Monday, April 28, 2014

Week #39 -- Unsuccessful Week!

Hola!!! Como están.

Well I will start by answering your questions like always!!!

1- When is Mothers Day?  That is the day I will Skype you guys but I need to talk to my compañero and I need to know when is Mothers day!! So the dets on that will come next week.

2- No I have not received the package from Easter yet but hopefully I will tomorrow.

3- Well I am at the point where I am always tired but i just push through it.

4- Elder Arellano is good.  He is just a normal compañero but he's cool--I like him.  He reminds me of Paul our cousin.

This week was really hard!  We didn't have much success at all.  But its okay because we might have a baptism this Saturday!!

Tuesday we had the district meeting and my training was okay--not the best, but not the worst.

Wednesday we worked as hard as we could but we didn't have much success.

Thursday we did the same but we didn't have much success.

Friday we had a training meeting with Presidente and that was really good.  I learned a lot and we heard that in May we will have a training with a general authority.

Saturday I had a prayer in my heart to find someone to teach, but nothing happened.

Sunday we went to church and then we worked super hard, but again nothing!  BUT, we did find this lady who is from Haiti and she doesn't speak Spanish, she only speaks French so we taught her and we have a possible date for baptism with her this Saturday.  She is scared about the language, but we explained to her that her family is there to help her understand. So please pray for her.  Her named is FILOMENA.  Thank you!

Well that was my week.  I did find a scripture that says that we lost our memories through the veil.  Its found in Ecclesiastes 1:11.  That is what I found!!

Now my questions:

1- Do you know what my wife's name is?

2- We are going to sell the cows?

Well that's all I have.  Chou y recuerden que les amo mucho!!! tengan existo en la semana. (Bye and remember that I love them very much.  Have a great week.)??? I think he might have had some typos so the translation doesn't really make sense.


Elder Farley

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