Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 22 -- Christmas

Hola familia-

Bueno, I will start off by answering your questions:

1.  So, what did you end up doing on Christmas Day?  Did your Zone get together?
1- Well honestly nothing--we just slept at Elder Arias´ house with our district leaders and that was it, nothing else.

2.  Did you receive a tie from President and Sister Amaya for Christmas?  Did you hear about any Elders receiving ties for Christmas?  If so, those came from me! :-)  I mailed about 200 ties to President Amaya for him to give to all of the Elders in your mission.  I sure hope everyone got them.  Merry Christmas! :-)
2- No, I didn't hear of anyone who recieved a tie, neither did I recieve one.  And I did know that--it's cool.

3. Did you ever receive your Christmas package from us?  
3- No, I didn't receive the package but I am expecting to get it tomorrow.  Thank you in advance for the presents.

4. This week is New Year's.  Have you heard anything about the Ecuadorian tradition of the burning of the ano viejo dummies?  I remember that Layna Comsa told us about this tradition of when people build paper dummies that they burn on New Year's Eve signaling burning the old year and having a clean slate for the new year.  You will have to tell me if you see any of that on Wednesday night.  Take pictures if you do!
4- No, I haven't heard anything about the New Year's tradition but I am seeing a TON of paper statues and I know that they are going to be burned soon.

5.  Did Elder Cano have an interview with President Amaya?  How did that go?
5- No, he didn't have the interview but everything is all good.  I just have to be patient with him and he will change sooner or later.

Bueno, I will ask my questions now:

1- Do I really look like and act like Uncle Aaron?

2- Davis really got an i-pad mini?

3- The aunts and uncles really played out the story of Jesus?

4- Are these questions REALLY annoying?

5- Really, my spanish is good?

6- Katherine Wagner is really home already?

7- My compañero knows Michelle Wagner.

8- How is the new Hobbit movie?

Bueno, I will now tell you about my week: 

Well, this week was pretty standard.  Tuesday we talked together on the computer, and after that we went to Milagro because there were like 10 other people who needed to have interviews. Then we stayed the night with the other Elders. Wednesday was a day of rest because Presidente said so, so for Wednesday we were in Milagro and we slept in Milagro until Thursday because we missed the last bus to Simon Bolivar. Thursday morning we came back to Simon and it was a normal day--nothing too exciting.  We basically contacted the whole day in Jujan--a city in our sector.  It's about 40 mins by bus from Simon Bolivar.  Friday was just a normal day.  We visited people and taught the gospel.  Saturday we had a branch activity for christmas and that was really fun.  Sunday was a normal day also. 

A really cool and kinda funny experience that happened on sunday goes as follows: we were walking and usually all of the drunk people say "hi" to us. So we were walking and this guy was sitting down and we said "hello" and he asked us to come over to him so we did.  He looked kinda familiar btw, so we started talking and him.  He was super drunk!  He started telling me all about his life, he kept on saying "I want to change and become better", then he said that he was the brother of a person we baptized and he attended that baptism. The whole time he was talking he was on the verge of tears. We told him that we could help him change. He just went on and on and on about how he wants to change and be taught the correct way. So we planned a visit with him for an other day.  Then his friend came over on a motorcycle and he said that he had to go.  We had this really awkward hug, and he got on the bike and he just about passed out and took off.  After we walked away, a little ways down the road we saw him again but this time he was in front of a store and he told us to come over there, so we did and he told us that we could buy whatever wanted and that he would pay.  Oh sweet I thought!  So we got a Gatorade and we had another awkward hug and we went our seperate ways.  I thought that was really kinda funny and cool at the same time.

Bueno, if you guys feel like you should move to Prescott then you should do it.  I really don't care as long as my friends can be there for my homecoming and I can be there for their homecomings. 

Can you guys pray for the Familia Rodriguez Lopez?  They are a golden family but they just need to get married and then we can baptize them. 


Elder Farley_

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