Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 12 -- Simon Bolivar


Let me start by asking questions:

1-  Why haven't I seen any pictures of Kendall and her car? What do people say about it?

2- Why haven't I seen any pictures of Hayden?

3- What about pics of Cami? 

4-  How are my friends doing? Por ejemplo Coleman, David, Tyler, etc

5- Tell me more about the family?

Well, those are my questions. BYE!!!!

JK :-) 

My Spanish is way better than before I left, but I feel like it is still bad.  I can say a variation of what I want to say.  It's basically what I want to say but not exactly.  Y puedo entender mas de la conversasion (and I can understand more of conversations) but it's not perfect.  I think that in a couple of months it will get there. Elder Mercado is still my compañero.  I think he will be until I am done with my training.  Nope, nothing scary has happened to me yet, but I have talked to about ten drunk dudes and it's hilarious every time I do. We were walking across the street and this drunk guy rode up on his bike and he stopped right in front of us and he started yelling, "Shut Up!" We just walked right past him and he just stared at us for about a minute and then he rode off.  I thought it was hilarious! Yes, the ZLs do bring us the mail and I don't mind that you send it through Dear  One food that I am missing is Indian food.

Well, this week was way better!  We had a baptism which I got to do. His name is Harold Summer Vargas Morina and his is a good story to tell.  He is a member of the church!  He was baptized in May of this year and he holds the Aaronic priesthood.  His whole family is also members.  Well, his sister is one of our investigators and she wanted him to baptize her so we were making sure that he could do that and we found out that his papers were lost.  So technically he wasn't a member!  So we had to re-baptize him and I got to do that (it was in the river too). 

Well, what else happened this week?  I don't know--every day is pretty normal.  We walked, taught and testified.  One thing I learned about my camera is that everyone likes to use it.  I don't think I have taken a single picture on it yet.  Everyone else, especially Elder Mercado takes it from me and takes a bunch of pictures.  I don't mind it as long as I get it back by the end of the day.  So, just know that I probably didn't take any of these pictures myself.  

Hey, I don't know what else to tell you, so if this isn't a good email just let me know.


Elder Farley-

Garrett with Harold Summer Vargas Morina and family

Garrett and Harold after his baptism in the river

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