Friday, February 28, 2014

Week #30 - "Everything is cool!!!"

KENDALL I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!! (She was wearing one of Garrett's shirts in a picture we sent to him) Tell Kendall to email me more.

And Spencer Parrack does look really good. Tell him that I said ¨hola´.

Well, I will answer you questions:

1- Yes Stephanie did email me but only once.  I am waiting to see if she emails again.

2- NO I DIDN'T get your Valentine package.  I am still waiting and I have been bugging my ZLs so much (because we live with them).

3- We taught alot of people this week.  We taught a family named Familia Tigre and they are inactive so we have been reactivating them.  As we have been teaching them we learned that their youngest kid is not a member so this last Saturday we had his baptism!!!!!  That was a cool experience because we found them Monday and he was baptized on Saturday--but I will fill you in more dets below.

4-No we haven't taught Benedicto again because he is sick so he hasn't been home.  I am kind of disappointed but what can we do?

5- I haven't sent the pictures of the grillos yet.

Now for my questions:

1- Why does Kendall wear my shirt? I think it's sexy--J/K haha!

2- Umm how are ways I can loose more weight?

3- Umm what has been happening in the world?

This week has been super awesome!!!  Well, all my weeks are super awesome because I get the oppurtunity to tell people about God's plan for each and every person!! 

Monday we found this inactive family, se llama familia Tigre.  There are 5 people in their family and everyone is members except the youngest son.   He has 11 years.  So on Monday we challenged him to be baptized this Saturday and he accepted.   We are reactivateing the family so it has been really cool to see them progress and the baptism was super cool!  I was asked to give a talk about baptism and that was way cool!!  This week was really cool for us because we had a baptism!!

Tuesday we found a family of three women.  Two of them accepted baptism for the 8 de Marzo and they are progressing really well.  They attened church so that was really cool to see them there.  Their names are familia Ortis so this week we found these people and they are progressing really well!!  I have been so happy.

Wednesday we just taught all of these people.

Thursday we taught all of these people. 

Friday también (also).

Saturday we had the baptism of Jonan David Tigre and it was really cool!!

Sunday was church.

This really has been my week.  It was a super cool week!  I have been soo happy because I love to see first hand the changes that happen when they accept Christ in their lives.  These are changes that only God can do.  I see a change in myself and in the lives of my investigators because of this gospel. 

Yo tengo un testimonio fiel, después de esta experiencia en mi vida no puedo caiga de la iglesia (I have a faithful witness, after this experience in my life, that the church is true and I can never fall away from it.)


Elder Farley- 

"Cool" outfit Garrett!

Baptism of Jonan David Tigre

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week #29 - Fun P-Day!

Hola como están? 

Well, as always I will start by answering your questions:

1- In my area of Orquideas, I have seen a huge stadium and I think it is for the soccer team, EMELEC.  It is by this huge park where you can play any type of sport. The park is called Parque Samanes.  Yes, my ward is called Orquideas.

2- Like the Thurber family, I am also a Barcelona fan while I am down here.  I have 2 shirts of Barcelona and 1 of Emelec.

3- I have not received your Valentine package yet.  I am hoping so bad that tomorrow I will recieve the package.

4- Benedicto is a little hard to contact because he has cancer so he is gone a lot but if we can find him this week we can baptize him next week.

Now for my questions:

1- How is Chase?

2- How is Mom?

3- How is Kendall, Cami , Davis, Hayden, Dad, Morgyn, George, and everyone in details?

4- Thank you for having Stephanie email me--she is my future wife ;)

So now for my week:

Monday was p-day so we just bought some things and hung out.

Tuesday was our district meeting but it was a hermanas birthday so we also celebrated that and we all got dirty from this spray soap thing. Oh, by the way, remember when I got my Visa and there were two other sisters getting theirs too?  Well, one of them is in my district.  Her name is Hermana Deem.

Wednesday was just a normal day working and preaching the gospel to the demás.

Thursday Elder Barreda was sick with the fever and his knees hurt super bad so we just stayed in the house and studied and slept. 

Friday we had exchanges because another Elder was sick, so Elder Barreda and the other Elder (Elder Diaz) were in the house resting and I was with Elder Steele and we worked so hard.  I was so tired pues maybe because the sun was so bright and it was so hot.

Saturday we worked again and had a great time.   

Sunday we had meetings all day.

Monday (today) we went shopping and then we went bowling and we were gone the whole day so that is why I haven't emailed you until now.  Really our week was just super bien! 

Sorry that my email wasn't mas temprano (earlier) but I just want everyone to know that I love them!


Elder Farley- 

I do love Elder Farley!

I believe that Garrett's companion, Elder Barreda, is in the light blue shirt on Garrett's left.

Sweet treats at the mall.  Fun little taste of home!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week #28 - This week was AWESOME!!!

Hola y quiero decir algo, yo soy la luz de esta familia sin yo esta familia es nada. no es una broma solo quiero decir que yo quiero un foto de spencer parrack mi amigo y fiel compañero, y la persona que no puedo ver por 18 meses.

(Hello, I want to say something, I am the light of this family without me this family is nothing. It is not a joke. I just want to say that I want a photo of Spencer Parrack my friend and loyal companion, and the person that I can't see for 18 months.)

I will start by answering your questions:

1- About my shoes- I really want Sanuk boots.  That is the shoe that I really want!!

2- No I haven't heard anything about the volcano, but then again I live like a good 10 hours away.

3- Good question about transfers.  Presidente makes changes every time the agenda ends and lately he has been changing 1 or 2 weeks earlier than normal (because he goes home in June) so I think it was that just a regular change, but I am really not sure.  I think Elder Cano is in a place called Quevedo. 

3- Yes I am the junior compañero. 

4-  We are in North Guayaquil, and it's super chevere.  We have a Chili's and we ate there last week.  Yes this area is really cool-I am excited to be here.
5-  Elder Barreda goes home in May.

6- I have not heard or seen Elder Garrett Dean Taylor.

7- We are like half an hour from the mission office. 

Pues espero que eso se responde a todo de sus preguntas. ahora mis preguntas: (I hope that I answered all of your questions.  Now here are my questions:)

1- I really want Sanuk boots.

2- I want to see a picture of Spencer Parrack. 

3- Can you guys tell Stephanie that I want to write her, because Farley's are truth tellers and told her that I would marry her and I plan too ;)

4- That last question/request is optional. :-)

5- I don't know what else to say.  BTWs, when I take out money from my card it means that I am buying a souvenir.

Now I will tell you about my week:

This week was AWESOME!  I love my new new compañero and my area its awesome! (just like me, you see my humility;) This week really was awesome. My compañero se llama Elder Barreda he is from Guatemala and he is really cool.  In Milagro he was my Zone leader so that is way cool that we are compañeros now. Before the Mission he was into MMA so right now he has some problems with his knees so at times he can't really walk.  He needs an operation but since he has like 2 months left he doesn't want to tell Presidente because that's a one way ticket home, so I have to be patient with his knees.  On Tuesday his knees really hurt so we went on splits and I was with Elder Steele from Utah and we worked.  It was awesome!  Wednesday me and Elder Barreda worked and it was awesome.  Tambien (also), this day we had an amazing experience but I will get there in a minute. Thursday it was another average day of working.  Friday also was awesome. Saturday we taught this person very clearly about how God made the universe and the earth and she didn't believe us but we taught it very clearly so that was kind of frustrating.  Sunday was church and we had air conditioning so it was really awesome!

The experience I mentioned before was amazing.  On Wednesday we had this referencia (referral) so we went to his house and he was an old man like 80 years old and his name in Benedicto Chavez.  We were teaching a lesson about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and mainly we were teaching him about baptism.  In the middle of the lesson he stopped us and said, "I want say something" we replied, "oh go ahead hermano"  and then there was a pause like for 4 minutes.  He started crying and then he said "I have had this dream for years now and this dream is of me and I am in a desert and this man comes up to me and takes me by the hand and we walk for a long time and then he shows me a place that has golden plates and a book that is called the Book of Mormon.  The man that showed me where it is is called Smiit" we asked him, "Jose Smith hermano?"  he replied, "yes that's him, but I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing."  Then we taught him the Restoration and the spirit was so strong.  He then accepted a date for baptism on the 22 of February.  This experience was AWESOME!!!!!!

So this has been my week--I hope you all have a good week.


Elder Farley-

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week #27 - Transferred to Guayaquil - Orquideas Sector

Bueno!!! hahahaha

(It was Hayden's birthday on Sunday and as part of everyone's birthday celebration, we share memories we have of them.  This was Garrett's memory of Hayden...)

I have a memory about Hayden, remember when he said, "Mom is that a green belt?"  Mom answered "yes" ..........a slight pause.....then Hayden responded with, "I wonder what South American green belts look like?"  So that's my memory about Hayden: hahaha happy birthday Hayden--I love you:)

Well, will start off by telling you some news.  I got transferred!  I am no longer in Simon Bolivar.  I am now in Guayaquil.  My sector is called Orquideas, and I am now compañeros con Elder Barreda el es de Guatamela!!  So I thought that was kinda cool getting changed because I was in Simon Bolivar for like 6 months now. I am excited to be in Guayaquil. This change happened today btws.

I will now answer your questions:

1- Yes, I feel fine now.  My stomach sickness and firerehea was just that one night and the next day I was 100% fine!! I think it was because I ate some lettuce that day.

2- The brand of shoe I love is called Sanuk and they DO make a boot.  I would love those in black.  Yes, we are allowed to wear boots but just not on Sundays.  My shoes are wearing out fast.  I only have 2 and a half pairs left.

3- Yes Elder Trejo is a good missionary and he does work hard.

4- Well, what you imagine the rainy season looking like is what it is like.  Sorry, I don't have pictures of that.

5- Can you send my friend's letters to me every two months? And if me and Stephanie Howe are going to get married we need to email, don't you think? :-) (Garrett has joked with his friend Stephanie for years about them getting married.  She has decided to serve a mission and so I was chatting with her mom and we were laughing about how after both of their missions they really could get married.  I told Garrett about that conversation and it obviously got him excited. :-))

Well this week was pretty normal. With Elder Cano we really can't do much because of how he is.  BUT now that I have Elder Barreda we are going to work really hard.  I feel sorry for Elder Cano and I pray for him everyday that he will become what Heavenly Father wants him to become.  I have learned a lot from him so I hope that through this experience of being with him it prepares me to be married in the future ;)  Maybe even to Stephanie Howe! :-)

Well this week we were in Milagro for a lot of days because of District Meetings and birthdays and the Presidente came down to talk to us.  That was about it.  I am just so happy to be here in this new area in Guayaquil!!

My questions:

1- So can you send the boots? Sanuk boots Black

2- Can you tell me more on how this conversation with Sister Howe started? Because I will marry her!!!!!!

3- Can you tell me about Brittany Pace getting called to ECUADOR?!!!!!!!

4- I love you guys! Yo se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera sin duda, yo se que vive me señor y que el nos quiere mucho!!  (I know for sure that this is the true church, and I know that the Lord lives and that He loves us so much!!)


Elder Farley-

Garrett and Elder Trejo his good friend in the mission field.  It looks like it is Elder Trejo's 20th birthday

Garrett selfie

Handsome selfie