Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week #73 - Christmas Skype call

We talked to Garrett on December 25th @ 7:00 p.m. for 1 hour.  It was wonderful!  He looked great and sounded great.  He bore testimony of the Savior and the work he is doing in Ecuador despite the fact that he was running a fever and not feeling well.  He even challenged Morgan and George to go to church.  He made me cry several times and he made us laugh even more.  One of our favorite quotes from Garrett was when he was talking to Kendall about her not eating meat anymore.  When he found out that she doesn't eat meat, he was baffled and confused.  He then said, "Kendall, meat is the third greatest gift that the Lord has given to man-kind.  The first is agency, the second is women, and the third is meat!"  We laughed so hard that we began crying.  :-)  We miss Garrett and his fun personality, but we are so happy he is in Ecuador preaching the gospel.

This was the best Christmas present of the day!

Oh, I miss those dimples!

He glows with joy

Proud Mom and Dad

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Week #73 - We kicked Satan's butt!

Hola familia, como estan!!?!!

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad!!!! I love you guys and yes, I am excited that we will talk in a couple of days!!! 


I will start off by answering your questions like we always do.  I think its a lovely fashion so its a privilege.

1-  How did President Riggins like the missionary's painted faces for his birthday?  Why did you all paint your faces?  Is it an inside joke?  What did the poster say that was in the picture you sent us?  It looks like you painted the poster and it said, “no sean payasos”.  

1- We actually never found out if Pres. Riggins liked it or not.  We just took a couple of pictures and then the zone leaders sent them to him!! The poster that we wrote says "DON'T BE CLOWNS".  Our idea was that we needed to take some "quotes" from president and we needed to make a picture based on the quotes and send it to him.  So on one occasion he said don't be clowns so we decided to make a poster of that and it turned out great!!!

2- When is the Christmas program with your singing and beat boxing?  Is it just for the missionaries or is it for other people?  Do you think someone will record it and post it on Facebook?  If so, please find out how I can see it.

2- The program is tomorrow night.  We will be performing it just as a mission.  First we will go to the temple as a mission.  Then in the afternoon we will clean the church buildings and then in the night we will get back together and eat a huge dinner and then we will have the program!!!!! I am super excited to see all my friends that I have made and I am super excited to be a part of this!!!! I will definitely take video but I don't know how to send video so I will figure it out and try to send it but until then you might have to wait a while to see the amazing performance by Elder Farley!!!!!

3- Did you receive our Christmas package?

3- Yes I did receive your package and I loved it!!! I opened it this morning, and I was so excited to open it.  Me and my comp are going to open the food and we are going to share the food so that will be cool!!! Do you guys have a brave like hank shirt for me?

4- Have you seen a difference in people wanting to hear the gospel message because it is Christmas?  What experiences have you had in your missionary work because it is Christmas time?

4- Well, honestly I do feel like people will be more receptive to the gospel but I am finding it hard to actually find people to teach because the whole world is either parting or we have some sort of meeting.  But the in between holiday's I don't feel that way!!!

5-  Are you still comps with Elder Zelayaran?  Did you give him a Christmas present?  If so, what?

5- Yes we are still compañeros and no I haven't given him anything for Christmas, because we are all going to share the food I got and we are going to be full occupied and usually as elders we don't do stuff like that.  I haven't seen anything like that!!

6- Did you get your pants fixed with the money we put in your account?

6- Actually my pants just had too many holes in them so I just bought a new pair of jeans!!! I hope these will last me until I get home.

7- When are the next transfers?

7- The next transfers are at the end of January I believe.

Well now I will tell you about my week-

Well, Tuesday we just worked like normal.  If I am remembering correctly it was a normal day.  We didn't do anything too exciting.

Wednesday it was a normal day.  We worked and testified and we kicked Satan's butt today!!!!  It was a normal day .

Thursday we had a meeting with presidente so we went to a different church building and we talked with presidente so he could help all the new elders get prepared to go and be powerful missionaries.  Well, this meeting ended a little late and we got out of the meeting at 4 or 5 in the evening so we really didn't have much time to work.

Friday we had the practices for the show, which is going to be awesome!!! And then the rest of the day we worked like normal.

Saturday we also had practices and that got me even more excited for the performance!!  The rest of the day we worked like normal.

Sunday we had full meetings like we always do.

So, yea I know that this week has been slow and I know that it has been cool, but we are doing everything we can to bring the children of god to return and come unto him!!



Elder Farley

Garrett opened his Christmas package

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week #72 - Clowing around, singing, and beat boxing

HOLA!!!! Como estan?

Well, I will start off by answering your questions-

1- What has been your favorite part of the letter garland gift?

1- I don't know--just opening up one each day and reading what the people that wrote me have to say.  That is probably the best part.

2- Did you read "Our Testament of Jesus Christ and His Miracles" that Dad and I wrote?  What did you think of it?

2- Yes I did open that one and I did read it.  I think its really cool!! I made the other gringo elders read it.  It was way cool!  I am surprised by all the miracles!!

3- Did you receive your Christmas package yet?

3- No not yet but I am hoping that tomorrow I will receive that package!!!

4- Is Elder Zelarayan done with his training?

4- Yea he finished his training this week and I hope he feels ready to be on his own because I think we will have changes in a few weeks!! He is a good elder.

5- What was the highlight of your week?

5- The highlight of my week was probably the practice that we had for a Christmas show that will be performed for our  mission!!! I will explain more about that later and I will explain in more detail!!! :)

6- Do you have any upcoming baptisms?

6- Well yes we do have a baptism on the 27th of this month.  He is a young dude se llama Gustavo and he is 21 years old. He is progressing but we still need to find more people to teach and to bring to the waters of baptism!!!

Well now I will tell you guys about my week- 

On Tuesday we had a quick meeting with Presidente Riggins and we talked for a bit and he showed us how we can apply what Elder Uceda taught to us.  Then it was a basic day--we just walked, taught, and we made sure that people could come to church!!! 

Wednesday we had the district meeting and I taught about chapter 10 in the PMG.  We shared and we helped the elders and hermanas.  I hope that they got a lot of help from what I taught!!  Then the rest of the day we just worked our tails off!!

Thursday it was a normal day we just helped a lot of recent converts that aren't coming to church and we helped them realize what they are doing is wrong and that they made covenants with the Lord.  I made some people cry!!! jajaja

Friday we got together as a Zone and we painted our faces like clowns so we could take a picture and send it to Presidente for his birthday!!! I painted my face like the JOKER and it was cool!!! We looked so cool!!!  Then the rest of the day we worked and we helped people come unto Christ as best as we could!!!

Saturday we went to a different stake center so we could practice for the Christmas show!!! What we are doing for the show is that the elders who have talent, like music talent, are getting together and they are putting together some performances!!  I am part of two of them!!!!!  One of them is the song, "HALLELUJAH" and the other is an acapella group that will sing "SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN".  For the acapella one I am the beat box guy!! Its so cool!  I feel so legit!!!!  Can you believe that I am part of an acapella group where I am singing and doing beat box?  How cool is that?

Sunday we just had full meetings and that was basically our day--and our week!!

Well I will now send you guys my questions-

1- What are your plans for Christmas?

2- Did you guys send me the work out video?

3- What are the chances that I could be a professional beat boxer?

Well, that's all I have for you guys right now.  I hope you guys can feel my love for you!!


Elder Farley

"We are not clowns"

What a JOKER!

Feliz Navidad!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Week #71 - Visit from Elder Uceda of the Quorum of the Seventies


Well like always I will start off by answering your wonderful questions-

1- I asked him how he was feeling since he has lost some weight.  I also asked how much he has lost and what he was doing to lose the weight.  Are you ready for this long, creative answer?  Buckle up!  

1-Well I feel free!!!  All of my life I have been a little fat--its true!  So now that I am not that fat I feel like a baby goat drinking warm milk by a warm campfire being watched by a shepherd.  I feel like a ripe watermelon getting ready to win the South Canadian State Fair.  I feel so good that I feel like a herd of geese migrating to the North Pole because they have secretly found Santa Claus and they are getting ready to start a new productive life as helpers of the helping elves.  In fact you might say that I don't feel like a Jew.  What I am doing to feel like this is really nothing special.  I am just walking all day and I am in the heat all the time and I am doing basic exercise in the morning!!  I would say that I have lost a good 20 lbs or even 30 lbs (everything I said above was a joke btws)

2- I asked Garrett if he had received the package with the letter garland we all made for him.

2- YESSSSSSSSSS, I received your package.  I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!  That was such a good idea.  I hung it up on the wall and I love what you guys did there--it was awesome!!!!  I will never forget that--that was SO COOL!  Those Christmas ties were so cool as well.

3- I asked him if he was excited to talk to us on Christmas.

3- Yes I am, but at the same time I am petrified because this will be the 3rd time that we have talked and that just shows how long I have been serving.  I can't believe that I have been in the mission for such a long but short time!!!!!  But yes I am super excited to talk to you!! (If I am interpreting this correctly, I think he said he is petrified because he doesn't want his mission to be coming to an end.) 

4- Yes, this week I will take a picture with my entire district!!!

5- I asked him what he is feeling the most grateful for right now.

5- The Atonement and the chance that I have to return to the Lord's presence!! Without repentance we cannot be perfected and repentance is a principle of perfection.  I am also grateful for you guys!!!<3

6- I will see if I can email Grandma in just a little bit today!!! If I run out of time, please tell her Happy Birthday and that I love her and that they are all in my prayers!!! Oh, and wish them a Merry Christmas.

7- This is an answer to a question a few weeks ago.  I asked him what the question, "How can we reverse entropy?" means?  I still have no idea what he is talking about.  

7- Well to answer the last question "how can we reverse entrapy?" the answer is as follows..."there is not enough information to process the question" (look up "The Last Question" its a short story)

Well now I will tell everyone that reads this email about my week-

Tuesday was a normal day.  We worked hard and we got cooked by the freaking hot sun!  We helped people understand what they are doing wrong and how they can fix their lives!!!  Tuesday was a normal day.

Wednesday we had District meeting, and I asked my compañero Elder Zelayaran to teach about La Expiacion (the atonement) and he taught it very well.  He didn't do it perfectly because no one is perfect, but he did a good job!!  Then I taught about the atonement and the plan of salvation and the familia and basically I taught deep doctrine, but I did gain a better understanding of the plan and the atonement and I definitely felt the spirit!!!! So I challenged my district to teach about the importance of the familias con sus invesigadores!! I felt like I did a good job!

Thursday we really couldn't work because we had meetings all day with Elder Uceda of the 70.  Basically we learned how we can work with a better ward council!!

Friday we had more meetings with Elder Uceda and WOW is he really cool!!!  Wow he teaches by the spirit so powerfully!!! When he shared his last testimony I was paralyzed by the spirit. I honestly couldn't move my body because the spirit was so strong!!!!!  Wow, you guys should have been there.  I cannot describe how powerful that was!!!!

Saturday we worked alot and we invited like everyone we could to come to church.  So, we just went like everywhere to invite alot of people to come.

Sunday we had a lot of meetings and it was a busy day with the devotional navideña and that was way cool!!! Is it just me or are the talks for like general conference and the devotional are they getting better, like more powerful?

Well this was basically my week.  I hope you guys can feel like you are here with me as I do this sacred work!!! I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul!!! I want you to know that the Lord God is my king and He is my all!!!


Elder Farley 

Elder Juan Uceda - Quorum of the Seventies

The Christmas letter garland on display in Garrett's apartment

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week #70 - Thanksgiving in Ecuador

CHUSO!!! Como estan? Como les fueron esta semana? (Hello!!!  How are you?  How was your week?)

Wow, you guys did so much this week.  Wow, that is really cool!!

Well I will first let you guys know that we had a BAPTISM on Saturday. Hooray!!!  Her name is Camila Linthon.  She has 15 years and it was awesome to baptize her.  Well...the Bishop baptized her but it was cool to help her start this incredible journey!!! SO YEAH!!

Now to answer your questions-

1- On Thanksgiving day, the other Elders and I didn't do anything special.  It was just another day working but my companion and I had a Thanksgiving dinner with a family in the ward.  It was way cool!  The food was delicioso and we had a good time!!!!  I will send some pictures.  The family is named family Martinez.

2- Yes Camila did get baptized.  I will send pictures.

3- No I have not yet received your package, but I am expecting it to arrive tomorrow so lets see what happens.  I am excited for it though.

4- I can't chose just one exciting thing to tell you about from my week.  I think this whole week has been exciting. Every week I am seeing more and more how exciting the mission is and each week I am loving it more and more!!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!

5- I think I have taken the pictures you asked me to, but I am not really sure  But I will make a better effort of taking those specific pictures.  When I get home we can look at ALL the picture I have and I can explain all of them to you guys.   Will that be cool or not?

Now I will tell you guys about my week-

On Tuesday we had our District meeting and I ended up teaching from John 11 about Lazero and how God can do any miracle if we let him work in us and if we put our faith in him.  So I challenged my District to do exactly that and it was good.  Well, at least that's what I felt!! Then afterward we just worked like normal and we prepared Camila for her baptism!!

Wednesday it was just a normal day.  We just worked hard to find some new people to teach and we did everything to help everyone we could.

Thursday we did the same thing.  We worked hard all day and then in the night we went to the house of the familia Martinez and we ate Thanksgiving dinner.  The food was so good by the way!!! I explained what we do on Thanksgiving in America and while we were eating we said what we were thankful for and it was really cool!!!  This day was way fun.  The family said that they really enjoyed Thanksgiving so that is good.  Before then they thought that Thanksgiving was a day just for a party and they never really understood that we are giving thanks for everything!! So they enjoyed that.

Friday we worked to invite everyone to come to the baptisms on Saturday because the other Elders had some baptism as well, so thats good!!!

Saturday we went to lunch and as we were leaving we saw a huge ship.  So we boarded the ship and took some pictures and that was sweet!!  Then we had the baptisms and it was really cool that those three people in total could be baptized!!  It was way cool!!!

Then Sunday we had full meetings like normal.  

Well this was basically my week.  I hope that you guys have enjoyed hearing about my week.  Sorry if its lame!!! 

Just know that you guys are loved by Elder Farley (probably the most handsome missionary on earth)!



Elder Farley

What a delicious looking Thanksgiving meal--Ecuadorian style!
Thanksgiving meal with the Martinez family

Hello handsome!


"O, ye that EMBARK in the service of the Lord"

Captain Farley of the Ana Marina

Camila and the Bishop

Garrett, Camila, Bishop, Elder Zelyaran