Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 2 -- Mexico CCM

Family & Friends-

Let me preface this week's post with an observation about Garrett :-).  He is killing us with the way he is sending emails! :-)  We are bewildered but laughing all at the same time! Instead of sending one email to the entire family, in which he would answer all of our questions, he sends several emails just answering one or two questions.  Today we received 5 different emails and in each one he only answered a few things and then ended. Luckily we could tell he was on the computer so we sent him some emails back in which we got immediate responses.  That is the only reason why we got most of our questions answered.  Oh man, we were laughing and almost crying as we read these.  We are realizing that in all of his mission preparation, we NEVER taught him how to write emails, how to attach pictures, and how to be efficient with his computer time.  We won't make that mistake with our other boys. :-)  We are also pretty sure that he just skated by in all of his English classes because he doesn't know how to spell, form complete sentences, and organize his thoughts.  So, I am posting his letters as completely edited for your benefit. Yes, you are welcome!  With all of that said, we loved his emails and they are certainly full of Garrett's personality and flair.  He is doing great!  I know that most of this post will be disjointed but I tried to put some points of reference in parentheses so you would know what he was talking about.  We are thrilled though that by the end of his computer time he figured out how to send us a few pictures.  Yeah!  My favorite email has to be the last one though.  Oh, how I love that boy!  Enjoy.  :-) 


Hola Mi Familia-

¿Comó le va? When I said I want to know about Chase, that means that I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT CHASE!!!! I want to know juicy dets (details) about him. MOM, I want to know what he is doing, how he is feeling, what he thinks, and what he knows.  I want more than one sentence!!!!!! jk. But it's good to hear from everyone.  Tell Davis that those are very good drawings.  No, I didn't figure it out (sending an email to more than one person) because I have been too busy learning the gospel and Spanish.  Um, and I don't know how to send pictures and quite frankly it has been pretty normal.  We wake up at 6:30, shower, get dressed and go to breakfast.  Then we have study time, then classes, then lunch at 12, then more study time, then gym time, then language time, then more classes, then we usually teach an investigator (yes they are teachers), then we go to bed.  It's a pretty simple day really.  All of the days are starting to blur together though so it is kinda cool. Well my computer time is almost up so I will send this one and then send another email containing the rest.

Nos Vemos- 

Hola Padre-

¿Comó le va? ¿Comó estan ustedes? yo Estoy bein, muy bein: peru yo se que español will come if I be patient.  It was just the first week missionary high where I wanted to know everything about the gospel and I wanted to be fluent in Spanish but I just need to be patient and the blessing will come.  Richard G. Scott spoke to us last night in a CCM broadcast and he gave us an Apostolic blessing of the gift of tongues.  All we have to do is be patient, study, and pray fervently and the blessing will come. 

I got released as District Leader, and Elder Mecham and I got called as Zone Leaders.  I think that this will be the first of many leadership positions in my life.  I am learning a lot in Spanish.  I am starting to get to the point where I am not learning as much as my first couple of weeks, but that will change quickly as I get to Ecuador.  Elder Mecham is great!  He is an amazing guy.  When he was in high school he got 15 concussions in a row, and in turn he almost couldn't go on a mission.  Also from the concussions he received PTSD and so he has triggers which set his brain into a super painful, shutdown mode and it's quite scary when it happens (not that often though).  I do all I can to help him, so if you guys can keep him your prayers that would be wonderful.

Um what else?  Nothing really, I just wanna know about you guys and life.

Elder Farley- 

Umm, what else do I want to say?  The CCM is great.  The food is pretty good.  It's getting worse by the day though, but whatever.   My teachers are super nice.  They are Brother Sagers and Brother Brown, they are great.  I got released as DL and Elder Mecham and I got called as the Zone Leaders.  As a DL all I really did was get the mail and assign hymns and oración.  As Zone Leader all I really do is assign people to be in charge of the Sacrament. Elder Laing thinks Kendall is 22 and he doesn't believe me that Kendall is 16. I don't know what else to say except just that I love the CCM and I can't wait to get out in the field. 

No, I have never left the CCM.  I wish that I could though.  I leave the CCM on September 10 (to go to Ecuador) so don't send packages to me here--only to Ecuador.  No I have not gone to the Temple but I want to really bad.  I will get to here pretty soon.  I don't know what else to say.  I honestly don't.  I didn't bring my notebook otherwise I would share with you what I am learning, so next time will be filled with more stuff.  It helps me if you ask all the questions first then tell me about your lives second because then I can answer all the questions right off the bat and then I can tell you more stuff, does that makes sense?

Elder Farley-


Chase really did that? He and I are BFFs.  He is going to miss me, and I will miss all of you guys, pero I will probably miss chase the most, Sorry.  I will try to send some pictures but that's all I got to say for now.

love you guys
Elder Farley-


As Zone Leaders we just make assignments to have people prepare, bless and pass the Sacrament. and we help the Branch President, his name is Presidante Rosales.  We have not yet gone to the temple but we will go probably next week.  I am excited though.  Gospel learning is going amazing.  I have learned a lot.  I would share what I have learned but I forget my notebook at mi casa.  I will share what I learned next week. I have learned a lot in the scriptures.  That's about it,  I will try to send pictures.

love you too Dad,
Elder Farley-


Were those good E-mails to send or do I need to write more?

Elder Farley-
 Elder Farley

 The Elders in Garrett's District

The Sisters in Garrett's District

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