Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #24--BTW- "I know what I want to do for my career!"

Bueno, hola familia como están?

I will start off by answering your questions:

1- Yes, 3 of our investigators came to church.  It isn't as good as last week but it's still good.

2- Yes we have 2 baptisms scheduled for the 25th of January.  Their names are Kerly and Salvador.

3- Nothing has happened with transfers yet, but the ZL's got switched so I think here soon there are going to be big changes but that is just a guess.

4- I only have 1 picture of the grillos and yes I will send it to you.

5- Yes I got the package and I love it.  The pants fit great and I love the ties.  I also LOVE the mashed potoatoes and the beef jerky, thank you!

6- Yes I am writing some of my friends.  I am writing Austin and Annie (a friend of a friend here in the mission).

7- No, there are no improvements with Elder Cano.  In my opinion he is NOT ready to be a missionary, but I need to learn something from him so all is good.

8- No, we were working super hard so his suggestion to read verse 30 was like a compliment.

9- I have seen so many miracles!  Every time I drive to Milagro I see a miracle (Milagro in Spanish means Miracle in English).

Well I hope this answers your questions,  

My week has been standard.  Tuesday we got a new Elder in our zone and his name is Elder Trejo.  He is from Arizona!  He and I are super good friends here.  He and I are like missionary soul mates. :-)  If we were compañeros we would wreck. Yea we are really good friends. 

Wednesday was a strange day--we were in Guayaquil for interviews with the Mission Presidente because my compañero really shouldn't be a missionary because he just isn't prepared. He is 22 and he is worse than a little kid.  I don't feel like I am training him, I feel like I am babysitting him.  So Presidente interviewed him and hopefully that will help but so far it hasn't helped much.

Thursday we had exchanges with my DL and that was an ordinary day.

Friday was the same--just an ordinary day.  Oh, I found out what I want to do for my career!

Saturday was the same--we just walked, taught and testified. We found a brige that looks like the bridge in Indiana Jones.

Sunday we went to church and I gave a talk.  The rest of it was a normal day--nothing too new--my life here really is the same.

Now for my questions:

1- At a store you can get my artwork scanded in and then printed out and it looks legit. I want one for all my artwork?

2- I will look for a tailor.

3- How are my guns?

4- How is our family?

Love, Elder Farley

P.S. I wrote Garrett back and asked him about his career choice and all he said was that he wants to be in the military.  Ummm...are you serious?  I will be writing him about this next week.  Now I am going to worry all week.  Sheesh!

He didn't say what this was called but he said it was delicious.

Garrett on the Indian Jones bridge

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