Monday, January 27, 2014

Week #26 - "Firerehea" & Stomach Flu


Mom, I am the BEST missionary in this mission--Period! :-) No, just kidding.  I am an ok missionary but that is cool that the office missionary said that. Those guys in the office are cool. Les quiero--that means that I like them.

Well I will start off by anwsering your questions:

1- Yes, we do have a cell phone.

2- Well Elder Trejo is really cool.  He kind of looks like Austin, but he is more muscular.  We have decided to join the military together.  He is in the Phoenix Stake and his Stake president is President Porter.  He is in the Aguilar ward.  His full name is Mahonri Trejo and his parents are Mexican, so yes he is Latino.

3- I really do think Elder Cano has some kind of mental disorder. And nope--no progress with him.

4- My goal is to baptize 1000 people this year (well at least 100).

5- Well honestly we really don't have investigators, and I think it's because of Elder Cano.  He has taught false doctrine before so that has hindered the work.  This week we are focusing on reactivating the less active members. If you want to baptize you first have to reactivate!!

This week was the same as all the other weeks.  We also had Stake Conference and that was really cool so this week we were in Milagro a lot.  But really our week was normal.  Nothing really happened except that we are just looking for new investigators.  Something really weird did happen this week though.  Last night I couldn't sleep and I was just tossing and turning. At 1 in the morning I woke up and I had "firerehea" and then I threw up out of nowhere!  The rest of the night I was having "firerehea", but now I feel fine.  I thought that was really weird!  That was the first time I have thrown up in a LONG time. 

But yea our week was just normal. Really we aren't having a lot of success because Elder Cano is like a little kid.  I really want to have success so I kind of need a new companion because he just is not ready to be a missionary.  And that is the truth! 

Hey, I need a favor-

Can you send me a pair of Sanuk hiking boots but in black because my shoes are going bad and a pair of boots will last me a while and they can last in these storms and this MUD.  That will really help me. THANK YOU!!!!

Well I don't have my camera today because of that throwing up thing.  So, NEXT week I will have pics.


Elder Farley- 

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