Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 16 - Simon Bolivar


Well, as usual I will start off by answering your questions:

1-Yea, It was constipation so don't worry about that.  It's all passed and everything is back to normal as far as my bowels go. :-)

2- My toe is doing just fine.  The new nail is starting to grow in and it feels really weird.

3- No I didn't receive your packages but hopefully tomorrow.

4- I study my scriptures for an hour everyday and I am learning a lot.  Por ejemplo, (for example) I didn't know that Alma and Amulek were forced to watch women and children being burned and during that Amulek said to Alma that they should stop it from happening but Alma said "No--they are being saved in the kingdom of God".  So I thought that was sad but a cool story.

5- Oh my shoes are doing fine.  Yes, if I need new ones I can get them down here just about anywhere.

6- The next transfer day is in two weeks and I think that Elder Mercado will get transferred and I will probably stay in Simon Bolivar for another while.

Now I will tell you about my week--my week was pretty crazy by the way.

        Lunes was just a normal P-day.  Martes we went to Milagro for District meetings then we came back to Simon Bolivar.  Two hours after we arrived in Simon Bolivar we had to go back to Milagro because on Wednesday it was the conference of leaders and Elder Mercado is a District Leader so he had to go to that, which was in Guayaquil.  So Elder Mercado and the other District Leader and the Zone Leaders went to Guayaquil and I stayed in Milagro with Elder Juanes.  He is from Bolivia, Santa Cruz.  We did the normal missionary stuff in Milagro.  Elder Mercado and the others didn't come back until late Wednesday night and there were no more buses to go back to Simon Bolivar so we stayed the night in Milagro.  On Thursday morning we went back to Simon Bolivar. Thursday was a normal day.  Me and Elder Mercado just taught lessons and talked to people. On Viernes we went back to Milagro for a Zone meeting and after that was over we came back to Simon Bolivar. On Saturday and Sunday we stayed in Simon Bolivar teaching our investigators.

         On Domingo me and Elder Mercado gave talks in church. Lately the members aqui in Simon Bolivar don't really help with the missionary work.  It has been totally me and my compañero. So for our talks we talked about missionary work and how the members need to help us with the missionary work. I felt a little bit like Jeffery R Holland and how he is just so direct and says thing like they are.  When people are direct and say things like they are and kind of lecture other people we call that MACHETE. Yes, we macheted the members,  but we macheted with love. I did feel the spirit and I did notice a change in some of the members afterward. I really liked Sunday--it was a really good day.  

         We have one investigator named Luis and he has 21 yrs. Every time we teach him I know he feels the spirit and I know this because he asks the most questions during our lesson and that is an indicator to me that he feels something. He has a problem with drinking, smoking, girls, and with the police. I know that he feels something during our lessons but so far that hasn't been enough to change his ways for good. He lives with his cousins and one of them is a less active member. Can you guys pray for him specifically and pray that he will have a mighty change of heart, because I know he can be a great member?  I can feel that in him, but he needs some help and we are doing everything we can to help him.

Well, that was my week in a nutshell. Here are my questions:

1- Can you send me copies of my pieces of art work?

2- Can you send me a list of all my friends and everyone that is serving a mission that I know and their missions?

3- Umm...that's it just keep on sending me great letters


Elder Farley-


  1. I am so happy to have found this blog because my son just received his call to this mission. A crazy coincidence is that his name is Garrett Dean Taylor! He leaves Jan 15 for Mexico so I assume will be in the field end of February ish. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello! Wow, what a crazy coincidence! That is so funny, but wonderful! My Garrett has been serving for 4 months. He reported on July 30th. He loves it in Ecuador. I wrote him today and told him to be looking out for your Garrett. :-) Where are your from? We are from Arizona. Let me know if you start a blog for your missionary. I would love to read it! Take care. Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. Wendy-
      How is your son doing in Ecuador? My son is asking what area he is serving in because he wants to meet him. My son is currently in Quevedo. I hope he is doing well.