Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 14 - Garrett has the sillies -- Simon Bolivar


¿Como Están? Estoy muy bien soy muy feliz, y mi dedo de mi pie es muy bueno (I'm fine, I'm very happy and my toe is very good).  My toe doesn't really hurt anymore and yes I am back to normal doing normal missionary stuff.  Yes, we did baptize him. Elder Mercado baptized him. I will send some picture of that so you can see it. 

Let me start by answering your questions:

1- My toe is doing a lot better. The nail won't grow back to normal for a couple of months but it is feeling way better.

2- Yes, I started working again.

3- Yes, we baptized him.

4- NO! Nadie attended church but that is the only thing that is ticking me off because nobody attends church--NOBODY!  But I don't give up.

5- The weather is just cloudy and humid like always. Some days it's sunny and humid and those days are really hot!!

6- Yes, I did receive the package and I loved it!  I really do love it. Thank you :)

7-  Yes, I did have another interview with President Amaya the day before my toe operation.

Ok let me tell you about my week now:

Well, on Tuesday we didn't really do anything because of my toe, but we went to Milagro for the District Meeting. Wednesday we tried working and we did as much as we could with my toe. Thursday we had an intercambiar (exchange) with the Zone Leaders but it was only for 5 or 6 hours, so me and Elder Barreda stayed in our house and cleaned, while Elder Alfaro and Elder Mercado went to have an interview with the 14 year old kid that we baptized.  Friday we worked all day because the doctor said my toe was healing just fine and on Saturday we baptized Rosendo the 14 yr kid. Sunday was just a normal day; we went to church and tracked all day. That really was my week in a nutshell.  Oh you were right, they do celebrate the "day of the dead" but its not called that.  What they do is that everyone goes to the cemetery and eats a meal by their dead loved ones. Then they drink this purple drink and they only drink it on that day and it's out of respect for the dead, That's kinda cool.

A funny experience that happened to me this week was when we did work I couldn't wear my normal shoes so I had to wear one flip-flop and one normal shoe. I looked really goofy. I will send a picture of that also. 

Ok, so this week I have been craving so bad to see "The Phantom of the Opera". That is probably going to be the first movie I see when I get back. Just thought I should let you know :-).


1- I don't care what I get for Christmas.

2- What is the best way to kill a mouse?

3- How can I become Batman?

4- Where is the fountain of youth?  I gotta beat Jack Sparrow.

5- I have a confession to make .......uh..........I stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

6- Umm can I have another Christmas CD?

I love y'll tons!


Elder Batman Farley-

I wrote Garrett right back after I got his email and we were able to email back and forth for a few minutes. What a treat!  I told him he sounded like he was in a silly mood, that he looked skinnier, and asked him if he liked the t-shirt that I sent him.  Here was one of his silly responses:

Yes, I feel a little silly today :-).  I have lost weight, and until I can find where I lost it, I will need a size large shirt instead of an XL.

Then I asked him if his mission is the best thing he has ever done.  This was his response:


1 shoe + 1 flip flop = 1 hard working and dedicated missionary :-)

Garrett, 14 year old Rosendo, Elder Mercado

Rosendo's baptism with Elder Mercado

Garrett cleaning his apartment -- I think?

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