Monday, December 8, 2014

Week #70 - Thanksgiving in Ecuador

CHUSO!!! Como estan? Como les fueron esta semana? (Hello!!!  How are you?  How was your week?)

Wow, you guys did so much this week.  Wow, that is really cool!!

Well I will first let you guys know that we had a BAPTISM on Saturday. Hooray!!!  Her name is Camila Linthon.  She has 15 years and it was awesome to baptize her.  Well...the Bishop baptized her but it was cool to help her start this incredible journey!!! SO YEAH!!

Now to answer your questions-

1- On Thanksgiving day, the other Elders and I didn't do anything special.  It was just another day working but my companion and I had a Thanksgiving dinner with a family in the ward.  It was way cool!  The food was delicioso and we had a good time!!!!  I will send some pictures.  The family is named family Martinez.

2- Yes Camila did get baptized.  I will send pictures.

3- No I have not yet received your package, but I am expecting it to arrive tomorrow so lets see what happens.  I am excited for it though.

4- I can't chose just one exciting thing to tell you about from my week.  I think this whole week has been exciting. Every week I am seeing more and more how exciting the mission is and each week I am loving it more and more!!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!

5- I think I have taken the pictures you asked me to, but I am not really sure  But I will make a better effort of taking those specific pictures.  When I get home we can look at ALL the picture I have and I can explain all of them to you guys.   Will that be cool or not?

Now I will tell you guys about my week-

On Tuesday we had our District meeting and I ended up teaching from John 11 about Lazero and how God can do any miracle if we let him work in us and if we put our faith in him.  So I challenged my District to do exactly that and it was good.  Well, at least that's what I felt!! Then afterward we just worked like normal and we prepared Camila for her baptism!!

Wednesday it was just a normal day.  We just worked hard to find some new people to teach and we did everything to help everyone we could.

Thursday we did the same thing.  We worked hard all day and then in the night we went to the house of the familia Martinez and we ate Thanksgiving dinner.  The food was so good by the way!!! I explained what we do on Thanksgiving in America and while we were eating we said what we were thankful for and it was really cool!!!  This day was way fun.  The family said that they really enjoyed Thanksgiving so that is good.  Before then they thought that Thanksgiving was a day just for a party and they never really understood that we are giving thanks for everything!! So they enjoyed that.

Friday we worked to invite everyone to come to the baptisms on Saturday because the other Elders had some baptism as well, so thats good!!!

Saturday we went to lunch and as we were leaving we saw a huge ship.  So we boarded the ship and took some pictures and that was sweet!!  Then we had the baptisms and it was really cool that those three people in total could be baptized!!  It was way cool!!!

Then Sunday we had full meetings like normal.  

Well this was basically my week.  I hope that you guys have enjoyed hearing about my week.  Sorry if its lame!!! 

Just know that you guys are loved by Elder Farley (probably the most handsome missionary on earth)!



Elder Farley

What a delicious looking Thanksgiving meal--Ecuadorian style!
Thanksgiving meal with the Martinez family

Hello handsome!


"O, ye that EMBARK in the service of the Lord"

Captain Farley of the Ana Marina

Camila and the Bishop

Garrett, Camila, Bishop, Elder Zelyaran

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