Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week #27 - Transferred to Guayaquil - Orquideas Sector

Bueno!!! hahahaha

(It was Hayden's birthday on Sunday and as part of everyone's birthday celebration, we share memories we have of them.  This was Garrett's memory of Hayden...)

I have a memory about Hayden, remember when he said, "Mom is that a green belt?"  Mom answered "yes" ..........a slight pause.....then Hayden responded with, "I wonder what South American green belts look like?"  So that's my memory about Hayden: hahaha happy birthday Hayden--I love you:)

Well, will start off by telling you some news.  I got transferred!  I am no longer in Simon Bolivar.  I am now in Guayaquil.  My sector is called Orquideas, and I am now compañeros con Elder Barreda el es de Guatamela!!  So I thought that was kinda cool getting changed because I was in Simon Bolivar for like 6 months now. I am excited to be in Guayaquil. This change happened today btws.

I will now answer your questions:

1- Yes, I feel fine now.  My stomach sickness and firerehea was just that one night and the next day I was 100% fine!! I think it was because I ate some lettuce that day.

2- The brand of shoe I love is called Sanuk and they DO make a boot.  I would love those in black.  Yes, we are allowed to wear boots but just not on Sundays.  My shoes are wearing out fast.  I only have 2 and a half pairs left.

3- Yes Elder Trejo is a good missionary and he does work hard.

4- Well, what you imagine the rainy season looking like is what it is like.  Sorry, I don't have pictures of that.

5- Can you send my friend's letters to me every two months? And if me and Stephanie Howe are going to get married we need to email, don't you think? :-) (Garrett has joked with his friend Stephanie for years about them getting married.  She has decided to serve a mission and so I was chatting with her mom and we were laughing about how after both of their missions they really could get married.  I told Garrett about that conversation and it obviously got him excited. :-))

Well this week was pretty normal. With Elder Cano we really can't do much because of how he is.  BUT now that I have Elder Barreda we are going to work really hard.  I feel sorry for Elder Cano and I pray for him everyday that he will become what Heavenly Father wants him to become.  I have learned a lot from him so I hope that through this experience of being with him it prepares me to be married in the future ;)  Maybe even to Stephanie Howe! :-)

Well this week we were in Milagro for a lot of days because of District Meetings and birthdays and the Presidente came down to talk to us.  That was about it.  I am just so happy to be here in this new area in Guayaquil!!

My questions:

1- So can you send the boots? Sanuk boots Black

2- Can you tell me more on how this conversation with Sister Howe started? Because I will marry her!!!!!!

3- Can you tell me about Brittany Pace getting called to ECUADOR?!!!!!!!

4- I love you guys! Yo se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera sin duda, yo se que vive me señor y que el nos quiere mucho!!  (I know for sure that this is the true church, and I know that the Lord lives and that He loves us so much!!)


Elder Farley-

Garrett and Elder Trejo his good friend in the mission field.  It looks like it is Elder Trejo's 20th birthday

Garrett selfie

Handsome selfie

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