Monday, January 19, 2015

Week #77 - Getting to know Babahoyo

Hola!!! Como estan?

Well I will start off by answering your questions-

1-  What is Elder Robinson’s first name?  Where is he from?  Any other information on his parents that will help me contact them?  An email address?

1- Well, the truth is that I gave him your email and Facebook when I was leaving so I didn't get a chance to ask for his mom's info.  He does have your info so I would be patient!!  His name is Connor Robinson and he is from Star Valley, Wyoming.

2-  How is your companion, Elder Quiroga?  Tell us details about him.  Please send a picture of you guys together.

2- Well, he is really cool!  We get along very well.  He is from Bolivia, Cochabamba and he only has two weeks more than I do in the mission.  But we get along great and we have full animos to work in the vineyard of the lord!!

3-  How is your new district?  How many missionaries in your district?

3- It's way cool!!  We have 4 sectors and 8 missionaries!!  They are super cool.  The zone here is super united!! 

4-  How many missionaries are there in Babahoyo?

4- There are 8 sectors in Babahoyo and that means there are 16 missionaries.  Super que chevere!!

5- Give us details about your first week in Babahoyo.

5- It's way coo here. Our ward that we are in is so huge and we are opening a new sector.  There weren't missionaries here before so we are starting from zero.  We already have plans to baptize someone on Saturday.  This week we basically spent our day in a place called Montalvo.  It's like an hour away and its in the mountains--it's awesome!!!  So we were working there and it's super beautiful!!!  But, so far I am liking Babahoyo--a lot!!

6-  Please take lots of pictures of Babahoyo, the culture, landmarks, your new ward, your district, etc. :-)  You don’t have to send them all to me, just make sure you take them because I want to make you a comprehensive photo album of your mission.  So I don’t want you to miss out on any memories you have made on your mission.

6- I will take a bunch of pictures!!!

7-  Who do you want to buy shoes for?  It will be much easier, and less expensive, if we just put money in your account and you buy them there.  Can you do that?

7- Well, I have one new pair of shoes that I haven't worn yet, but I don't like the style so I was thinking that you could send me money so I could buy myself shoes, and a belt, because I will need new ones soon!!!  I want to send him that one pair of shoes that I don't like.  That is what I will do!  Because he wants a pair of shoes from the states!!!

So NOW I will tell about my week-

Tuesday we got to our new house and our bathroom was clogged really BADLY so we spent the majority of the day trying to unclog the toilet.  This was obviously after we went to district meeting and all I did there was get to know the people in my district and we talked about numbers, people who have baptism dates, people who don't have baptism dates, and things like that.  After the meeting we went to Montalvo where we first were looking to know the area, the people, the members and the less active members.  Then at night we went home, planned and we went to bed (toilet unclogged-- SUCCESS!)

Wednesday we spent all day looking for members and getting to know them.  In fact our week was rather the same!!!!

Since we are new and we don't know anything we have spent the majority of our time getting to know members and helping them build stuff.

Basically that is all we did this week-- unclog toilets, provide service, and getting to know the people!!

Sorry if this email is a little lame.

WELL, this has been my week.  Just know that I love every single one of you!!! 


Elder Farley 

Elder Farley in Babahoyo

E. Farley and E. Quiroga in Babahoyo

The Elders with a friend?

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