Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 17 -- Simon Bolivar

Jenny's translations and comments in red.
The questions we asked Garrett are in blue.


Bueno comenzare contestar sus preguntas: (Well, I'll start answering your questions):

1.    Did you receive our 2 Thanksgiving packages?
1- si, gracias mucho gracias me encanta mucho (Yeah, thanks a lot much love)

2.    Did you ever receive my letter about my thoughts on General Conference?  What did you think of it?
2- si fue muy bueno gracias mucho (It was very good, thanks a lot)

3.   Will you celebrate Thanksgiving?
3- honestamente no, porque soy gordo y tenemos que trabajar en la obra misional (honestly no, because I am fat and have to work in missionary work)

4.  How is your Spanish?
4- no se me español es mas o menos, pienso que es terrible pero posible no es terrible, no se, ¿que piensen ustedes?  (My Spanish is more or less ?, I think it is terrible but possibly not terrible, what do you think?)

5.   Do you realize that we will get to talk to you, face to face, in exactly 1 month?  We are so excited!  Do you know if we will get to talk to you through Skype?  How long will we get to talk for?  Do you know where you will go to talk to us?  We can’t wait to know the plan.  That will be the best Christmas present EVER!
5- si es muy bueno estoy muy animado por eso fecha y la oportunidad se hablo. pero no se cualquier cosa sobre eso. entonces no se lo siento (I am very encouraged by the date and the opportunity to speak, but I don't know anything about it.)

6.   Do you think your machete talk made a difference?  Did you get any referrals from the members this week?
6- si el discurso machete fue bueno, esta semana obtuvimos 4 de un hermana, entonces es muy bueno. (My machete speech was good, this week we got 4 referrals from a sister, that was very good.)

7.     What was the best thing your experienced this week?
7- pues la mejor cosa que paso este semana fue que obtuvimos 5 o 6 nuevo investigadores (The best thing that happened this week is that we got 5 to 6 investigators.)

8.    When did you feel the love of the Lord this week?
8- si sentí la amor de dios diario, es maravillosa (I felt the love of the Lord daily and it is wonderful.)

9.    Have you given away any pictures of the Savior that we sent to you?  Have you given away stickers or other stuff that we sent to you?  We are just trying to help. 
9- honestamente esos son bueno pero es ingles y nadie aquí hablan ingles, pero aun tengo esos entonces alguno día se usare, y gracias por todo me ayudan mucho (Honestly those are good but no one here speaks English but I still have them and will use them someday. Thanks a lot you help me a lot.) 

¿entonces que piensen sobre me español es bueno o malo? (Then what do you think of my Spanish, is it good or bad?) 

OK, I will write in English now HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Wow you guys had a big week! What day is thanksgiving? Se me olvido (I forgot) and I wish I could have been there for everything that has happened--Davis' game, Hayden's play, Cami's soccer stuff, Kendall's ....stuff, and the ranch with Dad, and to be at home with Mom and Chase.  But I am doing a greater work. Family is great but the salvation of souls is more important to me right now.  I miss you guys so much but in two years we can see each other.

Guess what?  I just got a comment on your mission blog from a woman whose son has been called to the Ecuador, Guayaquil North Mission.  Her son enters the MTC on January 15th.  The crazy thing is that his name is Garrett Dean Taylor. J  Isn’t that a crazy coincidence?  So, look for a new Elder named, Elder Taylor at the end of February and try to remember that his name is Garrett Dean as well.  Wow!

Really his name is Garrett Dean?  That is amazing!  I want to train him now. Where is he from? And how far spred is my blog? Speaking of training...this week is my last week of being trained so next week I could be a trainer.  After next week I am done with all my training and the only training I will still have to do is my Spanish. I am pretty excited for that.

This week was honestly pretty standard.  Monday is P-day. Tuesday we went to Milagro for District Meeting, then the rest of the day is work. It is like that for the rest of the week.  Sunday is church and then it starts over. So honestly nothing really new happened except that we found about 5 or 6 new investigators. That is really good. On Sunday a family came to church so that is really good, but they aren't married so we have to get them married first then baptism. We had inter cambiars this week so on Friday I went to Milagro for the day and helped Elder Barreda (ZL).  Well that really was our week.

 On Thursday an Elder de la setenta (an Elder of the seventies) came to Babahoyo for a conference so we went to that all day which was really good to hear. At this conference there was a teaching practice.  They asked two Elders to practice teaching in front of the Presidente, his wife, the area seventy, and about a hundred elders and sisters. Guess who did the practice? Yes, it was me and Elder Mercado who did the practice.  I was a bit nervous. HAHA!! But I think we did good!

Well, honestly that was my week.

1- I love you guys!

2- Yes, that statement is true.


Elder Farley-

I am not sure if this is what the Lord meant about putting on the armor of God. 

Garrett must be eating a lot of cereal.

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