Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 10 -- Simon Bolivar and General Conference

Jenny's comments are in red


Let me start off by answering your questions:   Yes, I did watch all the sessions of conference.  Me and Elder Mercado had to travel to Milagro and go to the estaca capilla (stake chapel).  That was fun, and since the conference was all day on Saturday we had to stay the night in our zone leaders house. That was really fun! Then on Sunday we stayed in Milagro and watched the rest of conferencia.

The names of the missionaries in my zone go as follows; ME, Elder Mercado, Elder Rounds, Elder Arfaro, Elder Frandsen, Elder Sanchez, Elder Juanes, Elder Arias, Hermana Lundin, Hermana Vidrio; Hermana Parry, Hermana Monrroy.

No, I did not receive the packages yet.  MOM, I haven't figured the camera out yet but I will try. I haven't received the letters from Dear Elder either.

My Spanish is still terrible but I try everyday to work better at it.  I have a really hard time understanding people.  It is so hard! But if they speak slow enough I can get the jist of it. My pronunciation isn't that great either but I work at it.  Everyday it gets better, I just have to be patient and try my best every day and it will come sooner rather than later.

No, there are not other missionaries in Simon Bolivar but the other day we were walking around the town looking for houses with the AP's (Elder Remington y Elder Magill) and we were looking for a house for some new missionaries to live in. So next week sometime there will be new missionaries in Simon Bolivar.

I didn't know that about Simon Bolivar but that's cool! (I told him that Simon Bolivar was a man who gained independence from Spain for most of South America. He is known as the "George Washington" of South America. Garrett is working in a town with his name sake and the country of Bolivia is also named after him.) Yes I am very excited for BYU Idaho.  I am so excited to start after I get back in the winter and spring (we found out this week that Garrett was accepted to BYU Idaho and he got the Winter/Spring track). And finally, no I haven't used your magic trick yet or your stickers because I am waiting until my Spanish gets way better so that I can actually communicate with the kids.
Well now let me tell you about my week.  

OK let me just start off by saying that my week was pretty normal. Monday was P-Day. Martes (Tuesday) we went to Milagro for the district meetings. Meircoles (Wednesday) we just tracked and taught and walked and invited a bunch of people to conferencia. We did the same thing on Thursday. On Friday we went around and reminded all the people about conferencia and then on Saturday and Sunday we were in Milagro watching conferencia--a pretty normal week.

I gotta tell you something one night we were sitting in the house of a member and we were talking and we were getting referncias de ellos (getting references) and I don't really remember much about what was being said but they asked me how my family was acting when I left. Keep in mind my Spanish is terrible, so with the best of my ability I told them what everyone was like and then they all started laughing. So this is what I told them: "My mom was bawling her eyes off crying and my siblings were like see ya in two years and my dad was like good luck son with a thumbs up." So now every time Elder Mercado sees the picture of the family he always says "GOOD LUCK SON" and he has his thumb up. I think it's hilarious because that's not really how it went, right? (no, that is not how it went at all :-)!  We are not sure if Garrett was trying to make that story funnier to the member family or if his Spanish was so bad that they misunderstood what he was trying to say.  What actually happened when he left is that he just gave us all a quick hug and said, "I will see you all in 2 years" and then he was off.  He didn't hang around long enough for me to cry, so the story that he told was totally different than reality.  However, I did cry as I watched him go through security, but he doesn't know that :-))  

Well, that really was my week.  I will try and figure out how to send pictures. I just want to say that I really appreciate what you guys do for me.  All the prayers and everything you do is amazing!  Thank you for everything. I love you all lots and I will keep that in mind mom (he mentioned that he was gaining weight because he was eating so much at their lunch meals and so I told him to just take smaller portions so that he won't offend the people but also to protect himself from gaining weight).  


Elder Farley- 

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