Monday, December 2, 2013

Week #18 - Transfer week

¿Hola como estan?
Well, as usual I will start off by answering your questions:
1. Name 3 things you are most grateful for.
1- I am grateful for food, sleep, and the ability to serve the lord.  Not only to serve Him but to dedicate my life to Him for the next two years.
2. What happened with transfers?
2- Yes transfers are this week so Elder Mercado got transferred but I don't have my new companion yet. I am staying with Elder Arias (his compañero got transferred as well) until Wednesday when I will know who my new compañero is.
3. If you are transferred, what will you miss most about Elder Mercado?
3- I will miss Elder Mercado as my first compañero.
4. How are your slacks fitting now that you have lost some weight?
4- Yea my slacks are fitting fine. They are a little loose but they still work fine. My jeans are really big on me though so I might need a new pair of jeans soon.
5. Tell me something interesting about Ecuador that I don't know.
5-  Something about Ecuador is that almost all the people are irresponsible. I really can't trust them but I love them so it's kind of hard when they say 5 minutes before church starts that they will be there, but then they never show.
Pues ahora mi semana: (Now for my week:)
Well, my semana (week) was really good. On Tuesday we had the corilation missional (missionary correlation) meeting with the mission leader in our rama (branch). Elder Mercado knew he was going to get transferred so he told me "you do all the talking". I asked "why" and he responded "because i am leaving muy pronto you need to be his friend." "ok" I said.  Our leader missional isn't very good. He doesn't really do anything to help.  He is a good person but a bad leader.  So we went there to his house and I told him all about our investigators and all their problems and it was going just fine. Then I don't really know how it happened but I asked him if he knew the story about Lehi's dream and he said that he didn't know. So I asked Elder Mercado to explain the story and he did a great job.  He explained about the 4 different types of people in that story. Then I basically macheted him with love and explained what a leader missional is and how he should help the rama. It was very powerful. I felt the spirit so strong.  After that, in the closing prayer he asked God to help change him and make him into a better servant. So that experience was really cool.
Another really cool story is that on Friday we found this lady and we started talking to her and she told us that her husband died and that she missed him really bad. So we taught her about the plan of salvation and again the spirit was really strong. Holy cow! I really think she will get baptized but we need to talk to her again. So this week was really cool for us.
Another story is that this woman came to me and said "I want to be baptized!" So that was really cool but she isn't married to her boyfriend so we have got to get her married. The boyfriend doesn't want to get married so that is a problem.

The rest of the week was really standard--we walked, taught, and testified.
Now my questions:
1- Is Kendall learning Spanish?
2- How is Chase?
3- And no, Christmas isn't really that big down here.
4- Just keep me updated.

Elder Farley-

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