Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #23 - The Attack of the Grillos!

Bueno!! Hola como están?

Well, I will start off by answering your questions:

1- Umm I think transfer are next week but I am not sure.
2- This week my most spiritual expirence was at church and I will share that in more dets later.
3- I have done some shopping but no sight seeing, after my mission I want to come to the Galápagos islands.
4- No, I am not taking a ton of pictures, but I am taking a few.

Bueno now my questions:

1- Did you send me hard copies of my art work?
2- When will you guys move?
3- Did you guys see the new Disney movie? The other day I saw movie posters for these movies and I remembered that they came out this month.
4- Umm can you send me more ties? Like 4 more ties--I love ties!
5- Can you send me more shirts and pants--like two of each?  The ones I have are too big.

Now my week:

Well this week was pretty standard. Tuesday we were on exchanges so I spent the new year with Elder Ugarte--he is my Zone Leader.  It was normal except the only difference is that the grillos have attacked! Grillos are giant crickets that fly around and eat clothes and they are everywhere. Seriously it feels like a plague!  There were millions and they were every where, all over me and under my clothes, and it was SUPER GROSS. We are still killing the bugs in our house. For about three days when the sun went down GIANT GRILLOS were everywhere. It was like a plague but this happens every year so the people think nothing of it. It's gross!

Wednesday we just rested because Presidente told us to just rest so we did. We studied and rested and visited members but nothing else really.

Thursday we went back to work.  We visited familias and got permision for people to be baptized and it was a full day of work.

Friday was the same full day of work but this day I started feeling sick and now I have a cold.  But don't worry, I always get colds when the weather changes. 

Saturday was another full day of work but today we needed to work harder because we wanted our investigators to attend church. So we worked hard this day.  It was awesome because we even found another person to teach.

It was our goal that on Sunday all of our investigators would attend church. We heard that all of the other sectors had nobody attend or only one person attend church.  We wanted to do better than that.  Well, our work paid off because we had 7 people attend church.  This was my best day because my DL shared with me a scripture--Alma 26: 27.  That really helped me and it gave me more incentive to work hard.  Then after church he shared with me Alma 26: 30.  I know that working hard in a good cause will bring good results. 

Well this was my week.  I love you all and encourage you guys to study Alma 26.


Elder Farley-

Elder Cano in an area called Jujan.  Interesting bridge!

Garrett at the Ward Christmas party

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