Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week #78 - Great Baptismal Interviewer

Hola, como están?

Well, I will start off by answering your questions--like we always do ;)

1- Did you have a baptism this week?

1- YES, we did have a baptism. His name is Holge Jacome.  It was a little funny with his story because when we got here to Babahoyo he just called us and asked about his baptism.  He asked about all the details and everything so we said to him, "like, wait, just wait!!" jajaj!! So we actually waited a little while to baptize him but THIS week we did baptize him!!! It was cool! ;)

2- What was the most memorable part of your week?

2- Well, the most memorable part of the week was when I interviewed somebody to be baptized,  The thing is that he isn't married so I explained to him all about D&C 132 about being a God and I also explained about how it all starts with getting married and then getting baptized. So I explained all of that to him and then a couple of days later he asked his wife to marry him!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!  That made me so happy!!! You don't even KNOW!!!

3- How is it opening a new sector?

3- It's a little different but its all good.  We are having baptisms and so that is cool!!! I like it!!

4- I sent you a package this week, so be looking for that in the next few weeks.

4- Okay, thanks I will look for it!! ;) 

Well, now I will explain about my week--

Tuesday we had a district meeting and I taught about the way we should contact people so we can have better numbers.  It helped them a lot  because after that the numbers SKY-ROCKETED!! It was pretty amazing!!! And then after that we went to Montalvo and we taught a couple of people there!! Today was really normal actually--but it was so fun!!!

Wednesday it was a fairly normal day.  We were just getting to know all the members and we taught our investigators, and we taught a family named The Family Reyes who want to be baptized.  They aren't married so we are going to help them with that.  But they are progressing and they are really cool! ;)

Thursday all we really did was go to Montalvo and teach a bunch of people.  That was sweet!!! ;) Then I had the interview with the man who wasn't married.  This was really cool because his kids actually got baptized as well so I did the interview with them and then with him.  It was in his interview that we talked all about temple marriage and he got super excited to get married!!! :)

Friday we had an exchange for a day so I was with Elder Benavides, he is from Colombia! He is really cool!!!: Friday was super normal because we visited a lot of people and we taught them the doctrine of Christ so that was basically our day.

Saturday we had the baptism of Holge Jacome!! WAY COOL!!!!! Also, the man that I interviewed asked his wife to marry him this day!  :)  This gave me so much joy because that means he understood what was taught in the interview!!  That made me think that I can understand what God teaches me!! So I made some goals so that I can do EVERYTHING the Lord has asked of me!! I WILL DO IT!!;)

Sunday was a normal Sunday full of meetings.  Two sisters from our zone went home.  They finished their missions!!! The weird thing is that they are from my group.  We started the mission together.  That was way weird, but that is the mission!!!! :)

Well this has been my week.  I hope you guys could feel the joy that I feel while I do the work of angels. ;)  I love you guys a ton and I hope that you always have a wonderful week!!!

YES, I will pray for Morgan!!! ;)


Elder Farley

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