Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week #100 - Temple Week

HOLA!! como estan?

I can't believe that I have been here for 100 weeks.  That is 2 years!!  That is pretty incredible if you ask me.  And the most incredible part is that in such a short period of time I have changed so much!!!  I truly hope that I have become a man.  The changes that have occured within me is something that I cannot see very well so I am not sure what to say about that!!!!  But yes, I do know that I have changed!!!

Well, now I will answer your questions:

1- Did you ever receive the last package that we sent to you?

1- Yes, I did receive the package.  Thank you very much.  That was very awesome!  I enjoyed sharing it with all of my compañeros.  It was cool.  I even shared it with some members and they liked it!!! ;)

2- Did the Jehovah's Witnesses missionaries ever come back to teach you?

2- The day that they were going to come back we actually went to the temple so IF they did come back, I wasn't there to receive them.  But they were nice ladies.

3- Have you taken all of the pictures that you want?  Have you bought all of the souvenirs that you want?

3- Yes, I think I have taken all the pictures that I want.  I have filled like 1 1/2 memory cards so I have a lot!!! I bought lots of souvenirs so I think I am good!!! But thanks for reminding me!! ;)

4- Will you wear your suit home?

4- Ja ja ja, yes, mom, I will wear my suit.  I will look handsome for when I get back.  Don't worry.  Sorry that I kinda got you confused in the last letter!!!

5- Tell me about the condition of your testimony and the condition of your heart?

5-My testimony is everything I know to be true.  I know that this is the true church of God.  Through the church is the only way that we can return home with our Father in Heaven!!!  My heart has every intension to serve him until the day I die and even beyond that!!!  I hope that God permits me to do so!!! ;)

Well, now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had our District Meeting and my District Leader gave me the opportunity to teach the District so I taught about the sacrament, and the covenants that we make when we partake from the sacrament.  It was very awesome.  I actually learned A LOT, and I think I was able to help the District understand about the sacrament, so that they can help their investigators.  I loved teaching that--it was awesome!!!  The rest of the day we just visited people and we met some new people to teach.  I hope that they can progess in the future!! Her name is Sulay. 

Wednesday we went to the temple for our Zone Conference.  It was awesome because while I was in the temple I found some personal revelation about what my career is going to be.  So I hope that what I felt was the spirit.  But that will be confirmed when I get home!!!  I really feel that I should be a sheriff and start a business of weapon making.  So I hope that was the spirit.  WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?  Then for the rest of the day we went to the family history center and helped some recent converts with their family history!!!

Thursday was a normal day.  All we really did was visit people and try to find new people to teach--nothing to exciting--just the work of the Lord. ;) We did find one possible family.  They are the family Terrero.  That dad is a man in a wheel chair!!! But he is awesome so I hope that he can progess as an investigador!!!

Friday we went to the temple with the Baque Family and that was really fun to do that with them!! ;)  We decided to go with them in the afternoon but for some reason or another when we got there, after taking like 5 different buses, they were closed.  So we traveled back in those same 5 buses.  When we got back we found out that a different ward was going to the temple so we kinda hicthed a ride with them and after another long bus ride we got to the temple and they were finally able to do baptisms for the dead.  To get home we went back in bus!!  Ja ja ja, it was a long, but fun day!!!

Saturday we helped our District with all of their investigators.  We taught them and helped them to get ready for the church!!!

Sunday was another meeting-filled day.

Well, this has been my week.  I hope that you guys could feel the power that I feel while I do the work of the Lord!!!

LOVE, and will see all of you guys soon!!

Elder Farley 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #99 - Jehovah's Witnesses teaching Garrett

Hola!!! Como estan?

WOW, Adam is home? Thank you for telling me because he is like my best friend!!! I am not going to lie, Adam and Tyler look good.  They look old and wise, but I know that they probably aren't, right? :-)

I am sure Tyler was a great missionary, and I am proud of all my friends who were able to serve a mission.

What did all of the Skonnard family say about me? Are they going to be here when I get home? 

The Skonnard family has changed a lot!!!  The little girls of Aaron and Monica have grown a lot!!!  Wow, I am rather surprised.  But what can I do?  All I can do is live with all of the changes that have happened while I have been serving the Lord for two years!!!

I am excited about the B-BQ.  Invite everyone!!  Please invite Julie.  Her email is julahun@gmail.com.  The B-BQ should be really fun.  Hey, I have a quick question...when will I be released?

I am super excited about going to the Farley camp thing!!!!  It should be really fun!!  I am super que pumped now!!!!!  And I am also super excited about going to BYUI.  I can't wait.  Today I talked to an Elder who is from Idaho and he said that Idaho gets really cold!!!  So, I am kinda like not prepared but I have to do it because that is life!!!  Hey, another quick question...do you guys know when school starts?

Don't worry about what I need to bring back with me.  I will bring what I need for the house.  Because I will get it!!!  Soy pilas no te precupes!!! ;) (I am working hard, don't worry!!! :-))

Well now to tell you guys about my week:

Tuesday we had our district meeting.  But this time the assistants were there so our District Leader told Elder Lang to teach us about something.  So Elder Lang taught us all about using the spirit and using it to convert people!!!  It was actually very cool and spiritual.  But the assistants weren't even there!!  So it was kinda funny because he wanted to impress the assistants!!! Ha ha ha--oh well!!!  After that meeting we talked with the Zone Leaders about our goals for July and August, but I was sad because I am not going to be here so I was a little sad.  But what can I do because it comes to all of us?  The rest of the day we visited people and we were able to help them feel the spirit--it was actually very cool!!!  We also had to hike this mountain that is in our sector like 5 times and it was awesome!!! But very hard.

Wednesday was a normal day.  In the morning two Jehovah Witnesses' missionaries came to our house to preach us the gospel, but my compañero didn't have his tie on so he couldn't go out to talk to them.  So I went out and they tried to preach me the gospel and I was super nice about it.  I even offered them water.  Then they asked if they could come back and I said "yes, why not?"  But before they left I gave them a pamphlet of the restoration so it was cool.  This Wednesday they should come back to visit me!!! Ja ja ja its funny because I am like an investigator for them!!!  Ja ja ja, then we had an exchange and I was with Elder Chancon--he is from Bolivia.  It was fun to be with him!!! 

Thursday was a normal day, we just visited people and helped them to come unto Christ!!!

Friday all we did was invite people to come to our Stake Conference on the weekend.  Nothing too exciting happened other than that.

Saturday and Sunday was Father's Day and nobody came.  It was rather sad but it helps me know where their hearts are!!!

This was basically my week.  I hope you guys can feel what I feel here in the misson!!! It's amazing. 

I love you guys a bunch and yes mom I will take your advice about my buddies!!!


Elder Farley

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week #98 - Protecting the ward members from a drug addict

Hola, como estan??

Ha ha ha, do you guys really have my itinerary? That's cool.  So now you guys can plan for when I get home!!!  But that is ok because I have one month to work and give my all to the Lord!!!

Now I will answer your questions-

1- Tell me about a miracle you saw this week?

1- Umm a miracle that I saw this week was that the Lord, through us, stopped a man from getting into a fight where he could have died!!!  But I will explain more on that later on in this email.

2- What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

2- Probably when we had a ward activity this week and it was awesome because we were able to connect more to the members!!! So that was probably the best or the fact that we found more people to teach this week!!!

3- What was the most significant thing you did for the Lord this week?

3- Well, I am not perfect so the most significant thing I did this week was probably when I set goals for myself so I can become a better person.  I am going to strive to complete my goals!!

4- Have you been able to buy all of the souvenirs that you want?

4- No not yet but I will next week--I will!!! I was going to do it this week but what happened was that today we went to a space center here in Guayaquil and it was actually super awesome!!!

5- Do you know how much I love you Garrett?

5- Yes I do!! Do you?

So now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday was a normal day.  We went to visit new people and we contacted some new people named Candy and Ignacio.  They are neighbors and they seemed very interested so we will see how they react to the message of the restored gospel.  We also saw this man who had dreadlocks and they were down to his feet.  He hasn't cut his hair for 14 years--it was pretty amazing.  I wanted to take a picture with him but I didn't!!! jaja

Wednesday we had our zone meeting where our zone leaders talked to us about what Presidente wants us to do as missionaries.  It was very good.  We talked about the basics.  H reminded us about the things that we should study and the things that we should talk to the people about.  But in particular he talked about the law of chastity and how this law is a law of change and becoming more God like!! So that was very cool!!! The rest of the day we just taught all the people that we could!!

Thursday we had an exchange.  I was with Elder Franco, he is from Bolivia and he is cool but we didn't do anything special.  All we did was walk, talk, and testify.  It was a pretty cool day but we were able to help them to find a new investigator so that was cool.  Her name is Jennifer so that was way cool!!

Friday was a normal day--we really didn't do that much.  And to be honest I can't really remember what we did specifically but we did work so don't worry about that!!!

Saturday was a busy day.  In the morning we had a service project where we basically cleaned the backyard of a family and we took out all of the weeds and made it look a lot better!!!  Then we had a different service project where we needed to prepare for a Ward activity.  The treat at the end of the Ward activity was fruit salads and we needed to cut up all the fruit.  So then we did that as another service project!!!  Afterwards we went home and changed our clothes and then ate lunch and then we went over to the Ward activity where we played a variety of sports and different activities.  It was awesome!  As we changed our clothes to play the sports, this little girl came running over to us and was in a panic because her dad and another man were fighting.  The other man was a drug addict.  The drug addict was yelling at the girls dad and calling him all kinds of bad words and he was getting mad and was going to fight him!!!  But we got to him first and made him go inside where I shut the doors and didn't open them until the drug addict left!!!  He was really mad!!!  So what happen is that the drug addict was hitting this woman and the member of the church stopped him and in the process the drug addict accidentally punched him in the face and for that he wanted to fight him!!! It was a little scary but at the same time all I felt was courage and strength--it was actually a really cool experience!!!

Sunday we had a bunch of meetings and then we went to a hospital to give this ladies' dad a blessing so that was also a cool experience!!!!

Well this has been my week I hope you guys have been uplifted by this letter!!! Sorry if it is lame!!!

I love you guys a lot--you are all awesome!!!


Elder Farley

Thumbs up! Garrett comes home in one month

I guess he will teach anyone :-)

Guayaquil Space Center - P-day fun
Baque family baptism

Service project

And he was filled with light

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Return flight itinerary has arrived!

Dear Farley Family,

We are pleased to inform you of the return of Elder Farley, who will finish his Mission this coming July 13. We have attached his flight itinerary to make his return easier.

Thank you for your valuable help and support. Please confirm that you have received this email. If you have any questions, we are happy to respond.

Elder Miller and Elder Call
Secretaries of President Riggins
Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission
04-228-4323 | 04-229-3859

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week #97 - Baque Family Baptism

HOLA!!! Como estan?

I will answer your questions-

1- How did the Baque family baptism go?  Did they get baptized?

1- Yes they did get baptized!!  Their names are Francisco, Angie, and Thaila Baque and all three of them were baptized. Francisco asked that I baptize him, Angie wanted my compañero to baptize her and Thaila wanted the Bishop to baptize her!!!  It was all very good and it was very sweet to see a family get baptized and make sacred convenants with the Lord!!!  I felt the spirit and I knew then, without a doubt, that the Lord knows best and that he is our father who gave us rules and covenants so that we can return to live with Him!!!  It was a marvelous experience and one that I will probably not soon forget!!! I will send pictures of the baptism next week because this internet place we are at is really ghetto and I can't send pictures. Oh well, next week!!!

2- Did you receive our package yet?

2- No not yet.  I am still waiting for it.  I keep on bugging my Zone Leaders, in a nice way, for my package. :-) I am excited to share it with my compañeros!!!

3- Have you received your travel itinerary yet?  We haven't received it yet and I am getting anxious to get it.

3- I did call the mission office this week to ask when you guys are going to get the travel itinerary papers and they said that they usually send it to you guys like a month before I go home.  So, in the next week you guys should be recieving the travel itinerary thing!!

4- I can register you for your BYU Idaho classes in about a week or so.  Do you care what classes I sign you up for?  I was thinking about Book of Mormon, history, art, math, and science.  Is that okay?

4- Yes you can!!  I would appreciate it alot!!!  The only classes that I am really looking forward too are the Book of Mormon, art, and history.  The rest I don't really care about.  In fact, I am sure I can change the classes if I really wanted too anyways!!! So go ahead.  Also could you try and get a scholarship for art for me? I would imagine if you guys send in my pieces of art to the university I could probably get a scholorship in art!!! Could you guys try that?

So, now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had our district meetings and in my district we talked a lot about contacting the people and just talking to everyone that we can!!  It was very edifying and we were able to set goals for ourselves so that we can be better in that aspect!!!  It was very cool!!  The rest of the week we just had normal days in which we visit all the people we are teaching and we tried to contact more people and get everything good so that we can have a better month!! We did ok!!

Wednesday was a normal day we went out to visit people and we taught them all about the gospel and we tried to help them understand about the atonment of Jesus Cristo.

Thursday we planned what it is that we are going to do for the week!!!  We were actually able to plan a lot of things that we need to do in order to help a bunch of people.  The rest of the day we spent trying to fulfill our goals that we set!!!

Friday was also a normal day where we walked, talked and testified!!  We were able to get coordinated to plan the baptism and get everything ready!!! Oh we also had an exchange and I was with Elder Franco--he is from Bolivia!!!  It was cool!!

Saturday we had a service project in the morning.  We were going to re-build a house for a lady in our ward but nobody came to help so we postponed it until the other week.  So we just went to a primary actividad and helped out.  It was fun!  We laughed a lot because the little primary kids are funny.  Then in the night we had the Baque family baptism.  It was very sweet too see a lot of members of the ward come and support this family!!!

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings and cool stuff like that!!!  The Baque family did get confirmed with the Holy Ghost this day!!

This has been my week.  I am sorry if it a little lame and I am sorry there are no pictures.  The place I am in has a very limited access to the internet, or in street terms, the computers are very old and I don't think I can send pictures.  But next week I will send you guys some!!!

I LOVE you all with all of my heart--and I do mean with all of my heart!!!

Elder Farley

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week #96 - Mini MTC

Dear Family, 

Como estan?

Well, this week was cool.  I sent some pictures of what we did.  I took some pictures of a cool parrot named Papa and of a party for one of our investigators. Her name is Angie.

Well, since there are no questions I will just tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had our District meetings and my District Leader taught us about the importance of completing our goals.  The goals we set is a reflection of our faith and we will just have to work hard to complete our goals.  There was a couple of sectors here that have completed their goals!!!  So that was cool to see what they did to complete them!! Then we visited some people that we are teaching and it was really cool because we were able to teach them the commandments and they were able to understand what they mean and they are willing to follow them!!!

Wednesday was an awesome day.  We had an exchange and I was with Elder Lang again.  The truth is that our day was a little slow because not very many people were home, so it was a little sad but it was still awesome!!!

Thursday was a normal day--we planned for our week and we worked very hard to help our investigators feel loved and to help them understand the love of God!!! It was awesome!!

Friday, the assistants of the presidente came and we worked as a Zone with them and it was awesome!!!!  We were able to have the baptismal interviews of the Baque family, and they are all ready to be baptized into the church on Saturday!!! I am very excited about that!!! ;)

Saturday the Stake had this like mini MTC thing where in the afternoon we went and worked with the young people of the church.  It was awesome because I was able to teach the young people of the church how to be a missionary so that was awesome.  After that we went to the house of the Baque family and we had a birthday party for their sister Angie, it was really fun!!!

Sunday was a normal day with lots of meetings!!!

Well this has been my week.  I hope you guys have enjoyed hearing about it!!!! I love you all!!!


Elder Farley

Garrett and Papa

Birthday party for Angie Baque