Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week #29 - Fun P-Day!

Hola como están? 

Well, as always I will start by answering your questions:

1- In my area of Orquideas, I have seen a huge stadium and I think it is for the soccer team, EMELEC.  It is by this huge park where you can play any type of sport. The park is called Parque Samanes.  Yes, my ward is called Orquideas.

2- Like the Thurber family, I am also a Barcelona fan while I am down here.  I have 2 shirts of Barcelona and 1 of Emelec.

3- I have not received your Valentine package yet.  I am hoping so bad that tomorrow I will recieve the package.

4- Benedicto is a little hard to contact because he has cancer so he is gone a lot but if we can find him this week we can baptize him next week.

Now for my questions:

1- How is Chase?

2- How is Mom?

3- How is Kendall, Cami , Davis, Hayden, Dad, Morgyn, George, and everyone in details?

4- Thank you for having Stephanie email me--she is my future wife ;)

So now for my week:

Monday was p-day so we just bought some things and hung out.

Tuesday was our district meeting but it was a hermanas birthday so we also celebrated that and we all got dirty from this spray soap thing. Oh, by the way, remember when I got my Visa and there were two other sisters getting theirs too?  Well, one of them is in my district.  Her name is Hermana Deem.

Wednesday was just a normal day working and preaching the gospel to the demás.

Thursday Elder Barreda was sick with the fever and his knees hurt super bad so we just stayed in the house and studied and slept. 

Friday we had exchanges because another Elder was sick, so Elder Barreda and the other Elder (Elder Diaz) were in the house resting and I was with Elder Steele and we worked so hard.  I was so tired pues maybe because the sun was so bright and it was so hot.

Saturday we worked again and had a great time.   

Sunday we had meetings all day.

Monday (today) we went shopping and then we went bowling and we were gone the whole day so that is why I haven't emailed you until now.  Really our week was just super bien! 

Sorry that my email wasn't mas temprano (earlier) but I just want everyone to know that I love them!


Elder Farley- 

I do love Elder Farley!

I believe that Garrett's companion, Elder Barreda, is in the light blue shirt on Garrett's left.

Sweet treats at the mall.  Fun little taste of home!

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