Monday, April 14, 2014

Week #36 - I had 4 companions this week!

MAMA i love you:........

Hola como estas?  I have been super awesome!  Thanks for all the prayers and all of the thoughts--I can feel your prayers and your love as I work to bring souls to the truth of the everlasting gospel!!

Well here are the answers to your questions;

1- YES, I have a compañero!  His name is Elder Arellano and he is from Ecuador Guayaquil.  He was originally going to serve in Venezuela but because of the situation down there he can't go, so he is serving here in Orquideas conmigo (with me).

2-  My week was a little crazy!  During this week alone I had 4 different compañeros.  From Monday till Tuesday I was in a trio with Elder Caballero and Elder Guzman and then on Wednesday until Sunday I was with Elder Steele.  Today I have Elder Arellano, CRAZY huh? And yes I have had some faith promoting experiences this week and they were awesome.

3- We taught a few lessons this week--maybe like 15 or something-- it was awesome!!

4- Mom honestly I have no idea when the transfers are, I just go with the flow.

Well this week was crazy!!  

Monday I was in a trio with Elder Caballero y Elder Guzman and it was a normal P-day.

Tuesday I was on splits with Elder Steele and Elder Diaz because the Zone leaders had a meeting the whole day and we had fun.  We were teaching and helping people know the truth about the gospel.  This was a pretty legit day.

Wednesday we had district meeting and during the district meeting Elder Diaz received a call from the president and he told him that he needed to go home to Honduras because he has problems with his knees.  So Elder Steele (from Utah) was left without a compañero so we were put together and it was a really cool because he was my first Gringo compañero. So that was cool to be with Elder Steele, but sad because Elder Diaz went home.

Thursday we worked really hard and we taught this family that was going to get baptized the next day and they were super excited and super cool to teach.  Their names are George and Bryan Ganchoso, but other than that it was a normal day.

Friday we spent the whole day getting ready for the baptism so in the night they could be baptized.   It came to pass that on the night of the 4th day of the 4th month of the 2014th year of the reign of President Amaya, George and Bryan Ganchoso were baptized, and there was much rejoicing in the heart of the people!!

Saturday we watched General Conference and that was super amazing!! I was inspired to do everything that I need to do!!

Sunday we watched General Conference and I thought that President Monson's talk about love was amazing!  It was awesome!!!

WOW this week was awesome! I loved this week because I have been studying the plan of salvation and that has been awesome.  I have learned so much it has increased my faith and my understanding of the scriptures.  One thing I learned was that we as missionaries receive forgiveness of our sins as we bring people to baptism.  But we can all receive forgiveness (James 5: 20) the last verse of James.  I thought that was awesome that we can receive forgiveness by preaching forgiveness.

Well this has been my week:


1- Can you send me a copy of general conference in English and Spanish?

2- Can you send me more CTR ties?

3- And always send me pictures.


Elder Farley-

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