Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week #25 - I was violated!

¿Hola como están?

Well, like always I will start by answering your questions:

1- Bueno, nothing happened with transfers.  I am still with Elder Cano in Simon Bolivar.

2- Well honestly every day is a spiritual experience if you live your life accordingly to God's will.  When you don't live your life like that then your life becomes hectic and you start doubting and your faith starts to fail, and every day isn't a spiritual day.  I promise you guys that when you live the commandments and study your scriptures every day, blessings will come and your lives will be better.  Alma 26:27- "And I will give you success" - the Lord promises us this as well.

3- I don't have my camera so I can't send the picture of the grillos yet.

4- Alma 40-42 are fantastic chapters and that is what I have been studying this week.

5- Bueno, for all of my life I have wanted to join the military but all during high school Dad practically banned me from those military things, so my desire had died down.  But, when I meet Elder Trejo he told me that he is going to join the military and when he said that I knew I had to do the same thing.  I read my patriartical blessing and it makes perfect sense as well.  So, when I get back I will be joining the Army and be shooting for the Army Rangers with Elder Trejo.  I don't know what I will do about school.
Well, this week has been normal.  We have been having a lot of exchanges because everyone knows that my compañero is super dificult to work with and they are trying to give me a break.  So for about three days this week I was with Elder Trejo, he is from Pheonix/Peoria area, and those days have been a little breaks for me because I have been stressed out and I am just at the end of my rope with my compañero.  But all is good so don't worry children.  But really that has been my week this week--just babysitting my compañero.

Umm... something funny did happen to me this week.  It happened one day when we were having our nightly planning meeting.  On this day there were a lot of grillos.  While we were planning I felt something run across my butt crack. I stood up sooo fast and checked my seat for something that could have touched my butt, but I didn't see anything.  I decided that I should check in my clothes, so as I was changing, you won't believe what I found!  IN my clothes there was a giant grillo! This story is funny because that meant a grillo violated me. I got raped by a grillo!

Well I am sorry but this has been my week-- just a battle agansit the forces of evil.  Tell Kendall to check her email.


Elder Farley-

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