Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week #68 - Service always brings Christmas cheer

HOLA! Como están???!! 

Pues como siempre contestare las preguntas primero- (As always I will answer the questions first-)

1- No todavía no he recibido (No I have not yet received.  I asked him if he had received a letter I sent to him.)

2- Tampoco he recibido (Neither have I received.  I asked him if he had received a package we sent to him.)

3- Pues esta semana tuvimos mucho servicio entonces no solamente prestamos servicio a los miembros o los no miembros yo siempre ayudo a mi compañero en todo lo que necesita, ni idea lo que hice solamente se que le serví, bien chereve!!!  (This week we had lots of service, not only  to members or non-members but I always help my partner in everything he needs.  I have no idea what I did but I know that I served him, well chereve!  I asked him how he had served his companion this week.)

4- Uno de mis metas esta semana es perder peso mas de lo que estoy haciendo, entonces mi enfoque es perder todo mi energía en la obra y en perder le peso!! lo haré a fin de que puedo servir dios con todo mi corazón y todo mi fuerzas, y también quiero ser tuco. entonces quiero que me envían P90-X entonces puedo hacer mas!!! ¿me entienden? (One of my goals this week is to lose weight more than what I am doing, then my approach is to lose all my energy in the work and to lose the weight! I will do it in so that I can serve God with my whole heart and all my forces, and I also want to be tuco. Then I want you to send me P90-X then i can do more! Do you understand me? I asked him what one of his goals was this week.)

Ha ha ha! Did you like this Spanish? One of my goals for the mission is forget English, so I will also work on that. So we will see how THAT goes!!!!  Hey, what did you guys send me? :)

Well now I shall tell thee of mine week--:)

Well on Tuesday we had our district meeting and I taught about finding people to teach and I think that it was super good!! I felt the spirit and I hope that the Elders and Hermanas that are in my district could fell the spirit as well.  I also hope that they can apply the things that they felt.  I will continue to keep my eye on that and I will continue helping them as best as I can!!!  For the rest of the day we visited our investigators and we visited members to help the get in the Christmas mood.

Wednesday, in the morning, we helped a family with a service project.  We just helped them paint their house and it was cool!!!!  Then they gave us CEVICHE. Its this food that is so delicious. Its shrimp and like onion and peppers in this soup and you eat it with rice a Verde and it was so darn good--I loved it!!!  But I forgot to take a picture of it so I am sorry:) Then for the rest of the day we visited all the members that we could and we helped them get in the Christmas mood.  We taught the importance of Christmas (Jesus was born to suffer the atonement) and how the best gift we could give Jesus this Christmas is someone that could be baptised so the atonement isn't in vein for that person!!! It was cool!  I think the members felt the spirit.

Thursday I was sick so the whole morning I was sleeping and in the trade (afternoon) we took things easy because I felt like throwing up!!!  But I did do an interview for baptism and the person passed and was baptised!!!  That was cool!!!

Friday was a normal day.  We taught Camila Linthon a girl who has a date for baptism and she is progressing really well.  I truly believe that she will get baptised!!!

Saturday was a REALLY fun day!!! In the morning we had another service project but it was with a family that has nothing. They sleep on the floor and they don't eat because they don't have money so its sad.  We were able to help them A LOT so that was way fun!!! We cleaned their house--like really profoundly and we made them beds and we really helped them ALOT!  I felt really good about helping them!! Afterward we went to a brothers house and we had a BBQ. Do you know how long its been since I have had a BBQ? FOREVER!!!  That was such delicious food!!!!  Then we helped the other Elders with a baptism that they had!! It was a REALLY GOOD DAY!!!

Sunday it was a day full of meetings.  We couldn't work because it was full of meetings.  I kind of know how Dad felt on those Sundays when he couldn't be home!!

Well that was my week--I hope you enjoyed hearing about my week!!!!

My questions-

1- Are you going to send P90-X?

2- How is Harris?

3- How is the ranch?

4- Can you guys send pictures of Chase and the family this week?

5- Can you guys take the challenge that I gave to the member here?

Well, l really hope that this Christmas season you guys can find the TRUE spirit of Christmas and that you guys can help those who need to find Jesus!!! You guys are awesome!  I love you all a lot and just know that I am doing to work of the Lord!!!!


Elder Farley

Everyone looks cooler in a tree


Cleaning profoundly :-)

Hello handsome!

Garrett showing his guns

Ecuadorian BBQ

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