Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 9 -- Simon Bolivar

Jenny's notes are in red.


    Buenos días or Buenas tardes depending on the time of day you read this.  Let me answer your questions: Pues (well), I do email Presidente Amaya and no he doesn't email me back. The mission rules on music is as follows; we are allowed to listen to any church music so yes, Christmas music and EFY CD's would be awesome.  Yes, I am studying that much (4 hours/day) except for some days when we need to travel to Milagro to try and marry somebody (I was seriously cracking up at this sentence, but once I stopped laughing, I realized that what he means is that he tries to help a couple who is living together get a marriage license).  The sisters that threw me a birthday party are part of the branch I serve in.  Yes, I am keeping that in mind and I watch out for it so don't worry. (We reminded him to keep his heart locked as he works with girls in any way on his mission.) No I did not receive the package with the camera cord and ties--I am still waiting for it.  Mom, I am a missionary so of course I took a picture with all the people we baptized and yes I wrote about them in my journal.  Yes I do meet with my district each week but our zone is really small so we actually meet as a zone and we meet cada martes (every Tuesday) in Milagro which is an hour away from Simon Bolivar.  On P-days we usually go to Milagro to shop and get something to eat at the mall.  For laundry we pay a sister in the branch to do our laundry and for food I usually try not to eat on P-Days because every day we eat at a member's house and they feed us so much.  I am always stuffed from lunch! No, I have not been getting the letters from you guys. Mom, I know you are dying to see pictures but I cannot send pictures--I am waiting for the camera cord that you sent.

    Pues, my week this week has been great!  On Martes (Tuesday) we went to Milagro for our zone meetings and after that we went back to Simon Bolivar for lunch at a member's house.  They feed me so much food that I think I am getting fatter!  The food isn't that bad--I actually really like the food. Miércoles (Wednesday) after study we went to lunch and then we had to go way down across Simon Bolivar to talk to a sister about marriage.  They want to get baptized but they aren't married so we have got to get them married first.  We have been trying to get them married for 2 weeks now.  This week we will get them married so they can be baptized on the 12 of Octobre. Also for that same Saturday we have 5 people who said they will get baptized.  Their names are Elias, Javier, Simon Macias, Genesis, and Asteria.  Asteria is the one we need to get married.  On Thursday we studied and then we went to lunch.  After lunch we proselyted like all day then in the afternoon we meet Elias and taught and challenged him to baptism.  Friday we studied, ate lunch, then we waited for the zone leaders to come so we could take them to Genesis so they could give her a baptism interview.  Saturday Elder Mercado was sick so we kind of took it easy and just proselyted. Sunday we went to church and after church we went to lunch and then we taught people and we found Javier and I challenged him to be baptized. So that was my week.

       A cool experience that happened this week was that the Venesuela familia in our branch was sick so we gave them all blessings.  There are four of them--Harold the father, Marialla the wife, Gabriel the 12 year old son and Sofia the 9 year old daughter.  We gave them a blessing and it was my first time giving a blessing in Spanish. Usually I do the anointing part and Elder Mercado gives the blessing part but this time he said in broken English "you do" referring to the blessing part.  So he did the anointing and I gave the blessing.  It was a cool experience.  I was a little scared because it was in Spanish but the spirit over came and was able to give the blessings just fine.

Now it's my turn to ask questions: 
1- how was Mexico?

2- how is the family?

3 - can you do the track thing for me for BYU-I? 

4-  can you send some pictures of the family?

5- can you send me MO TAB Christmas music and 2010 EFY and 2011 and 2012?

6-  when is the Front sight thing?

Well, that's all I have so until next week...Chou!


Elder Farley  

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