Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week #37 - New Companion - Elder Arellano


Well I just wanted to say sorry for writing so late today.  We had a fun filled day and this is why I am writing so late.  I am also a little bummed because we ended our p-day a little late so we won't have as much time to work!! Oh pero todo es bien! (Oh but it is all good!)

To answer your questions:

1- Yea Elder Arellano and I get along just fine. He is one of my better compañeros!   He is from South Guayaquil so I might have to watch out for that because it could effect him in some way being so close to home.

2- My week honestly was a little hard.  I have been so tired all week and today made it worse.  I am SO tired right now.

3- No, I have not met Elder Garrett Dean Taylor yet but I am sure that some time here soon I will meet him and when I do I will take a picture of him and send it to you.

4- Um half of the time I have no idea what I am eating so I might have eaten something weird, but I just can't remember!! But this week I don't think I have eaten anything weird.

OK now for my week:

Tuesday we just worked and worked and worked!  Right now we are opening a new sector because mine has been closed for about two months so its kind of hard to open it up.

Wednesday we just worked and worked and had our district meeting.  I gave my training about obedience and afterward my zone leader was like, "give me your hand that was amazing" and then we shook hands so that was pretty cool (D & C 105:5) is a great scripture that I learned this week.

Thursday we just worked and it was a normal day.

Friday was really hard because nobody was home so we ended up walking the entire day which was so tiring.  But in the night a member took us to a new area in our sector that no missionary has been to in years so I felt that there was success in that area.

Saturday we just worked like normal. 

Sunday we went to church and then we worked and then a member helped us teach people which was cool!!

Monday we went to the market to buy some new pants because I only have like two good pants left so thats why I took out some money--for the pants and for the week. Also we played paintball so that made me super tired but it was fun so this has been my week in a nutshell.

My questions

1- who is Bryce?

2- Are they dating?

3- How is Morgan?

4- How is the situation politically between Ecuador and the US?

5- Does anyone in the family want like a soccer jersey from Ecuador?  What size and who?

Well this has been my week!  Just know that the Lord loves each and every one of you guys, and know that I love you guys!! ALOT!


Elder Farley

Garrett and Elder Arellano

P-day Paintball

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