  I am really excited to do that!!

3- Well, during Carnival we couldn't leave the house because everyone was splashing each other with water, sand, soap, chalk, and lots of other stuff so we couldn't leave, but me and my compañero did play Carnival with a family and it was fun but quite DIRTY.  I forgot to take pictures with my camera so I need to ask to get the pictures from the brother.

4- Well I have been here in Guayaquil for 1 month and I have only seen President Amaya once so I think it's just when he comes around.   He has to be in all of the places in the mission so I really don't know how often I will see him.
5- Well one of the best parts of my week was being called as the District Leader and another was finding a new investigadore se llama Micheal.  He is just like a PIT BULL.  He is a man of the world, he is rough, he dances, he has girls and everything, and his father is our ward mission leader.  His family has tried everything to get him baptized but nothing has worked.   My compañero was just like that before his mission so I think Elder Soto can really connect with him.  Micheal did go to church yesterday so that is promising.

Well our week has been a week full of laughter because my compañero is hilarious.  He really is so funny--you have no idea!!!  HABLA BIEN DICE!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!  This week was pretty normal.  Actually I was sick on Tuesday and I had diarrhea the whole week so that was fun.  This week we just worked and we found Micheal and we were suppose to have a baptism on Saturday but the guy wasn't home that day so we need to talk to him everyday and see whats up with him!!! So hopefully he will get baptized this week.  Please pray for him--his name is Carlos Rendon.  But other than that we had a normal week--nothing too exciting happened this week!!!

Ahora mis preguntas:

1- What shirts have you guys been taking? I want to know the exact shirts.
2- How are my cowboy boots doing? Did I store those away?
3- Can you send me a link to my blog?  I want to see that again?
4- When do Justin, Seth and Kyle come home? When do Grandma and Grandpa come home?
5- Can you send me another copy of my Patriartical Blessing but laminated?
6- Does Dad still have his mission plaques?
7- Whose birthday is next in the family? What do you think the best way to send packages to you guys from here is?

LOVE with all my heart 


Room mates: Elder Soto, Elder Caballero, Elder Calderon, Garrett 

Elder Farley with some serious "swag"

Comps:  Elder Soto and Elder Farley

Elder Caballero, Elder Calderon, Garrett

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week #31 - New Companion -- Elder Soto

Hola como estan?

Hayden, to answer some of your questions:  No, I am not very good at tether ball and yes, it rains alot here in Ecuador!! When I get home we will have to play out in the rain and we will also have to play tether ball. Can you wait for me bud?? Love you, choua

Now to answer your questions:

1- Yes I have finally received my Valentines package and I like the ties and I LOVE THE COPIES OF MY ARTWORK!!
     Now I am waiting for the other package with my shoes.

2- Bueno pues, normally transfers wouldn't happen this week but Elder Barreda has his knee problems and it has been getting worse.   So, sadly he got sent home today, but it's alright and he feels good about it because he served the lord faithfully for two years.  Now my compañero is named Elder Soto.  He is from the Dominican Republic.

3- I have learned alot from Elder Barreda--ALOT!!  By far he has been my favorite compañero.

4- Well the hardest thing about my week was saying goodbye to Elder Barreda and the best thing that happened this week was that we had another baptism.  Actually we had 2 baptisms!

5- Mom grillos are a thing of the past.  There are no more grillos and I don't have a good picture of them to send.

Now my questions:

1- You need to give Chase a hair cut NOW please.  I don't like his hair!

2- How is Cami running so fast?

3- What is Kendall doing with my stuff?  Did she take anything else?

4- Where is my stuff?

5- How is the extended family?

Well, this week was pretty normal.   We taught people and we we baptized two people which was awesome.  This week was sad because Elder Barreda is going home to his house in Guatemala. 

Tuesday we taught people and the doctors told us that Elder Barreda needs to get surgery and then Presidente Amaya called and told him that he might get sent home.

Wednesday we rested because of his knees.

Thursday we went to the doctor for Elder Barreda and we taught our investigators.

Friday was the same -- we taught the people and Presidente called again saying the same thing.

Saturday it was a normal day but in the night Presidente called and said that Elder Barreda is going home on Monday. 

Sunday we  went to church and then went and talked to our investigadores and they wanted Elder Barreda to baptize them so we had 2 baptisms on Sunday evening.

Well that was our week.  Now I am with Elder Soto and this week started Carnival.


Elder Farley

Elder Caballero,  Elder Farley, Elder Barreda, Elder Calderon