Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week #82 - More Carnival

HOLA!!!! Como estan!!! ;)

I will just start off by saying that I love all of you with all of my heart.  You guys are the reason why I am happy.  You guys are the reason we are here on earth to have a family and be happy!!! Entonces thank you guys soo much!!!;)

Now I will answer your questions:

1- Did you have permission to go participate in Carnival?

1- Yes, I personally asked Presidente and he told us we could go but we would have to watch out if it gets too inappropriate.  If it did then we would have to come home.  But the place we went to was way cool!!!  We went to a place called Balsapamba and it was really fun!!!  I enjoied myself alot!!  But yes we did have permission so we were not breaking the rules!!! It was radical!! ;)

2- Did you have more success in contacting people now that Carnival is over?

2- Yes we did!!  Thursday everything calmed down and it was normal life again.  But even Thursday it was a little difficult to teach because almost everyone was drunk or in a hangover.  So this week was good but it could have been better.  This week that is coming will be alot better!

3- Do you think you will get a chance to serve as a Zone leader?

3- I am not sure.  And quite frankly I don't care.  I will do what ever the Lord needs me to do, so if he wants me to be a Zone leader so be it, but if not, then that is okay too.  I will do whatever!!  If I am called to be one I will let you guys know!!

4- What was the highlight of your week?

4- Well, I would say that my highlight was Carnival.  That was way fun!!  That is probably my favorite part of this week!!

5- What was a scripture that you read this week that had special meaning to you?

5- Well, a scripture that has special meaning to me is Mosiah 2:21.  It says that we need to act on our faith.  If not then we are unprofitable servants.  We need to act on our faith!!

6- Did you receive our Valentine package yet?

6- No, I did not!!  But I really think this week I will get it!!!  But we shall see!! ;)

Now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we didn't do much because it was still Carnival.  We had our District meeting in the afternoon and we talked about working as a team.  We will only begin to see progress when we work as a team.  So, as a District we will start working more as a team instead of just an individual effort.

Wednesday was a normal day.  We worked and it was a fairly normal day.  We taught as many people as we could.

Thursday was also a very normal day.  We went to Montalvo and we tried to teach a family that we have been working with but they weren't home--so that was a bummer!! But don't worry, they shall shortly be baptized!! ;) They are very close to baptism.  They just need to get married but to do that they need one paper but we c'ant help them get it because they want to get it from Quito.  So we will just have to be patient.  I know they will be baptized and married soon!!

Friday was a normal day nothing too exciting happened.

Saturday was also a normal day.  We invited as many people as we could to come to church and we did all we could to help the people.

Sunday was a normal church day full of meetings.  But we did have 4 investigators come to church.  One of them is a new family!!  They are called the Agama family.  They are cool!!  Hopefully there will be more new families to teach soon.

Well this has been my week.  I hope that you gus could feel what it is like to be a missionary!! It's way cool to be a missionary!! ;) Well, I love you all with all of my heart!!! ;) NEVER forget that!


Elder Farley

Week #81 - Carnival

HOLA, como estan?

Well, I think I will start off by answering your questions:

1- Did you receive our Valentine package yet?

1- No, not yet, but I am sure I will get it very soon!!  I am thinking that I will get it this week.

2- How much do you think you weigh now?

2- I would say about 215 lb. but I am not quite sure.  I want to be at 200 lb.  I will do it so you´ll see!! ;)

3- What did you teach your district this week?

3- Well, this last week I taught them about having the love of christ in their lives and how they can use that to help convert people to the gospel.  I also talked about the atonement.  It was very good.  I hope that my district could feel the same power that I felt!!!

4- Do you know your release date yet?

4- No, I don't know.  They will call me when I have like 3 months left.  But I would imagine that they will be in contact with you first.  But until then I just need to serve the Lord with all my heart and mind and strength.  When I go home doesn't really matter!!  I believe that the Lord needs me here!!

5- What do you think of our new puppy, Roman?

5- I think he is awesome!!! ;) I am happy you guys are getting him.  Just make sure you have a bunch of patience with him because he is a baby!! HA HA, but we all are babies to you mom!! I love that!! ;)

6- What do you think is your biggest weakness?

6-  The natural man is an enemy to God and always has been and always will be!! So for me it is laziness. I become too lazy and I give in to physical desires and that is something that I have to work on!! I am making progress on this though.

WELL now I will tell ya´ll about my week! :) I apologize in advance if it's a little lame.

Tuesday we had the normal district meeting and that is when I taught my district about the love of God!!  That went very well.  Then we went to work and we have a family that is progressing very well.  They are named Luz and Homero Parra and they want to be baptized and sealed but they aren't married yet so we have to help them get married.  It seems like they just can't obtain a paper they need to get married, so we are patiently helping them with that.
Wednesday it was a very normal day.  We just worked and worked!!  We didn't have very much success but we are trying as hard as we can!!

Thursday we had interviews with Presidente Riggins and that was awesome!!  Then we had a meeting with him where he taught us about working with our vision more clear and being able to work very hard with this vision clear in our sight!!  It was very good.  Then he let us watch "Meet the Mormons".  That was an amazing movie.  I liked it!!!  It was way good!! I liked the whole movie--it was really cool!!

Friday we worked but this time we tried to put what presidente said into action.  The truth is that we really couldn't find people to teach because the weekend was CARNIVAL and everyone traveled. 

Saturday was the same because everyone left to go to the beach or some other place!!;) jaja

Sunday was a normal day full of meetings.

MONDAY we celebrated CARNIVAL!!  Haha.  So the 4 elders in Universitario and the Ward missionaries and the lider missional we all went to a place called Balsapamba and there was way cool because this place is kinda known for their carnival parties.  There were parades, people dancing, and people getting each other wet and filthy dirty!!  It was awesome!!!  We played in it almost the whole day!!  I got not only REALLY sunburned but really dirty!!!  I got chalk, eggs, water, paint, foam, and almost everything thrown at me!! But I also threw that kind of stuff at people!! It was awesome!!! We need to start that tradition in the States!! ;)

Well, this has basically been my week.  I hope you guys could feel and experience that thing that I expirenced too!!  Well, I love you all!! Always remember that I love you all alot!! ;) ;)


Elder Farley

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week #80 - The Shakespearean

HOLA!!! Como estáis? 

Well, like always I will start off by quoting Shakespeare;

"Oh thou fair and likely questions.  Why erst thou in the fair plane of space waiting for the gorgeous Elder Farley to open and digest what they bare?" What do you think?

1- What was the most miraculous thing to happen this week?

1- The most miraculous thing to happen to me this week was probably when a family we are teaching is getting prepared to be married so that right afterward they can be baptized.  HOW COOL!!

2- What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

2- I don't really know.  You guys should know that with Elder Farley everything is funny!! jaja  But one thing in particular happened today that I thought was funny.  We went to a place above Montalvo and we found a couple of waterfalls.  We stopped to take pictures and to see the sites and stuff.  It was WAY cool!!  But we found this cool path and all it is, is stairs going up the mountain and they are super slippery.  So when I took my pictures on this cool path I obviously fell!!! jajaja My compañeros all laughed at me so that was cool and funny!!!

3- What was the most bizarre thing to happen this week?

3- Umm, the most bizarre thing to happen to me this week was that I had a very weird dream!  I dreamt that there was a very big news report around the world.  This news report said that a cop saved a town from a buffalo!  So, in my dream the buffalo was actually the alpha male and he was HUGE and mean and tough and his horns were very big and very destructive.  He was destroying a town, so I saw in the news report that a cop car was speeding toward the buffalo and it looked like it was going to hit the buffalo, but at the last second he swerved and missed the buffalo.  The cop got out of the car and mounted the buffalo and he made it so that the buffalo left the town and after a while the cop sent the buffalo away!!  At this point in the dream, I became the cop!  After I ran the buffalo out of town I was hurt pretty badly, so they put me on a stretcher and I was in the hospital.  All of the doctors were helping me and slowly they all started fading away.  I saw one man that I didn't know and he came up to me and he reached inside of my chest and pulled out my soul and then he sent me to hell!!  I woke up with a fright!!!  This was probably the most bizarre thing to happen to me for sure1

4- What was the thing you were most proud of this week?

4- Well, it would be every day of the week.  Each day I am proud of the work that I do!!!  Because I am doing the work of the Lord!!! ;)  And it is marvelous!

Well, now I shall quote Shakespeare again-

"Thy hair, oh thy hair is the most fair creature of all the creatures, of all the creatures.  Wonst thy hair dine with me ti's even?"

Well my week is as follows-

Tuesday we went to Montalvo to prepare for an activity that we were going to have later in the week.  This day was very chill--nothing to exciting happened.

Wednesday was basically the same. It was a very chill day.

Thursday we had the district meeting.  On Tuesday the zone leaders had a meeting with president and Thursday they told us what we all should do as says the president!! It was very inspired.  I learned a lot!! One thing in particular I learned is that when we make decisions we need to stick with that decision.  So that is what I will do from now on. Every time I make a decision I will stick with that decision!!

Friday we went again to Montalvo to help set up for the activity that we were going to have on Saturday, so we spent a little while helping get everything ready.

Saturday we had the activity in Montalvo.  The activity was that we played a movie of the Restoration of the gospel so as many people who wanted could watch it.  We had a small success because we had about 5 people watch the movie.  It was chill!!  Hopefully some of these people can progress.  So please say prayers!!

Sunday we had full meetings and that is really all we could do.

Well just like Shakespeare says: "this has been my week!"

I hope that you guys can feel the things that I am doing here in Ecuador.  I know that I am fulfilling the work of the Lord!! I know that Jesus lives and I know he loves me!!  He loves you too!!!


Can you guys send me a couple of things?

1.  Like $100 more dollars?  I sent my suit to get fixed because it was HUGE.  So I need to pay him!! Thanks ;)

2.  Also, can you send me a Rubik cube?

3.  Also, is there a way I can make root beer? I have been craving root beer SO BADLY lately!

4.  Also a couple of shirts for P-day? The ones that I have are like old and too big for me.  I am a size large or medium--probably a large!! 



Elder Farley

Wow, he is looking slim!

New slim suit

Sightseeing near Montalvo

Ummm...yes, handsome!

Cool, mossy steps

Wow, Ecuador!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week #79 - Encebollado and Marriage Licenses

HOLA!! Como estan??

Well, I will answer your questions now.  Yes, Cameron McRae sounds like me.  I just want to get married when I get home!! ;) jajaj

1- What happened this week?

1- Well, the truth is that this week was pretty normal.  But we did help a couple get a paper filled out so that they can get married, and then later baptized.  So that's pretty cool!!  But other than that we just found a gym close to our house that is really cheap and we have been going there for our exercise.  We want to become buff, so we will continue to do that until we become buff.  That is for when I get back!!!

2- Tell me the most interesting thing you ate this week?

2- Well, we ate everything normal.  To me everything is normal now and not very interesting.  But we did eat Encebollado.  Oh, man I love Encebollado.  That is going to be one thing that I will miss!! I love that dish!!!! ;)

(Encebollado is a fish stew from Ecuador, regarded as a national dish. It is served with boiled cassava and pickled red onion rings. A dressing of onion is prepared with fresh tomato and spices such as pepper or coriander leaves.) 

Well, now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had our district meeting and I ended up teaching about something that president taught us about.  He said that in order for a person to truly be converted they first need to KNOW the doctrine, then they need to UNDERSTAND the doctrine, then BELIEVE the doctrine, and then lastly they will DO the doctrine.  This is true in all aspects of the work!!  We need to apply this not only to investigators or less active people but to ourselves as well!!  If we do this then we shall be truly converted!!

Wednesday we went to Montalvo and we helped a family named The Parra Family.  We helped them get a document so that they can become married, and then in the near future be baptized!!  They have said to us that they desire to be sealed in the temple.  All of their kids are members but the parents are not so we are working with them so that they can be married and then baptized!!! IT IS ALL VERY EXCITING!! ;)

Thursday it was a normal day.  We just looked for a bunch of people to teach.  We had a Family Night as a ward and a member actually brought a person to the family night!! His name is Antonio and he seems very interested in the gospel. So we shall begin to work with him and we hope to see him progress a bunch!!

Friday was a normal day.  We went back to Montalvo and we visited a couple of people that we have there!! It was a very normal quiet day!!

Saturday we just visited all the people we could to invite them to come to church.  I think that we helped a lot of people realize that they needed to go to church because on Sunday we had 4 investigators go to church!! So that was cool!  Then the rest of the day we had meetings and that was our day.

My questions:

1- What does Morgan have?

2- How is Kendall?

Well, this has been my week.  Just a normal week and nothing too exciting!!!  But I hope that you guys can feel the power I feel when preaching the gospel!!! I LOVE you guys a lot!! Chou


Elder Farley

That is a tall sidewalk

Beautiful, lush, Babahoyo