Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week #73 - Christmas Skype call

We talked to Garrett on December 25th @ 7:00 p.m. for 1 hour.  It was wonderful!  He looked great and sounded great.  He bore testimony of the Savior and the work he is doing in Ecuador despite the fact that he was running a fever and not feeling well.  He even challenged Morgan and George to go to church.  He made me cry several times and he made us laugh even more.  One of our favorite quotes from Garrett was when he was talking to Kendall about her not eating meat anymore.  When he found out that she doesn't eat meat, he was baffled and confused.  He then said, "Kendall, meat is the third greatest gift that the Lord has given to man-kind.  The first is agency, the second is women, and the third is meat!"  We laughed so hard that we began crying.  :-)  We miss Garrett and his fun personality, but we are so happy he is in Ecuador preaching the gospel.

This was the best Christmas present of the day!

Oh, I miss those dimples!

He glows with joy

Proud Mom and Dad

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