Monday, November 10, 2014

Week #67 - Plaster and Pictures

Hola!! Como estan?

Well I will start off by answering your questions:

1-4- To answer all of your questions all at once, the computer last week was so slow that all I could do was send one email.  I couldn't do anything else.  I got super mad!!  So, just to let you know, that is the reason why you didn't get any pictures.

So, now to ask my questions:

1- How are Morgan and George?

2- How is Grandma and Grandpa?

3- How is Kendall?

4- Who else is getting married?

5- Has Trevor Nally got married yet?

Now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had District Meeting but it was a little different because the Sisters in my district were not there because she had to pick up her new compaƱera.  So, we had Zone Meeting and Elder Robinson (the other district leader) and I taught everyone.  It was sweet and I felt cool doing that!!! So that was sweet doing that but I hope we taught so they could understand and that they could apply it in their lives.  We taught about good planning in their agendas.

Wednesday it was just a normal day.  We walked, taught, and testified.  It was just a sweet day!!! Que Dulce! (Sweet)

Thursday we were looking for one of our investigators but we couldn't find where they lived.  While we were looking for them we ended up finding like 3 new investigators so that was way cool!! That was basically our day.

Friday we worked like normal, but something sad happened.  We were trying to have someone come with us to visit people and right then his mom came into the house and they started yelling at each other! So we left as fast as we could and then we talked to him about his relationship with his mom but he doesn't want to change so I don't know what to do!! How could we help them?

Saturday we gave service.  We plastered a wall.  Let me tell you, Saturday was probably the hottest day I have seen here in the mission.  I got burned pretty bad but it felt good serving in that way.  Especially because they are a less active family and they were able to go to church that Sunday!!!  So, that was way worth it!! Vale la pena. (Worth it)

Sunday we had meetings all day so it was just a normal Sunday!!! 

This was our week mas o menos (more or less).  If you have question just ask and I shall answer them!!!
Just know that I do love you guys a lot!  Thank you for everything!!!! 


Elder Farley

Garrett's mission planner

I love to see all of the writing in the planner.  That just symbolizes how much work he is doing every week.

Garrett, teaching at Zone Conference

Elder Merritt selfie with Garrett and Elder Robinson teaching in the background

Day of plastering

What a nice picture!

Garrett, Elder Merritt, and Elder Zelayaran

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