Monday, November 10, 2014

Week #66 - Garrett, the sleepy barber

HOLA!!  Como están?

Estoy re-contra feliz que HAYDEN no tiene que tener chemo therapy!!!! Eso es tan chevere! (I am really happy that Hayden doesn't have to have chemotherapy!!!  That is so cool!)

Well I will start off by answering your questions like always-

1- No, unfortunately the Aguirre Ortiz family did not come to church.  This weekend was the "day of the dead" and NOBODY was home for two days so we hardly saw anyone at home. We saw them one day and we asked them if we could pass by but they said that they weren't going to be home, so they did not go to church.  But everything will be okay. We will teach them about marriage (they aren't married) and we will invite them to bet married!!

2- Well, the highlight of my week was probably on Saturday.  On Saturday there was absolutely nobody home--NOBODY! So, at like 8:30 at night we went home because the streets were empty, and I was just so tired that I wasn't thinking straight. So, when we got home we did our planning and everything and I got dressed to go to bed, because I was so tired, but right before I went to bed I was looking at my hair and I thought, "your hair is ugly."  So, I cut it with a pair of scissors and then I went to bed.  In the morning I woke up not really remembering what happened so I asked Elder Robinson (he's from Wyoming and he lives with us) "how does my hair look?"  He said "HORRIBLE"!  Then I asked him to fix my hair and he did.  Now it looks okay.  Its not the best haircut I have ever had but its okay!! JA JA JA JA:-)  I thought that was so funny  that I cut my own hair!!

3- Yes I will take all of those pictures you asked for.

Well, now I will tell you guys about my week-

Well, on Tuesday we had District meeting and I taught my district about Moses 1 where God talked to Moses.  First I asked them about what they studied during their week of personal study and they said things like obedience, power, diligence, etc.  Then I explained about Moses 1 and told them that we need to SHOW the people that we ARE sent from GOD. So I challenged them to obtain the gift of the spirit so that they have power when they teach!! I thought that was cool!!!!  One of the sisters from my district is going home this week so we had a good-bye party for her and a Halloween party.  What we did is that all of us bought fruit and we carved it.   My companion made Sponge Bob and his house!!  But we didn't win the fruit carving contest!! It was a way cool party!!

Wednesday we had a special meeting with President Riggins to train us a little more.  In that meeting he explained basically the same thing that I taught in my District meeting.  He said that we need to SHOW the people who God is!!  So, I felt really cool because I was like in tune with the mission president!!! I thought that was way cool!  Then we had to practice teaching with president and we had to teach him and I felt like we did a really good job!! I sure hope president was impressed!!

Thursday we just invited just about everyone to go on the Ward temple trip on Friday!!  We invited a lot of people!!

Friday we went to the temple with the ward and it was really cool.  We helped them do baptisms for the dead.  I felt really cool inside the temple!!  Also I think I might have met like our second cousin there!! The new temple president is named,  President FURHIMAN, and he is from Utah.  I think he might be our second cousin or something!! So, that was fun talking to the new temple president!!! By the way, he is like brand new.

Saturday there was nobody home so we tried to worked but we didn't have much success at all!!

The same with Sunday.  We just went to church and there was nobody home because of the holiday, "day of the dead"!!

That was my week.  I just want to let you guys know that I love you guys a lot!!!!!

My questions:

1- Didn't Morgan get P90-X?

2- What do you guys think I should do for my career?

3- What does Dad's mission plaque look like?

4- Those Halloween costumes are sweet!!!!
5- Can you guys also send me Christmas music? Mainly country Christmas music.


Elder Farley 

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