Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week #42 - New Sector -- Quevedo Norte 2

Hola como estan?

Well, I bet you are all wondering why I haven't written to you guys yet, and that is because I have had changes!!!!! I am NOT in Orquideas anymore.  I am now in QUEVEDO NORTE 2.  This sector is the farthest away from the mission home!!!  I love it already.  We changed and now my compaƱero is named Elder Torres.  He is from Peru and he is from my same group!! That's cool!

Well I will answer your questions!!

1- This week I studied in 3 Nephi 11 and wow that is full of great doctrine.  I learned so much about Jesus.  Man, I loved studing that!!

2- No I wasn't called as a Zone leader but I don't need to worry about that because I just need to focus in baptizing.

3- Well I forgot what the other questions are!!

Well my week has been pretty standard--

Tuesday we went to zone meeting and then we just worked.

Wednesday we just worked.

Thursday we did the same. 

The truth is that I can't remember what we did in specific but I do know that I worked!!  Well this week was pretty standard. It was a normal week and the only unnormal thing we did is that we got switched and I moved to QUEVEDO NORTE 2.
Really that is my week and I can't remember anything else that happened!! 

I am sorry this letter is bad but I just can't remember what else happened!!

My questions;

1- How much did the cows sell for?

2- How can you guys tell the difference in me?


Elder Farley-

Fun Facts about Quevedo, Ecuador:

Quevedo is one of the most important agricultural centers of Ecuador and is the geographical point where all major roads (including the Pan-American highway) in the region intersect. The area surrounding Quevedo mainly produce bananascornrice, and soybeans.[3] The alluvial soils in the region generate excellent harvests year-round. Many banana producers complement their banana plantations with fields that produce corn, soy and rice in the wet season. In the city, this produce is often industrialized into super-market ready products, such as instant-meals, pre-packaged products, noodles and other traditionally Asian foods. In recent years, Quevedo agro-industrial complex has added value to its output by developing a strong presence in the organic product's niche both locally and overseas.

Mostly populated by the mestizo ethnic group; Quevedo is also known for its prominent Chinese immigrant population and has even been called the "Chinatown of Ecuador". This gives it a distinct reputation and cultural feeling in relation to other Ecuadorian cities. Quevedo is also the center of the "montubio" folklore, a sub-culture that emanates from the customs of the early settlers of the region, who lived in the "monte", a word that describes the agricultural fields.

The city celebrates its foundation on October 7.

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