Monday, December 9, 2013

Week #19 -- New Companion Elder Cano and Garrett is a trainer

Hola ¿como esta?

Well I will start off by answering your questions like I always do:

1- Yes I can skype you guys. The week before Christmas I will tell you what time I will skype you and then you can just wait. Pero es un bueno idea si ustedes saben the time differences (but it is a good idea if you know the time differences.)

2- No I did not recieve the package yet.

3- Yes I am still in Simon Bolivar and Elder Mercado is gone.  He is serving in Guayaquil and now I am a trainer.  I am training Elder Cano.  He is from Honduras Tegucigalpa, and he is extremely tall. He is almost 7 feet-- he is like 6' 8". And being a trainer is harder than I thought.  Especially because my Spanish isn't that good so I need to be patient and pray for the gift of tongues especially for teaching my comp and our investigators. 

4- Yes I watched the Christmas Devotional last night - it was really good. 

5- Yes I will send you guys a picture of my toe but this week I forgot my cord so I can't send pictures but next week I will send a bunch. Yo les promote (I promise).

Now I will tell you guys about my week.

Lunes y Martes (Monday and Tuesday) I was compañeros with Elder Arias and on Tuesday night we went to Guayaquil to meet our new comps. And wednesday in the tarde we came back to Simon Bolivar and went to work.  I am a trainer now so it's really hard because for a week or two I have to do everything pretty much and its in Spanish.  So other than that my week was really good. The rest of the week we just worked and invited 5 people to be baptized so that was really cool. Honestly that as my week, nothing really much happened.

An experience that I had this week was really cool. On Firday we were teaching a sister that wants to be baptized but she can't because she isn't married.  We were teaching and during the lesson I felt promped to have a prayer on our knees and have her offer the prayer. We did and as she was saying the prayer I was praying that she would receive an answer and right when I finished my prayer she started bawling because the spirit was so strong. I almost started to cry! también holy cow that day was so strong in the spirit.  

So honestly that was my week. I love this mission with all my heart I couldn't ask for anything better. I know this gospel is true.  Oh btws - this week we are going to the temple.

oh my questions: 

1- So how does Kendall translate?

2- Where is the other Garrett from?

3- And I really don't know what I need, maybe more pencils with lead, another journal because I am about halfway through with the green one, and I don't know--surprise me and if you send me jeans I like LEE jeans and I am probable a 35, 36 ish


Elder Farley- 

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