Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 13 - Oh my aching toe! Simon Bolivar


Ok, let me start by telling you guys about an experience that happened to me this week. So on Lunes (Monday) I got a small in-grown toenail and I thought nothing of it. On Miércoles (Wednesday) y Jueves (and Thursday) y Viernes (and Friday) we walked 20 miles to visit this 14 year old kid who is getting baptized on Saturday. We walked 20 miles each day this week and each day my in-grown toenail got progressively worse. So, on Friday Elder Remington (AP) went on compañero inter-cambiars with us and he told me to call Presidente to get my toe checked out.  My toe was pretty bad!  I was even getting blisters on my other toes because of my in-grown toenail. So after lunch on Saturday I called Presidente and he told me to go to Milagro to the clínica to have it checked out. We went and on the way there I was thinking about what they were going to do to my toe. I thought that they were probably going to give me a shot in my toe and that would numb it so I really wouldn't feel anything. I really thought it wasn't going to hurt very bad.

When we got to the doctors office they told me to wait a couple of minutes.  After two minutes they took me back into this operation room and I took off my shoe and sock and they laid me down on the table. The doctor gave me three shots in my toe and they freaking hurt! Because of the shots I was kinda screaming a little bit.  Then they started cutting my toe nail off.  This hurt soo bad that I was screaming and cussing (I wrote Garrett back yesterday and told him that I hope he cussed in English so nobody could understand what he was saying :-).  Elder Mercado was holding me down because it hurt so bad.  I don't even remember what they did but it felt like a chainsaw was attacking my toe. So after they removed my whole toenail I think I was in shock. I couldn't feel my hands or my legs and I was whiter than snow and I was totally out of it.  When they were done I was just laying there in agony.  Apparently they gave me a shot in my butt--I don't really remember that part. All I remember is that my pants were undone and my shirt was flapping around. So after I came around to it, they gave me some meds and we went home.  The doctors said that I can't walk for a week so I am not working for a week. I am alright though--don't even worry about me. Well, that is the most interesting thing that happened to me this week!!

Now let me answer your questions:

I email you from these little stores that have computers.  We go in, email, pay, and leave.  We have an hour to email.

Yes, I did get the letters from dear elder.

I don't think the people here celebrate that holiday. (I asked him about All Souls Day--November 2nd).

Elder Mercado has taught me to remember everything that happens during our day. I am not perfect at it but every day I try.

I really like that blog thing you are doing for me.  Keep up the good work!!

Ok, now let me tell you the good things that happened this week.  We challenged a 14 year old kid named Rosendo to be baptized and he said yes. So on Saturday he will be baptized.  We also challenged a 21 year old girl named Maria Diaz to be baptized the same day but she didn't come to church this week so she can't be baptized on Saturday.  So not this week but next week hopefully.  There is this woman named Flor Torrez and she has read the Book of Mormon and she knows it's true but she works a lot and she can't go to church.  Until she comes to church she can't be baptized so hopefully we can get her to church soon.  

Each day my Español improves--not a lot but it still improves.  I can understand about 1/4 or so of the conversation and my talking is coming along good.  Well that really was my week.  This week was a different week for sure.

Here are my questions:

1- Do you sill have my Disneyland shorts and my red sweat pants?

2- How are you doing Mom? Give me dets.

3- How is our extended family doing? 

4- I like your 8 question "send me pics!"

5- Please keep sending letters from my friends.


Elder Farley- The picture of the little red thing in the bag is my toenail.

We can't tell if he is covering his mouth because of anxiety and anticipation of the procedure, or if he is covering his mouth out of pain.  I am guessing that it is from pain after the toenail was removed. Isn't that an ancient form of torture?  What a brave boy!

His poor toenail--Ouch!

I think Elder Mercado is trying to give Garrett some sympathy

"Chilin" on P-day while Garrett rests his toe

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