Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 21 -- Opening the door with his mind!

Bueno pues!!
Well, to answer your very important questions:
1- I will call you guys through Skype at 4 in the afternoon.
2- I will call you from a computer store in Simon Bolivar.
3- We will have 40 minutes to talk.
4- No, I don't know what your Skype number is.  Can you help me with that?
5- This is most important! TUESDAY, I will call you guys at 4 in the afternoon through Skype.  That is TOMORROW, NOT WEDNESDAY.  I am calling on TUESDAY because Wednesday everybody is busy so it's best for me on Tuesday.   Tell me what is best for you guys.
Well I don't know what to say because tomorrow I will call you guys, but I will say what I can.
We have a baptism on Saturday.  It is this old guy named Segundo Arias so that is really cool.  This week there were some cool experiences.  Two of them come to mind.  First is that on Sunday we needed to get into our house to get a pamphlet for Segundo Arias but we were locked out.  So basically I kicked down the door with my mind and we were able to get the pamphlets and give them to Segundo.  I thought that was really cool.
The second experience is that we were door contacting and we knocked on this door and two women were drinking beer and we started talking.   They offered some beer to us and right then I said  "you guys are sinners, and that is an abominion in the eyes of the lord, have fun in hell.¨  Basically I said that because I was truly offended that they offered me beer.  After I said that we just walked away.
Well honestly that is all I have because TOMORROW we are talking on Skype. :-)
Elder Farley-

Here was my response to this email:

Are u calling at 4 your time? Search the Skype directory for Jenny Farley in Peoria, AZ. We will be ready! Ummm...I think u need to be more patient and loving with people when u door contact. Now their impression of the missionaries will be hostile. U want it to be a good impression. 

I LOVED Garrett's response to me:

Mom... you know how Dad expands every little story into something huge?  Well, I did the same thing here. :-)  It was very loving--don't worry mom!  And yes 4 on my time--I don't know what time it is on your time.

2013 Christmas Eve Skype call with Garrett

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