Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week #57 - In-grown toenail removal #3

HoooOLLaaA! Como estan mi queirda familia!!! (Hello!  How is my dear family!!!)

Well like always I will answer your questions!!

1- Yes I have received the package with my new scriptures and I love them.  They are like new and I love the feel of them!!!  Just to let you know I gave my older English scriptures to an Elder here!!  That's why I wanted new ones.

2- The sector that I am in is called Los Vergeles.  But its like across the street from my old sector (Orquideas) so basically I am in the same sector and I know where everything is.

3- I get along with Elder Arcos just great.  He is awesome!  He is also from Quito so that is way cool to talk about.  But yea, he is way cool.

4- Yes, I saw a new film when I went to the temple last week, but it was the same one I saw at Christmas.

5- No, I haven't seen any general authority or anyone like that for a while.

6- Yes, I can get you a plantain press, but I thought you guys were going to pick me up at the end of my mission so I figured we could wait until then and you could buy it here. 

Well, now my questions!!

1- How could I become a temple worker after I get back from the mission?

2- Can you guys send me the movies, "17 Miracles" and "Ephraim's Rescue"?

3- We should start doing a study game!!! What I mean is that each week we have a topic and we all study that topic and then we share our thoughts on that topic.  How does that sound??

My week-

Tuesday we just worked, looking for new people to teach, and we went around to meet a lot of the members.  So this day it was really chill!!

Wednesday was changed, so actually we don't work this day anymore.  All we do is look for new people!!  So, as a Zone we went around to each of the sectors and helped look for new people!!  That was really cool!!!  We found a lot of people. I talked to about 200 people and about half of them slammed the door in my face--I loved it!!!!  We talked to a guy who is a preacher of a baptist church and he said that he has read the Book of Mormon and he has talked to the missionaries before but never got baptized because he is a preacher.  So we will see how that goes.  I will have to talk to the sisters about him because he is in their sector!!

Thursday we got ready to go to the temple so we went around to everyone to invite them to the ward temple trip!! 

Friday we went with the ward for their temple trip.  That was so much fun!  Me and my compañero helped baptize for the dead, and I probably baptized 100 or even more!!!  I loved that so much! I love the temple because I can feel a glimpse of heaven, and that gets me excited to get to heaven!!!

Saturday we went back to the temple to be with some of my converts that were in Quevedo.  We got to see them and say hello and that was alot of fun.  I miss those guys!  Quevedo was really cool--I loved them and the city!!!

Sunday was a normal day at church, but it was way cool!!! I love the mission--its the best!!!

Well that has been my week.  Today I am going to the hospital to get my toe-nail cut off again because I have a really bad in-grown toe nail.  We will see how that goes!!!  Well I forgot my camera so I can't send any pictures!!!  But just know that I love you guys with all of my heart!!

CON MUCHO AMOR (with much love)

Elder Farley

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