Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week #76 - Transferred to Babahoyo


Well I will start off by answering all of your questions-

1-  Did you get pictures of los anos viejos?

1- No I did not.  I can't remember why I didn't get picture of that, but I didn't, sorry!!

2- What language do you pray in?

2- Spanish is the language I pray in.

3- What language do you study your scriptures in?

3- Spanish is the language I study in.

4-  Last year at this time the Grillos were out.  Are they back again?  Please take pictures of them if they are.

4- Yes, they are back but there are hardly any.  Last year there were literally millions and this year there are none!!!

5- Tell me about the specific people you are teaching right now.

5- Well we have a bunch of families we are teaching.  We have like 4 or 5 families but none of them are progressing super fast.  They are hardly progressing, so our goal is to change all of these families to be so that they are like a family of gold!! So that is what we will do.  They are named, Families; Jimenez, Aguirre, Correa, Tribiño, and I can't remember their last name but the dad's name is Ike.

6- What are the names of your Zone leaders?

6- They are named Elder Pascual, he is from Guatemala, y Elder Hernandez, he is from El Salvador.

7- Ask President Riggins what we need to do since we are picking you up.

7- First, he says that he wouldn't recommend it because I will be a missionary and we wouldn't be able to do anything.  But he said that if you guys really wanted to come that you would need to talk to church travel and tell them your plans and they will re-imburse the plane ticket that you spend on me.  You should talk to the mission office so you can tell them what's going on.

8- What are your personal goals for 2015?

8- Well, my goals this year are simple; I want to build the kingdom of God here in Ecuador by becoming a better missionary. I want to become truly converted to the gospel, and last is that I want a girl friend!!! These are my goals!! jajaja

I need to tell you guys something super important.  ELDER ROBINSON AND I ARE GOING TO ROOM TOGETHER AT BYU IDAHO. THE MOTHER OF ELDER ROBINSON IS GOING TO CONTACT YOU SO WE CAN ROOM TOGETHER!! So be looking for an email from her, or a message on Facebook.  If I am not mistaken her name is Kathy Robinson.

Well, now let me tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday I went to the Kennedy with Elder Robinson for a meeting of leaders.  We were there a good while--basically the whole day.  We learned a lot and we felt the spirit a lot!! It was epic!! Then in the night we had some baptisms!!!  So the kid named Gustavo Zamora was baptized and along with him was baptized his family!! It was so cool seeing all of them get baptised!!!!  We felt the spirit even stronger in the baptism.  Elder Robinson and I said that we are going to go back to Ecuador to see them get sealed!!!

Wednesday was a normal day.  We visited all these families and we invited all of them to come to church and they all said yes so we were hoping that they would all come!!!  This is basically all we did this day!!!

Thursday was a normal day.  We visited a lot of people and we helped a lot of people with service.  We were walking down the street and the workers were taking the street apart to rebuild it.  We saw a store, owned and run by a small family, and they were rushing inside the store to move huge sacks of rice inside the store.  So we stopped and helped them until they got it all in.  We finished just in time for the workers to finish the road!! That was a cool service activity!!!

Friday we just did everything we could to visit all the people we had invited, but nobody was there.  Nobody was home and I don't know why.  So it was a slow day!

Saturday we visited everyone we had invited and we talked to most of them and they all said that were going to go!! We just needed to wait till Sunday to see.

Sunday nobody came to church!  BUT Gustavo did get confirmed a member of the church, and we did have quite a lot of less active member come to church, so that was all good!!!  Then the rest of the day I said goodbye to all of the families that we were good friends with because the leaders informed me that I had changes the next day.

Monday I packed all my things and I left Guayaquil and I went to Babahoyo.  Just so you know, I am not with Elder Zelayaran anymore.  I am now with Elder Quiroga and he is from Bolivia!! So, I am writing you from Babyahoyo!


Well, I think Vergeles has been the best sector out of all of them!! I will miss that sector!!

I don't have my camera because its all packed away but I will send picture next week.

I love you guys a lot!  Keep being awesome.  Don't ever forget who you are.


Elder Farley

Babahoyo, Ecuador (NE of Guayaquil) - Garrett's new area

Garrett is still a District Leader

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