Monday, February 2, 2015

Week #79 - Encebollado and Marriage Licenses

HOLA!! Como estan??

Well, I will answer your questions now.  Yes, Cameron McRae sounds like me.  I just want to get married when I get home!! ;) jajaj

1- What happened this week?

1- Well, the truth is that this week was pretty normal.  But we did help a couple get a paper filled out so that they can get married, and then later baptized.  So that's pretty cool!!  But other than that we just found a gym close to our house that is really cheap and we have been going there for our exercise.  We want to become buff, so we will continue to do that until we become buff.  That is for when I get back!!!

2- Tell me the most interesting thing you ate this week?

2- Well, we ate everything normal.  To me everything is normal now and not very interesting.  But we did eat Encebollado.  Oh, man I love Encebollado.  That is going to be one thing that I will miss!! I love that dish!!!! ;)

(Encebollado is a fish stew from Ecuador, regarded as a national dish. It is served with boiled cassava and pickled red onion rings. A dressing of onion is prepared with fresh tomato and spices such as pepper or coriander leaves.) 

Well, now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we had our district meeting and I ended up teaching about something that president taught us about.  He said that in order for a person to truly be converted they first need to KNOW the doctrine, then they need to UNDERSTAND the doctrine, then BELIEVE the doctrine, and then lastly they will DO the doctrine.  This is true in all aspects of the work!!  We need to apply this not only to investigators or less active people but to ourselves as well!!  If we do this then we shall be truly converted!!

Wednesday we went to Montalvo and we helped a family named The Parra Family.  We helped them get a document so that they can become married, and then in the near future be baptized!!  They have said to us that they desire to be sealed in the temple.  All of their kids are members but the parents are not so we are working with them so that they can be married and then baptized!!! IT IS ALL VERY EXCITING!! ;)

Thursday it was a normal day.  We just looked for a bunch of people to teach.  We had a Family Night as a ward and a member actually brought a person to the family night!! His name is Antonio and he seems very interested in the gospel. So we shall begin to work with him and we hope to see him progress a bunch!!

Friday was a normal day.  We went back to Montalvo and we visited a couple of people that we have there!! It was a very normal quiet day!!

Saturday we just visited all the people we could to invite them to come to church.  I think that we helped a lot of people realize that they needed to go to church because on Sunday we had 4 investigators go to church!! So that was cool!  Then the rest of the day we had meetings and that was our day.

My questions:

1- What does Morgan have?

2- How is Kendall?

Well, this has been my week.  Just a normal week and nothing too exciting!!!  But I hope that you guys can feel the power I feel when preaching the gospel!!! I LOVE you guys a lot!! Chou


Elder Farley

That is a tall sidewalk

Beautiful, lush, Babahoyo

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