Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week #82 - More Carnival

HOLA!!!! Como estan!!! ;)

I will just start off by saying that I love all of you with all of my heart.  You guys are the reason why I am happy.  You guys are the reason we are here on earth to have a family and be happy!!! Entonces thank you guys soo much!!!;)

Now I will answer your questions:

1- Did you have permission to go participate in Carnival?

1- Yes, I personally asked Presidente and he told us we could go but we would have to watch out if it gets too inappropriate.  If it did then we would have to come home.  But the place we went to was way cool!!!  We went to a place called Balsapamba and it was really fun!!!  I enjoied myself alot!!  But yes we did have permission so we were not breaking the rules!!! It was radical!! ;)

2- Did you have more success in contacting people now that Carnival is over?

2- Yes we did!!  Thursday everything calmed down and it was normal life again.  But even Thursday it was a little difficult to teach because almost everyone was drunk or in a hangover.  So this week was good but it could have been better.  This week that is coming will be alot better!

3- Do you think you will get a chance to serve as a Zone leader?

3- I am not sure.  And quite frankly I don't care.  I will do what ever the Lord needs me to do, so if he wants me to be a Zone leader so be it, but if not, then that is okay too.  I will do whatever!!  If I am called to be one I will let you guys know!!

4- What was the highlight of your week?

4- Well, I would say that my highlight was Carnival.  That was way fun!!  That is probably my favorite part of this week!!

5- What was a scripture that you read this week that had special meaning to you?

5- Well, a scripture that has special meaning to me is Mosiah 2:21.  It says that we need to act on our faith.  If not then we are unprofitable servants.  We need to act on our faith!!

6- Did you receive our Valentine package yet?

6- No, I did not!!  But I really think this week I will get it!!!  But we shall see!! ;)

Now I will tell you guys about my week-

Tuesday we didn't do much because it was still Carnival.  We had our District meeting in the afternoon and we talked about working as a team.  We will only begin to see progress when we work as a team.  So, as a District we will start working more as a team instead of just an individual effort.

Wednesday was a normal day.  We worked and it was a fairly normal day.  We taught as many people as we could.

Thursday was also a very normal day.  We went to Montalvo and we tried to teach a family that we have been working with but they weren't home--so that was a bummer!! But don't worry, they shall shortly be baptized!! ;) They are very close to baptism.  They just need to get married but to do that they need one paper but we c'ant help them get it because they want to get it from Quito.  So we will just have to be patient.  I know they will be baptized and married soon!!

Friday was a normal day nothing too exciting happened.

Saturday was also a normal day.  We invited as many people as we could to come to church and we did all we could to help the people.

Sunday was a normal church day full of meetings.  But we did have 4 investigators come to church.  One of them is a new family!!  They are called the Agama family.  They are cool!!  Hopefully there will be more new families to teach soon.

Well this has been my week.  I hope that you gus could feel what it is like to be a missionary!! It's way cool to be a missionary!! ;) Well, I love you all with all of my heart!!! ;) NEVER forget that!


Elder Farley

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