Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week #28 - This week was AWESOME!!!

Hola y quiero decir algo, yo soy la luz de esta familia sin yo esta familia es nada. no es una broma solo quiero decir que yo quiero un foto de spencer parrack mi amigo y fiel compañero, y la persona que no puedo ver por 18 meses.

(Hello, I want to say something, I am the light of this family without me this family is nothing. It is not a joke. I just want to say that I want a photo of Spencer Parrack my friend and loyal companion, and the person that I can't see for 18 months.)

I will start by answering your questions:

1- About my shoes- I really want Sanuk boots.  That is the shoe that I really want!!

2- No I haven't heard anything about the volcano, but then again I live like a good 10 hours away.

3- Good question about transfers.  Presidente makes changes every time the agenda ends and lately he has been changing 1 or 2 weeks earlier than normal (because he goes home in June) so I think it was that just a regular change, but I am really not sure.  I think Elder Cano is in a place called Quevedo. 

3- Yes I am the junior compañero. 

4-  We are in North Guayaquil, and it's super chevere.  We have a Chili's and we ate there last week.  Yes this area is really cool-I am excited to be here.
5-  Elder Barreda goes home in May.

6- I have not heard or seen Elder Garrett Dean Taylor.

7- We are like half an hour from the mission office. 

Pues espero que eso se responde a todo de sus preguntas. ahora mis preguntas: (I hope that I answered all of your questions.  Now here are my questions:)

1- I really want Sanuk boots.

2- I want to see a picture of Spencer Parrack. 

3- Can you guys tell Stephanie that I want to write her, because Farley's are truth tellers and told her that I would marry her and I plan too ;)

4- That last question/request is optional. :-)

5- I don't know what else to say.  BTWs, when I take out money from my card it means that I am buying a souvenir.

Now I will tell you about my week:

This week was AWESOME!  I love my new new compañero and my area its awesome! (just like me, you see my humility;) This week really was awesome. My compañero se llama Elder Barreda he is from Guatemala and he is really cool.  In Milagro he was my Zone leader so that is way cool that we are compañeros now. Before the Mission he was into MMA so right now he has some problems with his knees so at times he can't really walk.  He needs an operation but since he has like 2 months left he doesn't want to tell Presidente because that's a one way ticket home, so I have to be patient with his knees.  On Tuesday his knees really hurt so we went on splits and I was with Elder Steele from Utah and we worked.  It was awesome!  Wednesday me and Elder Barreda worked and it was awesome.  Tambien (also), this day we had an amazing experience but I will get there in a minute. Thursday it was another average day of working.  Friday also was awesome. Saturday we taught this person very clearly about how God made the universe and the earth and she didn't believe us but we taught it very clearly so that was kind of frustrating.  Sunday was church and we had air conditioning so it was really awesome!

The experience I mentioned before was amazing.  On Wednesday we had this referencia (referral) so we went to his house and he was an old man like 80 years old and his name in Benedicto Chavez.  We were teaching a lesson about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and mainly we were teaching him about baptism.  In the middle of the lesson he stopped us and said, "I want say something" we replied, "oh go ahead hermano"  and then there was a pause like for 4 minutes.  He started crying and then he said "I have had this dream for years now and this dream is of me and I am in a desert and this man comes up to me and takes me by the hand and we walk for a long time and then he shows me a place that has golden plates and a book that is called the Book of Mormon.  The man that showed me where it is is called Smiit" we asked him, "Jose Smith hermano?"  he replied, "yes that's him, but I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing."  Then we taught him the Restoration and the spirit was so strong.  He then accepted a date for baptism on the 22 of February.  This experience was AWESOME!!!!!!

So this has been my week--I hope you all have a good week.


Elder Farley-

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