Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week #38 - My future wife: A curly, black haired girl from the Sexual Purity Mormon ad :-)

Hola como estan? 

Quote: "Well, I will start by answering your questions:" end quote.  This was given by Elder Farley. :-)

1-Yes I am opening a sector, but it is not new.  It is my sector but I haven't been able to work in my sector for 2 months because my compañeros estaban enfermo (were sick), so when I got my new compañero we had NOTHING to do.  So yes, we are opening a sector, and we do have a few investigators.  They are all awesome!  Some of them even have a baptismal date.  We are also working with the menos actives (less actives) so that's kinda cool.

2- Yes I bought two new pairs of Sunday pants which fit really well.  I just need to sew the bottoms because they haven't been sewn yet--but they are cool.

3- I love my Sanuk boots!  They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.  Thank you so much!

4- I believe that when Presidente Amaya goes home in two months that an apostle with come down to the mission and help with that switch so that's way cool.  Also, did you know that Elder Holland knows a little bit of Spanish?

5- No, I haven't been sick with a cold or the flu.  I have been worried about my health and had a freak out because the three elders that I was directly working with went home for problemas de las rodillas (knee problems) and that got me worried that something might happen so I have to be sent home.  Then about a week ago I had a dream that I finished my mission in the States--NOT Ecuador!  So that kinda freaked me out!

6- The only mission rule about things we can't eat in Ecuador is that we can't eat food from the garbage. Ha Ha Ha! jk Yeah, we can't from the street. :-)

Well as for my week it was pretty standard. 

Tuesday we had training with the Presidente and that was really good because he talked about obedience and everything that he said is exactly what I taught in my District training a couple of weeks ago, so i thought it was way good!

Wednesday, well I can't really remember what we did but creo que fue un día (I think it was a normal day) normal.

Thursday we gave service to a brother because we painted his house.

Friday?  I can't remember.  But remember that I am a good missionary--we didn't just waste our time--I just can't remember what we did.

Saturday we helped at a baptism and that was really cool.  That makes me want to baptize the world!!  Then in the night we had the priesthood and adult sessions of stake conference.  It was awesome!  This member named, Hermano Vaca he spoke about historia familia (family history) which was awesome.  He also talked about the eclipse and he said that there was a red moon for about a week and later this year there will be another and that there will be a solar eclipse where the moon covers the sun and that this will happen for two times a year for the next two years. CAN YOU TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS???

Sunday we went to stake conference and Richard G. Scott and Elder Holland talked to us through satellite and they spoke in SPANISH which was cool.

So this was our week.  I hope that you enjoy what I do as a missionary!!  I love it!!

One thing that I learned this week in my studies is that in the scriptures there is ABSOLUTELY no scripture that says through the veil we forgot the pre-mortal life. So, how do we know that?

Also I learned that we as members of the church NEED to work with the missionaries and with the menos actives (less actives) because the day of the Lord is nigh at hand and we need to help everyone come unto him or remember him.  So,  please WORK WITH all of those people that we love who are far away from the Lord. NEVER give up on them!  They are our brothers and sisters and they are also children of GOD.  They need the help of the Farley Family so please do everything you can to help them find their testimony again.  That is what I want the most right now, so please in the words of Nephi, "as long as the lord lives and as long as I live we will keep the commandments of god." 

I love all of you!  There is not a day that goes by where I don't think "I am doing this for God, my family, and my brothers and sisters who are waiting for my message".  I love you all greatly!


Elder Farley-

(Garrett and I had a few back-and-forth emails today and I thought our conversation was funny, so I am including it.  My emails are in pink and his are in black.)

Oh man, I love all of the pictures.  Thank you!  It sounds like you had a great week of lots of work and lots of service.

How are you feeling?  Are you still very tired?  

How was Easter for you?

We love you Garrett and are so happy for what you are doing as a missionary.  We will NEVER give up on our friends and family who have lost their testimonies.  We look for opportunities every day to reach out to them.  We will do more though and talk about that at FHE tonight.  

Yea, no I am great!  I feel fine.  I am perfecto!  I just need to work on my Spanish now.  BTW- that picture with the wedding cake--I want you to know that is my goal when I get back. :-)

Oh really?  With whom?  If that is the case then you better get up to BYU Idaho as fast as possible so you can start working on that.  :-)  You are too cute Garrett Dino.  I am glad you are feeling fine.  Is the fatigue getting better?  Is it getting hotter there?  What are you doing today?

Also, where did you get that knitted, blue tie?  I got you 4 new CTR ties.  I will send them once the General Conference edition of the Ensign is printed.   Then I will send all of that to you in one package.

Yes, it's hot down here.  It's always hot, but I am fine.  Today we are going to go play paintball again.  I know who I will marry.  I don't know her name, or where she is from, but she is in a video from the church.  It's a video to the youth and in this video two girls are talking about how sexual purity brings confidence and the girl I will marry has black curly hair!!  But I got to go so know that I love you a lot mom.  Just know that you are loved greatly! 

A convert made the blue tie for me.  Thanks for getting me more ties.  When you guys come pick me up after my mission we can visit my converts.

I love you too Dino!  Have fun today and drink lots of water.  Okay, I will keep my eyes open for black curly haired beautiful girls.  BTW-Do you want us to come pick you up from your mission?

If you guys want too--it's up to you.

Talk about the loaves and the fishes!

"This is my goal when I get home"

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  1. Its good to have a goal of eating a whole good cake!