Monday, May 12, 2014

Week #41 - Mother's Day Skype Call

We were able to talk to Garrett on Skype on Mother's Day.  It was wonderful!  He looked and sounded very happy, content, confident, mature, and humble.  He shared some missionary experiences, told us about life in Ecuador, and laughed a lot.  We could tell how much he loves all of us, but he is certainly over any homesickness he may have had, and he is working very hard.  The "English" part of his brain has completely turned off because he is so immersed in the Spanish language and culture.  He has no opportunities to speak English and so he really struggled on remembering how to say some things in English.  That was funny to us.  Garrett admitted that it is his goal to "forget" English completely and to become totally fluent in Spanish.  He is such a cool guy.  We loved talking to him but 45 minutes just isn't enough time. :-)  We are so proud of him!  

Hayden and Garrett

Best. Mother's. Day. Ever!

Everyone is anxious to talk to Garrett

This was his email this week.  I guess he thought this was enough since we talked yesterday.  Boo hoo!


I know that this email will be short, but just know that I am ok and I just love being here in Ecuador serving the people!!

Well, the other day we had a baptism so I wanted to send those pictures.  Other than that I don't know what to say because we talked yesterday!!


Elder Farley-

El Guapo!

Baptism of Filomena Phillips from Haiti

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