Friday, February 28, 2014

Week #30 - "Everything is cool!!!"

KENDALL I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!! (She was wearing one of Garrett's shirts in a picture we sent to him) Tell Kendall to email me more.

And Spencer Parrack does look really good. Tell him that I said ¨hola´.

Well, I will answer you questions:

1- Yes Stephanie did email me but only once.  I am waiting to see if she emails again.

2- NO I DIDN'T get your Valentine package.  I am still waiting and I have been bugging my ZLs so much (because we live with them).

3- We taught alot of people this week.  We taught a family named Familia Tigre and they are inactive so we have been reactivating them.  As we have been teaching them we learned that their youngest kid is not a member so this last Saturday we had his baptism!!!!!  That was a cool experience because we found them Monday and he was baptized on Saturday--but I will fill you in more dets below.

4-No we haven't taught Benedicto again because he is sick so he hasn't been home.  I am kind of disappointed but what can we do?

5- I haven't sent the pictures of the grillos yet.

Now for my questions:

1- Why does Kendall wear my shirt? I think it's sexy--J/K haha!

2- Umm how are ways I can loose more weight?

3- Umm what has been happening in the world?

This week has been super awesome!!!  Well, all my weeks are super awesome because I get the oppurtunity to tell people about God's plan for each and every person!! 

Monday we found this inactive family, se llama familia Tigre.  There are 5 people in their family and everyone is members except the youngest son.   He has 11 years.  So on Monday we challenged him to be baptized this Saturday and he accepted.   We are reactivateing the family so it has been really cool to see them progress and the baptism was super cool!  I was asked to give a talk about baptism and that was way cool!!  This week was really cool for us because we had a baptism!!

Tuesday we found a family of three women.  Two of them accepted baptism for the 8 de Marzo and they are progressing really well.  They attened church so that was really cool to see them there.  Their names are familia Ortis so this week we found these people and they are progressing really well!!  I have been so happy.

Wednesday we just taught all of these people.

Thursday we taught all of these people. 

Friday también (also).

Saturday we had the baptism of Jonan David Tigre and it was really cool!!

Sunday was church.

This really has been my week.  It was a super cool week!  I have been soo happy because I love to see first hand the changes that happen when they accept Christ in their lives.  These are changes that only God can do.  I see a change in myself and in the lives of my investigators because of this gospel. 

Yo tengo un testimonio fiel, después de esta experiencia en mi vida no puedo caiga de la iglesia (I have a faithful witness, after this experience in my life, that the church is true and I can never fall away from it.)


Elder Farley- 

"Cool" outfit Garrett!

Baptism of Jonan David Tigre

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