Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week #69 - Do you hate Satan?


Well I will start off by answering your questions- 

1- Oh about that... umm.. its just that I don't have any time to write a letter.  I would love too but I hardly have time to write you guys every Monday because I am so rushed.  So, I don't know if I can.

2- No, I have not received the package you sent, but I have received the letters that you guys sent.  Thanks for those. They are cool and they have helped me alot!!:)

3- My comp is doing really good in his training.  He is almost done.  He only has like 3 weeks left and then he will not be the newest Elder in his training.

4- Okay, I will take those pictures you asked for but I forgot to take the picture of the ones you asked for last week!!!

5- I have seen a lot of things this week where the Lord has helped me.  I can't tell you about one specific thing because I have seen alot!!  All of them are significant.

Well now my questions-

1- So, will I get some sort of workout tape?

2- Elder Robinson doesn't believe that I have a lot of guns, so could you guys take a picture of all my weapons?  MAKE SURE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF ALL OF THEM!

3- Umm how can I reverse entrapy? (What do you guys think this means?  I think it is a typo, but what do you think he meant to write?  I am stumped.)

4- Can you guys take a picture of 3 things?  Thanksgiving, the family, and of something really funny that happened this week.

Umm now I will tell you guys about my week-

Monday, after we wrote you guys, we went to another BBQ which was way fun!! I will send picture of that.

Then Tuesday was a normal day. We worked our tails off to find more people to teach and nothing too exciting happened. 
Wednesday we had Zone meeting.  Our Zone leaders had a meeting with President Riggins and that is what we talked about at our meeting.  It was fun to learn what president wants us to do.  Tthen we spent a full day looking for more people to teach.  We found some people that could be new investigators but we shall see what happens with them.

Thursday we had a meeting with president Riggins all day.  We even went to the temple and it was way cool.  I felt the spirit way strong and I was happy for that moment! Then we learned a lot of cool stuff from president!!  One thing I learned at the meeting is how I view Satan.  President Riggins asked us, "DO YOU HATE SATAN?"  I have never thought of this before.  I always thought that I had nothing wrong against Satan but I knew that he is a bad guy.  But oh how I was wrong. HE HATES US!!!  He wants to watch us die. He wants to see us so miserable that we give up everything.  He wants us to be worse than him.  He is actively trying to hurt us.  He hates our guts, SO WHY DON'T WE HATE HIM LIKE THAT?  One of the attributes of God is that he loves justice and HATES EVIL.  We should hate EVIL also and by hating evil we will hate Satan!!  That is what I learned!!!

Friday we visited a girl who will be baptized on Saturday.  She is progressing and she will get baptized this week.  Yeah!

Saturday we helped the other Elders with their baptism so it was a normal day!!!

Sunday was another normal day busy with meetings.

This was my week.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I love you all so much!


Elder Farley 

Elder Robinson, Garrett, Elder Merrill

B-BQ #2

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