Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Week 1 - Mexico CCM (MTC)

Hello family,

Umm where do I start? My flights were just great.  I arrived in the Atlanta airport (with just me and Hermana Deem) and we actually got lost in that airport so after finding our gate we met up with about 10 or so other missionaries and we flew to Mexico.  We arrived at the CCM (Centro de Capacitación Misional México) or the MTC late on Tuesday night with total about 20 missionaries--we picked some up at the México airport.   My compañeros name is Elder Mecham.  He is from Brigham City and he is serving in Tempe Arizona. He's 6´ 5´´ and he's super funny.  In my district there are 10 missionaries.  I actually got called to be the District leader so in our district there is me, Elder Mecham, Elder Parrish, Elder Banks, Elder Laing, Elder Jorgensen, Hermana Rawlings, Hermana Day, Hermana Martin, and Hermana Shepard.  I love the CCM.  I love it!  It's so fun!  All of the Elders in my district are funny--I love them all.   
Umm what else?  It rains every day at 6 pm without fail.  Me and my compañero taught our first investigator and we taught with the spirit and we taught with the gift of tongues it was amazing!!! Umm I am running out of things to say so this is about all there is to say.  Tell me about everything at home especially Chase? I just want to say that I love you all so very much.

Adios, Nos Vemos !!!!  


Dad thank you so much for starting the Mission Prep Program.  It has helped me so much.  My only real struggle is translating English to Spanish.  I have taught with power and by the spirit and I have taught with the gift of tongues.  It is an amazing experience.  I love you and love your example to me. Honestly Dad if you hadn't served a mission and taught me by your example and made missions exciting I don't think coming out here would have been such an easy choice.  Thank you so much.  I love you so much!!!!

Also, I have an idea for your Mission Prep Program that they do here at the CCM.  What they do is, our first day here they have one of the teachers act like a real investigator.  They have a new name, for example our investigators name is Rogelio but he is actually a teacher here at the CCM and his real name is Hermano Brown, and he acts just like an investigator.  He doesn't know English and we have to teach him all five lessons and then he becomes our teacher and tells us what we did right or wrong.  Does that make sense? If not just ask and I will explain.

I love you soo much I couldn't ask for a better Dad!! I love you.

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