Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week #47 - A Baptism and 7 Cascadas

Hola como estan??

Well here are the answers to your questions:

1- My toe is doing very well now.  It has healed and I am working just like normal again.

2- This is definitely the same toe as before so that made it hurt even more.

3- The truth is that I don't even know how I get the in-grown toe nails, so no I don't know how to prevent them.

4- No, I haven't met my new mission president, President Riggins, but he should be here in a week or two so I am sure he will come to where I am to talk to everyone and I will meet him then.

5- President Amaya traveled to us in Quevedo and he said goodbye to everyone there--it was really cool!!

6-Well I am feeling a little scared and a little worried about Hayden but what can I do?

Well now about my week:

This week was really cool.  We worked and worked so hard this week and on Saturday we had a baptism.   It was way cool!!  We almost had two baptisms but the other guy didn't want to do it on that Saturday!!  Well the guy that got baptized his name is Miguel Ayala and he has 19 years.  He is way cool!!  Well that was probably the highlight of my week--the baptism and/or watching the world cup about everyday!!  Sorry but its not me it's the people down here.  They are obsessed with the world cup so I have been following the world cup only because everyone else is also!! BTW the United States are doing pretty well and Ecuador as well!!

Well today we went to the 7 CASCADAS (7 waterfalls) and man that place is so beautiful.  I have a lot of pictures.  We went with all the Elders in our Zone and with our Bishop--it was awesome!!  I will send a ton of pictures.  This has been my week--I love you all and just know that the Lord has his plan for each one of us!!!

Sorry if this email is lame.


Elder Farley-

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week #46 - News about Hayden and more in-grown toenails

Hola como están?

Well this week for me was very different.  Hayden, I was in the hospital also almost the same time as you!!!

Well you guys don't know this but I have had an in-grown toe nail for the past two or three months.  So on Tuesday I was sick of my foot hurting and I finally went to the doctor and they took out the nail--AGAIN!!!  But something cool happened while I was there.  We were waiting to get my toenail taken out and we were waiting a long time--like two hours.  While we were waiting two Sister missionaries came in and one of them was really sick.  She was having an asthma attack, so that is when I got all worried.  They rushed her into the back room and they put her on an oxygen tank and her compañera was freaking out so after everything died down I asked her if she would like a blessing.  So in the midst of her attack, me and my compañero gave her a blessing and then twenty minutes later she was fine.  After she recovered they took out my toenail, and again it hurt like nothing else!!!!  But the most important thing was that I was able to be a tender mercy for the Sister missionary from the Lord!!!!!

Well, actually they didn't take my whole nail they just took some parts of it.  But on Thursday they wanted to remove the whole nail because part of my toe was still swollen.  So for a couple of days I was all worried that they were going to take my whole nail!!  But they didn't and its healing just fine!!!

Friday we had a meeting with President and Sister Amaya for their farewell.  I am going to miss them but it will be alright. I did get a picture with them so that is way cool!! Other than that I didn't work this week because of my toe.

Now to answer your questions:

1- Well my most spiritual experience was when I was a tender mercy for the Lord to that Sister missionary.
2- I am doing just fine--you guys don't need to worry about me, just worry about Hayden.

Now my questions:

1- How is Hayden feeling about the news?
2- How is our family reacting?
3- The new set of scriptures aren't important so whatever you choose is good for me.

LOVE YOU HAYDEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Farley

President and Sister Amaya's farewell

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week #45 - Who are the 2 prophets who will die in the streets of Jerusalem?

Hola como están? 

Well, you guys don't have any questions so I think this email will be a lot shorter!!

You did request that I just share spiritual experiences that I have had this week so here there are: 

The first thing that I noticed this week is that when people play board games they change their personality.  The other night we were playing monopoly and every single person changed their personality in order to play the game.  I don't know why, but they do!  So next time you guys are playing a game look at how the people change--its fascinating,

Also this week I was studying about the second coming and when I read about the part about how two prophets will die in the streets of Jerusalem I was thinking that there aren't TWO prophets today--just one prophet.  Then I was thinking that maybe two of the apostles will die in the streets but then our church wouldn't have 12 apostles, so by law our church wouldn't be true.  And if our prophet died in Jerusalem who would guide our church?  So then I thought that missionaries have an apostolic calling so for two years we are technically prophets.  Also I thought that a sign for the last days is that the gospel will be preached in all of the world, HOW?  By missionaries?  Jerusalem doesn't have missionaries yet so I came to the conclusion that when it says in the scriptures that two prophets will die in the streets and then the whole world will know that two prophets have died, its will be two missionaries that will die in the streets of Jerusalem!!  That is how the world will know that two servants of God died in the streets.  Now, I don't know if this is right, but this is what i have studied and this sounds the most right to me!!!

Also this week I was thinking about the atonement and how important it is in our lives so this week I am going to study this topic more in detail!!!  Well those are about all the experiences that I can remember.  I can't really remember any else.

Well sorry for this lame email--hope you guys have an awesome week!!


1- Can you send me another set of scriptures in English?

2- Who will watch the boys while everyone is gone?

3- Do you guys have plans for when G-ma and G-pa Farley get back?

4- What are your thoughts on the prophets thing?


Elder Farley

Family & Friends-
If any of you want to share your thoughts about Garrett's question about the 2 prophets who will someday die in the streets of Jerusalem, please email me and I will send them to Garrett.  I am sure he would love to know what you have studied and concluded about this subject.  Thanks!

Elder Farley and Elder Torres

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week #44 - Feeling sick

Hola como están?

Well like always I will start by answering your questions!!

1- Yes Elder Trejo is the one from Milagro and yes we are still great friends!!

2- Yes I got the Easter package and I love it thanks so much!  Always send beef jerky-- I loved that!!

3- Well I guess if your looking for spiritual experiences then every minute of everyday is a spiritual experience.

Now about my week--

Tuesday we had district meeting and then after the district meeting I went back home to rest because i wasn't feeling well. I rested for awhile and then in the evening we went out to work and it was cool!

Wednesday we just worked and had fun.

Thursday we did the same thing but I was working with Elder Arias my Zone Leader because we had exchanges.

Friday I started to feel sick again but we still worked.

Saturday I still didn't feel that good but we worked and there was a baptism in the ward so we went to that and it was really cool!!

Sunday it was church and then after lunch me and my compañero went out and he showed us to a couple less active families and those lessons were really cool.

Well that was my week.  Please just know that I am here and I am working hard.  BTW- I now know with a surety what I will be doing as my job in the future.  I will join the military, and be an Army Ranger then a NAVY SEAL.

Well this is my week sorry if this email is lame but now my questions:

1- How are my friends?

2- How is Adam my bf?

3- How much do scriptures cost?


Elder Farley-

Garrett meets parrot

Garrett said that it may look like he is crying, but no, IT IS SWEAT!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week #43 - Quevedo Norte 2 is a great area!

HEY como estas? 
Can you forward this to mom?  I am just going to send you my email!! 
Well this week I had alot of fun!! Like I said in my last email, I am in Quevedo Norte 2.  This mission area is the farthest away from the mission home. It's about 4 hours away from the mission home.  In Quevedo it is so much cooler than in Guayaquil.  I feel like there is a huge difference.  Granted it's still hot here but alot less hot than in the city!! Quevedo has a lot of hills so we are always going up and down and up and down, but its super cool. Dad knows that in the mission there is always an area that baptizes the most and I am in that area now.  There are alway baptisms here and it is so cool!!  Umm, well that's about it.  I am just amazed at how fast time is flying by.  I already have 10 months in the mission!!!!  There are 6 missionaries in the ward:  me and my compañero elder Torres, Elder Albornoz, Elder Arias, Elder Archundia, and Elder Trejo--thats way cool! 
Well this week we visited a lot of cool members and these members are awesome. THEY invited people to be baptized and THEY invited people to come to church and it was amazing!!  This week was really standard because we just taught a lot of people!! I can't really remember what exactly happened this week but know that I have been working hard!!  I am not sure of what else I can say. 
1- Is Elder Garrett Dean Taylor in MY mission and not the Quayaquil South mission?
2- Can Dad send me a picture of him and his mission plaque?
3- Dad I don't understand the ghost thing?
4- Who else gets back soon from their mission? 
Elder Farley
Garrett and Elder Arias

Week #42 - New Sector -- Quevedo Norte 2

Hola como estan?

Well, I bet you are all wondering why I haven't written to you guys yet, and that is because I have had changes!!!!! I am NOT in Orquideas anymore.  I am now in QUEVEDO NORTE 2.  This sector is the farthest away from the mission home!!!  I love it already.  We changed and now my compañero is named Elder Torres.  He is from Peru and he is from my same group!! That's cool!

Well I will answer your questions!!

1- This week I studied in 3 Nephi 11 and wow that is full of great doctrine.  I learned so much about Jesus.  Man, I loved studing that!!

2- No I wasn't called as a Zone leader but I don't need to worry about that because I just need to focus in baptizing.

3- Well I forgot what the other questions are!!

Well my week has been pretty standard--

Tuesday we went to zone meeting and then we just worked.

Wednesday we just worked.

Thursday we did the same. 

The truth is that I can't remember what we did in specific but I do know that I worked!!  Well this week was pretty standard. It was a normal week and the only unnormal thing we did is that we got switched and I moved to QUEVEDO NORTE 2.
Really that is my week and I can't remember anything else that happened!! 

I am sorry this letter is bad but I just can't remember what else happened!!

My questions;

1- How much did the cows sell for?

2- How can you guys tell the difference in me?


Elder Farley-

Fun Facts about Quevedo, Ecuador:

Quevedo is one of the most important agricultural centers of Ecuador and is the geographical point where all major roads (including the Pan-American highway) in the region intersect. The area surrounding Quevedo mainly produce bananascornrice, and soybeans.[3] The alluvial soils in the region generate excellent harvests year-round. Many banana producers complement their banana plantations with fields that produce corn, soy and rice in the wet season. In the city, this produce is often industrialized into super-market ready products, such as instant-meals, pre-packaged products, noodles and other traditionally Asian foods. In recent years, Quevedo agro-industrial complex has added value to its output by developing a strong presence in the organic product's niche both locally and overseas.

Mostly populated by the mestizo ethnic group; Quevedo is also known for its prominent Chinese immigrant population and has even been called the "Chinatown of Ecuador". This gives it a distinct reputation and cultural feeling in relation to other Ecuadorian cities. Quevedo is also the center of the "montubio" folklore, a sub-culture that emanates from the customs of the early settlers of the region, who lived in the "monte", a word that describes the agricultural fields.

The city celebrates its foundation on October 7.