Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 15 - I killed the toilet! - Simon Bolivar


I will start off by answering your questions:

No, I have not received the packages yet but tomorrow I should receive them, so I have my fingers crossed.

No, I did not have to pay the doctor for my toe surgery.  The church paid for it.

Oh I would say I have lost at least 10 lbs but possibly more.  I am not quite sure.

My favorite part of my daily routine is from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. because that is when we teach most of our lessons and it's cooler out so it feels nice.

One word I would use to describe my mission so far is AMAZING!  I have blessed so many peoples lives with the gospel and I don't want to stop.  I just want to baptize the world.

Well, for miracles I would say there are too many for me to write down, but here are a few that I have noticed.  For starters Elder Mercado and I were able to find Erika, a less active member, and we were able to teach her, her cousin, her mom, and her little brother. She and her little brother are members but her mom and her cousin aren't members.  We were able to commit them to a baptism date so that is really cool and a miracle. Another miracle I have witnessed is that Simon Bolivar is the biggest area in my mission and we have to walk everywhere because the buses are never reliable.  I have noticed that we have the strength to go throughout the day with a good attitude and enough physical energy. The gift of tongues is another miracle.  I am able to speak enough Spanish to really communicate the lessons.  Before my mission I was terrible at Spanish so this is a great miracle.

My week has been pretty standard. Monday is P-day. Martes (Tuesday) we go to Milagro and have our district meetings and then we come back to Simon Bolivar and preach the gospel. Wednesday is a normal day where we study and preach. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are normal days as well.  Sunday we go to church and then preach the gospel and then our week starts over again. Honestly my week was pretty normal.  Saturday was the birthday of a member so we went to go celebrate with them so that was kinda cool.  He has 11 years now and his name is Gabriel (I didn't edit this sentence because Kendall told me that in Spanish that is how you would say that Gabriel is 11 years old.  I thought that was funny that Garrett is now writing in English the way he is forming sentences in Spanish. He is so confused!).

One thing that is really making me mad is that none of our investigators attend church.  In order for them to be baptized they need to attend church twice but nobody does so it's kind of making me mad. But I will try even harder.

This really was my week--nothing too exciting.

My questions:

1-  I would like another CD that has a bunch of classic Christmas songs.

2- Can I also have an EFY 2011 CD?

3- Umm can you tell me about night stomach pains? Almost every night this week I woke up at 2 or 3 with really bad night pains.  I took medicine and then it stopped so I don't know what is going on.

4- How is everyone?

Well, sorry this email wasn't as good as others but my week was normal.


Elder Farley- 

P.S. Oh se me olvide (Oh, I forgot),  something did happen this week. Wednesday morning I had to go #2 so bad.  So, when Elder Mercado was done showering I ran in there and unloaded my package, if you know what I mean :-). Then I showered.  But because of my "package" it clogged the toilet so badly that I actually killed the toilet!  Water was everywhere so we had to tell our land lord.  They replaced the toilet but I felt really bad :( but I learned my lesson. 

 Yikes - I killed the toilet!

Super handsome

Gabriel's 11 year old birthday with the Elders

Exhausted after a long day of work

P-day fun

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